New listing categories - B&B

I’m totally baffled by the new listing categories for accommodation type. We live in a small townhouse, and we let out the spare room on an occasional basis, providing breakfast for our guests. We are NOT a professional B&B - we only take AirBnB guests and don’t advertise to the public or make our details known. There seems to be no category to fit us in the new property type options. Any ideas?

I’m not sure why you’re having problems. I received an email to update listing. I did see a category for townhouse, private or shared room and a question whether your a professional or not. Did you get that email as well?

@southendbootboy Same as before you are offering a room in a shared house and you tick the option for accommodation type being a house - simples :slight_smile:

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I’ve received it. I started the process but got stuck on the second page of what house I have; it simply wouldn’t let me go any further, so I didn’t even get to the question of whether I’m a professional. I’m still bemused that only one of my B&B listings has been selected, as if they are in separate establishments, not in the same house and next door to each other.

I don’t know why it won’t let you go further. Once you get all the way through, it will let you do your other listings as well.

No, Mike, I didn’t - certainly there was no question as to whether or not you’re a professional.

Thanks Mike; really helpful. We’ll try again over the weekend. I get irritable with such stuff after 4-5 hours cleaning the house in max mode whilst having no guests, and will swiftly give up.

If you mean you tried clicking on the photo and nothing happened then try clicking on the description.

I too was stuck on the page with type of house question and no choice for a private room with private bathroom. I tried four times. Gave up. Returned several hours later and it all progressed smoothly.