New host referral bonus amount

When Airbnb first introduced referral bonuses for new hosts, areas were flooded with new listings. Sadly it was a broad incentive, not targeted at areas that really needed more listings. COVID19 and a host of regulatory actions in municipalities and states have shrunk the supply significantly. Now the referral bonus notice that I just got offered $264 for the host and $20 for the guest. This is only for new hosts that have separate spaces to rent. What an odd amount. I have helped a few hosts, who were not potential competitors, with tips on creating and opening listings in the past. I won’t be suggesting this to anyone with the new cleaning protocols and potential risk.

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It’s disappeared from our dashboard. In January this year the amount was €680.

I was under the impression that the bonus only applied with the geographical area of your own listing. My thought has always been why would I refer someone here, and add to my competition?


It might be now but I once got the bonus when a host from Canada joined Airbnb. :slight_smile:

Only reason I made that assumption was down to varying amounts, as in almost €700 for me, but I think at the time many others were only in the region of $200.

Or maybe they think I’m a SuperDuperHost so get extra wedge :wink:



It’s always been $100 here until now. There is probably some weird algorithm that we will never understand governing this.

I’ve done it 2x and received a $250 referral bonus each time.

Why do it?

  1. They are going to sign up for Airbnb or VRBO anyway. I may as well get a referral bonus

  2. By helping them, I’ve built a referral system meaning they have a guest they can’t host (would but maybe already booked ). They will refer them to me.

I’ve gotten several referral bookings And I’ve also passed Bookings to them.

  1. Also we can help each other with cleaning & repair service referrals.

  2. Also it goes to my core value of servant leadership: assisting/elevating others brings reward


This is at the top of our Inbox page - “Earn $336 for each new host you refer”. We are located in the Finger Lakes region of New York state. That is a crazy amount!

Maybe it is determined by some regional algorithm? Mine in coastal South Carolina is now $228.

The amount has always been different by region (and not just by country). I’m sure they’re looking at supply and demand in the region.

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