New Host Intro AND asking for advice

Glamping is a recent, well known term in our popular culture.

$100 is not too high for the area.

Oh I see…sure glad you came along to tell us how much better we could be. If it’s such a big waste of web space like you say, then you are free to start your own board…so why don’t you?

You have a real arrogant attitude thinly disguised as an attitude of gratitude.
Just read over what you just wrote.

PS. Name calling is not allowed here either. I love the how some of these posters don’t like something I say and then proceed to disparage me, implying I must be some kind of terrible host. And then have to make some comment about my screen name.


@konacoconutz are you not ntuz??!! :joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m nutz, we’re all nuts!! It’s ok. I’m happy to be on Gods green earth, I’m sure you are too. I’m not going to start my own board, that’s ridiculous. I wasn’t making fun of your name, I actually think it’s cool. I tried to think of a cool name for my podcast and I came up with “The Airbnb Lifestyle.” I think it works!

The with the whole arrogant thing, I think I’ve struggled with that my entire life. I get very passionate and involved with what ever I do. You couple that with my strong life beliefs and then throw in my 20 years in the infantry, I guess how it could come off as arrogance(not meaning to though). I think it I would describe it as strong confidence. If that even makes sense.

It’s as if you have this really great widget. This widget is so awesome you feel guilty keeping it all to yourself. So you are so excited about sharing this really awesome thing. I guess sometimes I can come off the way you describe.

Konacoconutz, it’s not that serious. Peace and much success to you, friend.

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Ok thanks, same to you.

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Hi @Izzy_MB

Also remember that you are on an international forum and phrases like ‘peace seeking spirit’, ‘success journal’ and ‘practice gratitude daily’ just aren’t in our vocab, particularly where English isn’t a first language.

Try plain English :slight_smile: to aid understanding of what you are trying to say.


Plain English should be valued everywhere at all times.

I have a guest who booked last night whose profile includes this: Please make no pressure to ask me any questions. Since he is “friendly and enthusiastic” I think this means I shouldn’t hesitate to ask him questions but I’m not going to if I don’t have to. :joy:

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LOL! That must be the google translate!

Thanks! I’ll try to remember to do that next time. Airbnb = So exciting!! Starting my podcast soon. Keep you posted!

@Izzy_MB - so you’ve been hosting since when? August? And you have a podcast of tips and wisdom on Airbnb?

No, not at all, but sort of, if you will. I’ve collected wisdom throughout my life, as we all have. I come from a unique perspective shared only by a few lucky souls. My last passion was military, particularly recruiting, I guided / mentored almost 1000 young people over 8 years or so. I was very fortunate to have spent 8 years doing something I truly loved. Most recruiters hate recruiting, some actually become sick or even develop an indifferent attitude. I, on the other hand, loved and even thrived in recruiting. Some people say recruiters are bad and liars. I can respect that, I even knew a few who I believed didn’t have what it took to make it, they didn’t have discipline and passion (these are the traits most successful recruiters have.)

I also find that all successful leaders in business, military, etc all share the very same core principles. In the military, all branches have stated, public and revered core values. I won’t bore you and go into detail, but briefly, mine were:

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage.

These are what I try to live my life by daily, mostly I fail, but I get up and try again! I try to be and do what I know is right.

Then there’s the wisdom I’ve collected over the years in my many business ventures, mostly all of them failed. I had one that succeeded wildly though! This thing blew up and within just a little while I was all over the place. Phone ringing off the hook, you get the picture! I worked hard and had lots of failures over the years, but even when I failed, I learned something about myself. That attitude made me better prepared for the next challenge that awaited. Since then, success once again appeared and I was on my way again making things happen. I love business, serving people, people in general, positive uplifting people, cranky people, people different them me, people wilingl to challenge me so that I can grow, etc.

I think outside the box, marketing should have been my major. I can build it, I’ve done it before, I can use the same principals that worked the first time. I built my Youtube channel with over 300 videos and as of right now, 22,000 subscribers with over 6 million individual views. I’ve been very fortunate to have built my last thing into what it is today. I don’t contribute to that channel anymore, it’s just kind of is hanging live in cyberspace. Lots of people still visit it though.

I broadcasted on Kosovo Radio for a while and did some broadcaster training because of it. I shoot my own video (now), do my own sound and also edit as well. I’m telling you, get on the radio or in front of the camera and I’m loving life. I’m so fortunate to have had such great experiences. I’ll get my apartment rented more often, it’s a win-win for everyone, those are the best deals. My grammar is not that great, I kicked doors down in the military and you don’t need to write much :slight_smile: So sorry for my lack of punctuation.

It’s not that I have a lot of Airbnb wisdom, it’s that I have just a little but I’m willing to share it with others. So I don’t have a podcast on "Tips & Wisdom on Airbnb."
I have a podcast with lots of wisdom on succeeding in business and life and it just happens to apply to succeeding on Airbnb as well! But yes, I’ve only been doing this since August. Yes, I will succeed and yes I will share and build up others as well while doing it. Rock On!!

Waiting to make 7 episodes before I upload them, but I’ll give the URL out later. Bammm!

Be aware self-promotional URLs aren’t allowed to be posted on this forum, or may be approved for posting on a case by case basis. I’m also sure that the owner wouldn’t want URLs given out via PM. He discourages any URLS that take users to other sites.

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No problem and thanks! It will be easy to find on its own.

I agree and am glad you understand.

Kona, hey! Are you always on this board???

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I once read that ‘God Save our gracious Queen’ put through translation programme would result in ‘Jehovah pickle our diplomatic sultana’.



Huh? What do you mean?

I mean I see your handle a lot.

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And your point is?..