New Host Intro AND asking for advice

Hey everyone,

I just recently joined the ranks of an airbnb host. I’m actually trying to host my trailer. I’m located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains in Corralitos, CA, USA. Just curious on any advice or tips you have to get my listing more guests.

Here’s my listing:

My Listing

Any suggestions on edits I should make would be greatly appreciated too.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Aaron.

This is such a HUGE subject! I’d recommend that you have a good look through the posts here. There is such a wealth of information here!

Good luck with your rental. :slight_smile:


Photos are too dark
Bed is not made up
Where is the toilet? Not seen or mentioned?
Water pressure? Water storage?

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Debthecat - Can you send me the link to the posting? Not having any luck.

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Here tis

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It looks great to me. The photos are fine. Maybe one that shows the exterior of the trailer? Not a big deal though. The whole point of Airbnb is that your place is not supposed to look like a page out of a magazine. People like realistic! Well, at least I do. :slight_smile:

It’s a great area and I’m sure you’ll do very well. Your price is too low. I would add a $10+ charge per person after 2 guests. It’s easy to do that.

After a few guests you’ll figure out what adjustments need to be made regarding the description, rules, pricing, etc.

Let us know how it goes.


“Glamping” – what the heck does it mean? It is never defined. I think you are making up a portmanteau word of “glamor” and “camping” but it isn’t working!

Totally agree with the comments on the photos – much too dark, bed not made, photos make the place look sterile.

$100 a night for a pull out camper? That seems outrageous even by California standards. It’s NOT the Hilton, it’s a trailer. What are others in your are charging for an equivalent space?

In The Space – “refer” means you refer to something; “reefer” is 1950s slang for a refrigerator. Refrigerators in the new millenium include freezer compartments, usually. You don’t need to say “refrigerator and freezer” unless there is a detached chest freezer.

In Neighborhood – there is no such word as “bavariun”. The proper word is Bavarian (always capitalized, as it refers to a specific location).

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Neat rental Aaron! We’re planning to eventually convert our RV to rent out as well. Glad to see others doing so too.

A few observations:

  • Airbnb verified photos would be ideal (not sure if your place is too remote?)
  • would be nicer if you could “stage” the trailer with homey touches to make it look welcoming - e.g. tea/coffee tray on the table, decorative pillows on the bed, nice basked with towels on the toilet seat cover, etc
  • you crossed off wifi on amenities but it says free wifi and you indicated wireless internet

I think the biggest improvement would definitely be getting Airbnb to come in and take professional photos.

Hope that helps!

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Glamping is shorthand for glamorous camping (i.e. luxury camping). It’s a fairly common term now. I see $41 per night CAD on my end too so not sure where you see $100?

Agree with the refer description for fridge needing to be changed.


Hi Aaron, welcome to the Airbnb community. I read this for forum religiously to get ideas and tips for my unit before I listed it last in July. This is a great, safe place for sharing! I agree with several other posters on a few thing. Firstly, your price is too low, and the photos are dark. Photos make or break a listing. Here are some tips from me, if you can afford a few things. Your space is cute, but I know it could be dressed up just a bit. As a former realtor, I staged a ton of houses, and it always paid off. The same works for Airbnb.

  1. Make this way cozier. Get some really good bed pillows and prop up at least 4 on your bed. Make them nuetral. I use all white sheets and towels, but probably not good for a rustic stay. Put a decorative pillow on the couch. Again, nuetral colors. I make my beds in a hotel style, with the sheets folded back (another tips from this site I got).

  2. In keeping with the glampling theme, provide an outside space to sit - just some inexpensive chairs with fresh cushions (or not) and perhaps a fire pit? I saw one at Lowes on for $49 bucks. Throw in a burno log and start snapping your outdoor pics. Not at night, of course. You can always decide if you want to provide firewood for a fee, but say upfront what you want your policy to be.

  3. Push the pullout couch closed, and set the table with simple plates and perhaps a cheerful inexpensive flowers. Perhaps think about having the drapes redone in the future - does anyone you know sew? They look a bit dated. With the pullout closed, your space will look larger.

  4. Revise your price higher!

  5. Provide a stack of books and/or magazines if you have space, or just let people know they are in the storage area.

  6. Put in a few lamps and take the pics with them on, on a sunny day. Show more pics of that fabulous land you have!

  7. Put out a doormat.

  8. Take a pic of the bathroom with some toiletries out.

No, snap away, and make sure to show the front door.

This seems like a lot to do, but if money is tights, just stick with pillows, table setting, lamps and fire area. You can always make one with rocks, for free.

Good luck! I would stay there if it was gussied up just a bit. This is the best of glamping, heater and kitchen. Keep us posted.


Kenh - glamping has been a word for years.

From Urban Dictionary 2011:
Going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It’s like
camping but with nicer things than usual. Like being warmer and more comfortable…"_


There’s also a listing site called Glamping. Dot com which would be perfect for your trailer as well.

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My ex husband would qualify because going camping he would make lattes and espresso with a special camping espresso machine and he also had a working oven so he could bake bisquits. The guy was fun to camp with but the camping prep was hell. I hope his new squeeze enjoys his tantrums! :laughing: he’s not my problem anymore!!!


In the UK there is now what is called ‘champing’. This lets people stay in old (often medieval) and unused churches in the South of England. It’s run by the Churches Conservation Trust and the rental money goes towards the renovation of the buildings. It seems that everyone is getting into short term rentals these days!


Welcome Brother, SWEET LISTING!

From Cali myself!

  1. Be loyal to your guest.
  2. Give them more than they expect.
  3. ABI - Always Be Improving.
  4. Clean, clean, clean.
  5. Take forum criticism lightly, some humans love to tear you down.
  6. Don’t negative rant about guests, unprofessional and bad karma. Guests have access to this forum too!
  7. Expect success and it will come.
  8. Stop when it isn’t fun anymore.
  9. Practice gratitude daily.
    10 . Shoot for Superhost (just made mine.) Some hosts say it doesn’t matter but I think it does. It just makes your listing stand out more.

You have a great listing, small improvements are needed (mostly pics) but you’ll get around to those. Just learn the Air system and you’ll be fine.

Cali Luv to you!


Greetings from SF and the North Bay!!

My advice given the ‘heat’ ABB has been taking lately in our neck of the woods, is to make sure everything you do complies with local ‘laws’ regardless if that is something as silly as code enforcement or zoning.

Good Luck!!

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Well you seem to be doing quite the negative posting yourself.
If you are referring to us, it’s not because we like to tear you down. Especially if you come asking for advice. We will give it and aren’t about to sugar coat it. At least I’m not.
I’ll rant about guests if I damn well please. Nothing unprofessional about it. No one is stupid enough to use their real name anyway.
Oh… I don’t need you telling me what to do.
Sometimes guests are in the wrong you know. Lots of times they are.
And if they want to read here, it’s a good thing. Maybe they will learn something.


I wasn’t talking about you.

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Wow! You are hostile. Really, I wasn’t talking about you. I’m chuckling right now that you would think I was talking about you. I don’t even know you, besides I consider myself an easy going and peace seeking spirit and I wouldn’t do that. I’ve succeeded in everything I’ve focused on doing in my life. Because of my lessons learned in the military and life, I’ve always kept a success journal. My success journal is where I write every thing awesome in my life and the lessons that were learned from that experience. The advice I gave the original poster came for 10 years of putting young men and women in military boots. I always told my trainees, never say anything about anyone you wouldn’t say to their face. It’s a valuable principle that some people don’t grasp. That’s Ok. That’s what I was sharing with him, not about you. You’re not that interesting.

This board is great, but there’s always that element that vents and gripes and disguises it as advice. This board is a great resource for information, but you typically have to go through tons of non relevant postings. Big waste of a good web space. This board could really be something if the trash traffic were kept to a minimum.

Look, you were very hostile and I can be just as rigid right back but what does it solve? not a damn thing. So if I was talking about you (which I wasn’t), How would you posting an angry rant make the situation better? It wouldn’t. So I’m not going to angry rant at you because that’s stupid.

You believe what you believe and that’s that. I have found that people who gossip are just that, gossipers and there’s nothing I can do about changing gossipers, complainers, know it alls, old timers, mediators, or any one else’s mind.

You’re a different kind of Air host than I. It’s alright for us not to agree. Oh konacoconutz, you are nutz!

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I am familiar with Corralitos. Not only do I think your listing is fantastic, I want to stay there. We used to go to Windy Oaks a lot and I LOVE those sausages. :blush: