New feature for Superhosts: Airbnb co-host

Hey there everyone! I found this forum after doing some search on this Airbnb co-host beta I got invited to be a part of. Anyone else looking into this? I saw this thread ( that said they were getting 30% for a property manager, Airbnb suggested 15% for me, looks like I’m providing too limited services/Airbnb is trying to underprice the market.

How much cut is taking air bnb?

They started this in Miami and the co host set up the percentage to manage the co host listings. We are going to the meetup to pair super hosts and new want to be host tomorrow.

Good question. Carmen is correct; I went to the cohost event on Wed and asked Airbnb. For now, Airbnb is not taking any cut on top off what the Superhost/co-host charges. Hope that answers your question!

Well I went to the meeting and even set up my co hosting profile
this is the co host page to find them plus my co host profile:

I met a lot of folks thinking about hosting and even gave them my card. I explained that I can offer services to help set up their listing . Crickets so far and no airbnb does not take a percentage of my rate.

This is interesting. I heard about it from an airbnb representative in August.
I would love to reach out to my neighboring hosts and ask if they need help/services that I could do for them while they are away/out at work. I am not a super host and don’t believe this service is being offered in my area at this time. ( I have 5 stars and 46 reviews)
Not sure there is a way to contact my local hosts other than a fake booking?

I believe that this program is only open to SuperHosts in certain markets.

You are correct. Airbnb told me it’s only in DC, Chicago, someplace else and Miami is the fourth market. It will be formally launched in two weeks at the AirbnbOpen.

As to @SendGuestMargaret, there’s actually a “Contact Host” button underneath every host on their listing page. As with all things in business, try to offer something that alleviates their pain point, then establish a relationship of trust before offering your services as a Superhost.

I can write a guide to contacting Airbnb hosts if this is useful. Just let me know.

Contact Host needs dates, and is actually an inquiry, but it is the only way to contact area hosts unless you have a MeetUp group organized.

In the TOS, which we all agreed to, it is not permitted to:

contact another Member for any purpose other than asking a question related to a Booking, Accommodation, Listing, or the Member’s use of the Site, Application and Services.

Via the site itself, that is.

Interesting. I think there’s a gray zone, because asking someone what their house is like, how often they clean it, and other qualification questions is legitimately about all those things. But yes, if you want to play it safe, you can avoid soliciting on the platform.

The alternative is to host Airbnb host meetups then. Nothing illegal about that. Or even an info session. There’s a forum on Airbnb for geographic gatherings, so it works just fine for that.

Or, my favorite: sometimes I’ll let someone Airbnb my room, then I’ll Airbnb request a local host’s room, just to meet them and talk to them about their business. It’s a great way to meet, learn, and build community locally!

I just drive round there. I’ve never found a host who isn’t happy to talk about their Airbnb experiences.

Z[quote=“smtucker, post:7, topic:9386, full:true”]
I believe that this program is only open to SuperHosts in certain markets

Nope. I’m not a SH and my son is now my new co host!

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That is a co-host… This is a program that hosts pay SuperHosts to help them out. Two different programs; same name. Mind boggling.

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Hahaha, good branding!!

In their defense, a cohost paid and unpaid is the same function. One is obtained through the market is all :slight_smile:

How do you know where they live? Am I missing something? You only get the address when yo u have a confirmed booking?

It seems so. Look up listings in your area. If you know your area well, as all good hosts do, you can tell from the photographs and the approximate map location where your local hosts are. The description and often the reviews give the game away.

Just use a bit of basic Sherlock Holmes-ness :slight_smile:


I am curious about what a Super Ho is going to do for the non-super Ho??? Does the Super handle bookings and have contact with the guests? Or does one offer helpful tips on how to be a better host?

Super can handle bookings and contact with the guests. And offer tips. It all depends on what arrangement you come to.