New device for out of town hosts

Has anyone used this yet? Would love to hear reviews etc…

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The ring doorbell covers that for me really. I get to see who is coming in and out.

Seems to me that device would be even more useful for parents going out of town and leaving teenagers at home!


What sort of place do you have @Melissa_Wong? Are you concerned about guests partying in your place?

Personally if I had a whole property I would much rather have CCTV. Your device wouldn’t provide me with the evidence I would need in the event of making a claim against the host guarantee.

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From the site:

We’ve all heard the horror stories of Airbnb parties that have left tens of thousands of dollars of damage in their wake, and we all know that we don’t want to fall victim to such abuse.

I really think that this is pretty rare. After all, it’s only the ‘horror stories’ about STRs that get into the media. And with the ones I’ve read, it’s mostly been homeowners thinking that they can leap onto the bandwagon and rent out their lovely home to large groups while they are away - leaving no-one in charge.

We are in a city where STRs are over-regulated and some are looking to the ban them. We have a group of STR owners, managers, and other stakeholders that always looking for ways/tools to make sure that the homes are never a nuisance to their neighbors. Mine are very small (1 and 2 bdrm) but I have friends and colleagues with larger ones.

In the same realm, there is also with a noise-level monitoring device.

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Hi Melissa,

I’m Kate and I work for Party Squasher. Yes Party Squasher was partly created so our neighbors are happy with us renting out our place on Airbnb. If you’d like you are more than welcome to try out Party Squasher for free and let us know what you think Melissa.

Just ping me an email: kate at