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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any luck getting their listing in an amazing views category or any other appropriate category. I’m situated on the rim of the mountain and have a pretty epic view. The view is featured in the title and throughout the listing and on the photos… Also guests mention this numerous times. I’ve called AIRBNB a number of times and they have been absolutely no help with having my listing show up in this category. Has anyone else managed to get there listing added to a category.

There are a few others posts about this topic here. You could try search and see if you find them. This doesn’t apply to me but best I recall no one here has had any luck with it, they hate it and it’s destroyed their business.

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Here’s an airbnb article of how to know if your listing is showing & what to do

@LANDLADY33 - We’re in the same situation (my avatar is the view from our pool deck). ABB put us into Amazing Pools even though the pool is just a standard rectangle. I asked on the ABB Community forum how to get it changed to Amazing Views, and the admins told me to change the main picture to one without the pool, and I might have to take out the pool as an amenity (duh - that won’t happen!)

Wow - I just checked and we are now in both Amazing Pools and Amazing Views! I did change the main picture but have no idea if that is what did it. Maybe the AI wasn’t done yet in our area.


I’ve tried to find them but will look again.

This is one. Some topics go off on a tangent too.

@pitonview Thank you I’m glad it worked out for you. I’ve got a picture of the view but I can try and change to something else…

@kcc I’ve seen that but it doesn’t tell you how to get in a specific category.

That’s the point. No one knows and Airbnb hadn’t been responsive. There have been nothing but complaints. PitonView’s update is the only good news I’ve read about it.

Your listing view really is stunning. I hope you get properly categorized soon.


It looked like they were gone completely this morning. I’m curious what others are seeing.

They aren’t entirely gone, but as of this morning, the categories only come up if I go to the main page and don’t put in a destination. As soon as I put a destination, I’m taken to a new page for that destination and the categories are not on the page.

To even see the categories at all I have to choose “Anywhere” for them to come up. It makes sense to me like this. If my goal is a cabin then I’m probably not prioritizing the location anyway. It seems now that they are just an option that have to be seeked-out as they should be.

More to report. So the only time I see the categories is if I leave Anywhere as the destination/don’t enter another destination. And if I choose Amazing Pools or Beach or whatever, I am given listings that fall under those categories that are relatively near me. All places that I would drive to in 1-4 hours.

The further I scroll down, the further that places are from me. I also have the option to choose “Map” and then I can move the map around and see listings anyhwere in the world that I move the map to that has an Amazing Pool or whatever I chose.

I wonder if they’ll keep this way, because it is really awesome the way that is working currently. I like the idea of picking a thing and then finding it somewhere on the map, or finding it in the next state over. But when I have a destination and enter it, I won’t be bothered by them becaue they aren’t there.

@LANDLADY33 I’ll bet the AI gets caught up on the chairs and never finds the view. Your view is gorgeous but a bit subtle in the picture (not much different in color than the clouds/sky). Maybe a different picture of the view would help.

it’s crazy we have to figure out what the AI will do, but it’s the position they have put us into with the new design.

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Is anyone else seeing the new (and improved IMO) layout that I’m seeing?

Unfortunately, the “week” thing is still there and I still can’t search without dates but for anyone who thinks they’re affected by the categories, this seems like good news, if they keep it.

Another thing that some people were annoyed by, I’m not sure how I felt about it because I’m not sure which is important or not, is that if you’re a Superhost it now says Superhost again in the list of listings instead of Rare Find, even if you’re also a Rare Find. And it says Rare Find after clicking and going to the listing page but says superhost in the search.

They seem to be making adjustments at least.

I’m having trouble getting on forum is it down right now

It was down Tuesday 6/21/22 to Saturday 6/26/22. The mods enjoyed their vacation aside from fielding inquiries about the forum being down. LOL.


I thought the forum had disappeared forever, glad to see that’s not the case.


I was beginning to wonder.

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OH I didn’t realize that AI Is just looking at the pictures and analyzing those. I thought it was to do with descriptions and wording. I do have quite a few pics with views so will try and recirculate. I’ve pretty much tried everything at this point. Need to research how AI works properly. What I don’t understand is wouldn’t you think it would benefit them if we all had our categories correct. My feeling is that it would equate to more bookings and maybe even higher price points therefore more profit for them. Here is one exchange with support FYI if anyone else finds it helpful. However every time I contact them I get a different person.

Yes I did but it doesn’t make sense. I’m asking to be put in the amazing views category. When you click on the amazing views category my listing should show up… I live on the rim of a mountain 5000 feet in the air overlooking the city all the way from the desert to the ocean. You can’t tell me that that is not an amazing view. I was told a month ago that I was gonna be put in that category and still I haven’t. It’s very frustrating

Additionally I have amazing views throughout my listing.‘ guests have mentioned the amazing view in numerous reviews. Photos clearly show an amazing view as well as putting amazing views in the photo description I don’t know what more I can do to highlight the fact that my listing has an amazing view.

Message from Airbnb Support

Airbnb Support1:47 PM

I understand where you are coming from but just we don’t have a way to move your listing in the category you want to be added as there are a lot of factors being considered for the listing to be included in different categories such as performance, reviews,rating or status once you have reach that category your place will be added automatically but on our system there is no way.

My listing says that I prefer guests who are out and about during the day, yet airbnb highlights me as excellent to ‘work from home’… apparently when ‘dedicated workspace’ amenity is checked off it becomes a highlight despite my house rule that we prefer guests who are out and about during the day…

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