New Carpet Yay!

So I’m getting new carpet fitted asap. My current one throughout is thin and worn. Extremely dirty. Fraying everywhere. Stinks. Its basically the downfall of my place. I bought this place last year but the carpet must be like 20 years old.

My uncle owns a carpet fitting business so I’ll get a good deal too.

What a thing to be excited about. Lol :slight_smile:


We bought our house 3 years ago and it had been “flipped” by someone with terrible taste. Coffee brown paint for every piece of wood in the house, beige walls with FLAT paint in every room (even bathrooms and kitchen!), and the ugliest dark brown frieze carpet (that’s shag carpet) I’ve ever seen. It photographs pink, which add to the embarrassment.

After 1 year of painting it was finally time for new carpet downstairs and it changed the whole appearance of every room. I picked a light off-white, low-profile weave and it matches the decor, doesn’t mat down, and brightens up the room. I could not be happier. The paint and carpet have changed the way I feel about this house. It was dark and gloomy before and now it’s light and bright.

The irony? The upstairs where I Airbnb has the original paint and carpet and they look great with the styles that are hot right now. But that damn flat paint can be damaged by giving the lightest touch. I am hoping for someone to ruin the ugly brown carpet so I have an excuse to replace it. But I’m sort of glad that I don’t like it, because then I don’t get upset about guests leaving wear and tear.


Happy for you :slight_smile: New carpet is a big deal :slight_smile:


Yeah my place was decorated pretty bad when I moved in very dark. But I’ve painted everywhere and now its light.

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That means that you can increase your prices, Paul :wink:


Have you looked into a moppable flooring (laminate or vinyl) @Paul_Janaway ? They are more appropriate in a rental in my opinion :).

A man handy enough to fit carpet should be able to fit laminate and prices are comparable.


Laminate is terrible, don’t do it. If you mop laminate or put it anywhere where there COULD be standing water there’s a very good chance it’ll void your warranty and then you’ve just blown the cash you spent on it. Stay with the carpet if you want a good option. This isn’t opinion, I worked in building materials for 4 years, and a flooring company for another 3. You will never regret not getting laminate but most people do regret buying it. It’s such a throw away product.


Well I am an interior designer and I specify laminate for budget remodels and I never had a problem. They’re pretty standard even in a commercial context like shops and 2-3 stars hotels around here.

Now sure I would not spec laminate in a bathroom but they’re ok even in a residential kitchen.

You do have to select a good product though (for those who live in the EU, laminates are rated from 21 to 34 for sturdiness, classes 33 or 34 are intended for heavy commercial use and are a great product).

Different markets, different habits, but I have not seen “carpet” in a room since… I can’t remember but I think it was the 20th century.


We have laminate (wood effect) in our own apartment. It is indistinguishable from the real thing.and looks terrific. It’s been in place for about five years now and looks as good as new :slight_smile:

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I had some crappy looking sheet vinyl flooring (linoleum) in my kitchen. I put down some premium vinyl plank flooring and got a few compliments from returning guests. I don’t think I would use it in the bathroom in a rental though.

No chance. Laminate is tacky and so 90s. Lol and really noisy. Look at my profile pic and imagine that stinky snotty pug with his toe nails clip clapping as he follows me around all day. Lol

Plus I live in a house thats 150 years old. Carpet is more appropriate I think. Plus warmer in winter. I live in England by the way. :wink:


The newer laminates are neither tacky nor 90’s. If you check them out you may be surprised. Bamboo is also an excellent choice.

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Well it might be allright for a rental that I personally wasn’t living in. I rent my spare rooms though. Plus the noise would drive me round the bend. Haha and I’m not joking about the pug. He follows me every where and runs about a lot. :slight_smile:


Ha ha, yes - sheets, towels, mattresses, etc - the things that thrill a true host!!

Happy for you! That’s going to be amazing!!! Will completely freshen the whole place up.


Such a good thread. I am always so happy when we make a change that we’ve wanted for years and finally get around to doing it.

We have bought and flipped a few houses, and before doing Airbnb we were all about the hardwood floors and that was a “must have”. Now that we offer entire apartment listings in 2 of our 2 family homes, we are all about carpet on the top floor. The last place we bought the floors had just been refinished and they were gorgeous, but my husband and I took one look at them and said “oh, nice floors, but we’re going to carpet them”. the noise factor for downstairs apartments is just too much. Especially when we book families that have kids that wake up at 5am and do laps while the poor guests downstairs try to sleep. Area rugs just never seem to cut enough noise, which is a shame. I wish there was a better solution.


Also ID here, ASID professional member. MFA ID. I AGREE with @Barthelemy totally. Carpet is impossible to keep sanitary. I always spec hard surface flooring which includes engineered wood, hardwood, tiles and high quality laminates which do not make noise if installed properly. Then nice area rugs which can be sent out periodically for professional cleaning.


I laminate and tile. Some throw rugs.

Take a look at premium vinyl plank flooring. Quiet, a ‘soft’ feel, durable, and looks outstanding. I think it is perfect for a rental.

Aw, poor @Paul_Janaway - so happy about his carpet and now…

Carpet is insulating of both temps and noise. There is a reason people have used it. I have all hard wood floors and an open floor plan and sometimes I hate it - just NOISE


Carpets are never 100% clean. After seeing what some guests do to laminates or wood floors I have I will never carpet if I am short term renting.