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New "ask last guest to review" feature

I now noticed that guests that have not reviewed me there is a now a button underneath the guest "ask Julie to leave you a review’

If airbnb is prompting the guest then I read don’t want send them another nudge, but now I am worryied that airbnb is not sending them a reminder.

I just wish they would leave well enough alone, Is anyone else noticing this?

Yes, I have noticed it and I find it annoying. I have 227 reviews; so I don’t ask guests to review any more.

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Whereabouts are you seeing it?

It’s in the messages. It’s a rectangular box under the message that reads “Ask XXX to write a review”. I have one for a guest who hasn’t checked out yet.

Thanks! So, do we use it or not? Are Airbnb stopping pestering guests? What message does the guest get? Who knows?


@jaquo that is the problem I am having, is Airbnb still doing the reminder messages or not. Should I annoy my guest once more and then get a annoyed review back?

I really do wish that they would at least explain new features to us.

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Guests are still getting reminders to review. If they don’t respond within a couple of days (I think it’s 48 hrs but could be less), then a prompt shows up in the host inbox. I’m guessing if we selected this, the reminder would just be worded differently.

I am not getting reminder messages to review guests anymore - just one notification. In fact, I put off reviewing a guest because I wasn’t happy with them so was formulating the review in my mind, and thought “well, air will remind me to review” but they did not. Sadly future hosts won’t have the benefit of my opinion. :laughing:

I checked-out of a place on Tuesday that I have to really think about how to review - beautiful location, comfy house, filthy place, aggressive horses… Let’s see if I get a reminder…just one notification at this point.


I did send two of my recent one nighters the canned message and will see what happens.

All this obnoxious pestering is going to backfire on them. People are fed up with being badgered to review. If you ask your guests to review, they WILL all right. Believe me, they WILL. :frowning:


There’s your review right there! :+1:


I’m dying to know what the horses did.

Here’s dcmooney scary horse story

Should I tell you about the aggressive horse that bared his teeth, huffed, and laid back his ears? This is because he had his nose IN MY DINNER (sitting outside) and my husband was gently pushing him away. Maybe my husband wasn’t doing it right - we aren’t accustomed to having 1,000 # animals try to eat our food - but how are we to know what to do when this huge beasts puts his nose in our plates?

Several times that same horse came galloping - not trotting - right up to me as I walked the property, stopping right in my face. Animals make me nervous especially big ones, but I stood my ground. When I then walked past (not behind) he started kicking and leaping about. Meanwhile all the reviews talk about ‘the friendly horses’. Who’s crazy here, me or them?! My husband and son couldn’t toss a football because the horse kept galloping at them and my son was scared. I couldn’t sleep that night because of bad dreams (there’s a popular novel that my daughter shared with me that features horses that are predators). So I ask you - is it the insane running the joint? Or am I the only crazy one that doesn’t want my host’s horses charging me, or threatening me if I don’t share my pasta and glass of red wine?! And it was a gorgeous night - perfectly beautiful with a light breeze as the sunset on the mountains. It was incredibly beautiful - until then. We ended up eating inside. I asked the host what we should have done in that instance and she put the horses in a fenced pasture, but didn’t apologize or give us instructions. So we had peace for the rest of the visit but I felt vaguely uncomfortable that I’d done something wrong and had inconvenienced her. That’s not logical, of course, but there it is. This rating crap always leaves us - hosts and guests - worried.

I really don’t get it - really do not!!!

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Thanks, @Australia!!! @EllenN, what’s your take?

I promise, I wasn’t asking because I wanted to judge. I just love any and all animal stories. I am completely besotted with pretty much all animals (exceptions for cockroaches and mosquitoes).

I think it is insane and incredibly irresponsible to have horses be able to get that close to humans unless the humans go to where the horses are kept. Horses are well known to be extremely nervous animals and their bites and kicks can inflict serious damage up to and including death. As I didn’t see the horses, I can only extrapolate that they sensed that your traveling companion was nervous about them which made them nervous so they acted out (much like adolescent humans). All of the horses I’ve been around have always tried to take my food. I find it amusing, but my love of animals is pretty extreme. My dog trainer has a horse who chews my clothes as a display of affection. It amuses me no end: but I can understand that someone who was uncomfortable around large animals would find it frightening. I’d say the blame is on your hosts for not keeping the horses segregated from you unless you asked to visit with them. However, I think that your traveling companion should avoid listings that have large animals.

Yes - when it said “horse farm” I imagined enjoyed watching the horses - on their side of the property. My experience with horses is limited, though I have some, and I’ve never seen such horses as these. The horse was a rescue horse - and reminds me of my son adopted at 12. Having been abused much of his life he just prances around constantly seeing affirmation and attention.

We made the mistake (but the host ok’d it) of feeding the horses just after we arrived. My girls have more experience and are totally comfortable, so had carrots ready for the horses. But perhaps we’d have had this problem anyway.

@EllenN, since you are experienced, what would you have done if the horse bared his teeth and flattened his ears?

I would have gotten the hell out of there. Bared teeth and flattened ears are both aggressive signs in horses (much like flattened ears and growling in dogs). Now that you’ve told me more about how aggressive these horses were; I think you should report the hosts to Airbnb. Most horses are very sweet, but a human is no match for an aggressive one. I cannot stress strongly enough that these hosts should have the horses completely segregated from humans.

Thank you - that helps a lot. I’m especially concerned for people who’d bring young children, or ignorant children who would get very injured. What if we hadn’t been smart enough to scurry inside and my husband had tried to make his point with the horse?

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Can you post the listing please?
I’m so stunned that anyone has a setup like this for public rentals. I’m interested to see the pics, reviews and how long they’ve been doing Airbnb. It’s an accident /lawsuit waiting to happen.

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Yes, that’s all that needs to be said. Can you help me with my latest guests then? Is it okay if I write
’polite young couple face to face, never answered messages, left huge puddle of urine on the bathroom floor.’

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