Netflix/Android issues

We offer Netflix (since broadcast TV is bad in Mexico). But, when we updated the program, Netflix is no longer working on our new Android Polaroid smart TV. Netflix is insisting it is an issue with our TV. Can’t get Polaroid or Android to answer our calls or emails. Any ideas?

Have you turned the tv off, unplugged it, leave for 10 minutes, replug, check tuning and tried again?

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Delete the app and try reinstalling it from the app store. If that doesn’t work maybe get a cheap firestick?

Yes, unplugged TV, modum, uninstalled and reinstalled ap, etc etc

What does “no longer working” mean? Does the app not open or does it not connect to your account or what? Do any other apps work on the TV. Can you connect to the Netflix account from another device? Maybe you need to “authorize” the device (TV) again.

All other apps work but when you bring up Netflix it loads zoomed in so all you can see is the banner which displays 1 show which is usually at the top of the screen. I am unable to exit screen, click on banner or scroll down so I can choose another show. Thanks

I don’t have an Android TV, but I would try these things.

  1. Check if the TV has some accessibility options enabled. This would be in the TV’s settings menu somewhere.
  2. Reset the Netflix app. This may not be possible if the only way to reset the app is from within the app that you can’t actually use. You’ll need to check if there is some application management settings built-in to the TV that allows you to reset individual applications.
  3. Perform a factory reset of the TV. This will be in your TV’s settings menu somewhere and it should reset all of the apps. You’ll likely have to re-connect to WiFi, re-enter passwords, etc. after this, so be prepared.