Negative review

If I left a review that said, “Guest disregarded house rules and then denied the obvious” have I conveyed that she’s a sneaky liar without using inflammatory language?

I’m not a fan of code language but it’s what some people prefer.

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On first reading, no I didn’t catch that phrase as referring to her being a sneaky liar. (Isn’t saying that she disregarded the house rules damaging enough?)

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Disregarding the rules is enough. For me, the fact that she lied about it is an extra twist of the knife, and makes her that much harder to deal with because there can be no meaningful communication when one person denies that there’s even anything to talk about.

You could but as a host I’d be more interested in what they did and how they violated them.


I agree with @konacoconutz - I want to know which house rules the guest didn’t obey. That’s because one host’s house rules are not the same as another host’s rules. Example: I don’t mind if guests don’t take the trash out or whatever. Other hosts hate that. I don’t want guests who make a noise; hosts in other locations wouldn’t care.

So I need to know specifics.


I want to know if they brought in extra unpaid for guests, if they were clean, if they damaged anything and if they smoked inside - all else I can manage.


Deb, that perfectly demonstrates what I was saying above! I don’t mind if they sneak in extra guests whereas lots of hosts hate it. Although I love guests to be clean (especially in the bathroom department) it doesn’t bother me terribly if they’re not because everything needs cleaning anyway, no matter how clean the apartment is left. Non-clean guests add another half hours or so to the cleaning and that’s all, so the occasional one is okay.

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Raises hand.

I admire someone who can just shrug off the lying. I do hate the deception to save a few bucks. If I had a whole house rental like you I’d be fine adding and extra $5 a day to the rate and letting everyone pay for the extra guest. But with one nighters at my price point that extra 8 minutes of cleaning, laundry, utilities, noise of talking and other things twice as many people do, etc., I can’t afford to give everyone $3 or 4 dollars every night.

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That’s the big difference. I supply a certain number of towels, bedding, loo rolls, toiletries etc. for two people. If extra guests want to rough it in sleeping bags they brought with them, then fine. My only concern about extra guests is that our (mid-century) plumbing couldn’t cope. The apartments are pretty small so there’s no chance of more than two extra guests.

I don’t charge for extra guests because I don’t officially allow them. If they sneak in then that costs me nothing extra.

For the same reason, if a single guest is renting the apartment, I don’t mind hookups! The bedding is going to be washed anyway :slight_smile:

I would say what the guest did. It comes across a little like tattling currently.

Two extras using 1 bed is a $50 per night loss and extra washing and cleaning, as well as electricity and water - my cleaner is $25 an hour so it is a direct loss on an entire house booking. I also have issues with the booking guests ethics and honesty.

Your linen charge varies on # of beds used?

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Again, this is an example of every host being different. We have just one bed so whether it contains one person or 21 people (!) the bedding needs washing. Because I only supply towels for two people, there’s no extra laundry there either.

I appreciate that it might be an extra water cost for you if it’s metered but ours isn’t. There’s also no additional electricity costs, Guests will use the same AC/TV/lighting no matter whether it’s two people or four.

So happily, it costs me no extra :slight_smile:

It is a 3 bedroom house, the more beds used means lots of extra on site washing and drying.

But how did you come up with $50?

Each extra guest is $25 per night- 2 extras = $50

The rentals that allow unregistered and undisclosed guests are the ones that adversely affect rentals that are trying to get guests to adhere to the rules about no extra guests.

Just because people bring in their own bedding and towels should not give them license to utilize my rental space. If a host allows it when it is against the maximum occupancy or house rules, fine…but please-please let other hosts know that the primary guest allowed this breach of the rules by stating it in the review.


Oh this is just plain silly. Overnight guests without notice is one thing, but friends and family coming to sit in the garden to enjoy an ice tea or hang in the living room having a chat? Sorry… we all have different viewpoints on allowing our overnight guests to have visitors.