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I am not sure whether to even respond to these. I only had one review on vrbo before getting these 2 recently. I have good reviews on Air BnB. Yes, I did have a conversation with the person complaining, previous to their stay, that they had to pay for the area amenities. Btw, it was March. We haven’t checked/used the AC during the winter. Yes, there is a wall of windows (that we just spent over $4k removing the small portion of wall, between the sections of windows, to make the wall of windows entirely, which the sun comes through in the afternoon.) It would have been nice to know there was an issue with the hot water. Yes, the small shower is stated in the listing. (But u would have to read through the details to see it). Yes, we have pictures showing our game room and stating what’s there. …? Any way, would u respond to either of these and how?

G. P.
Beautiful View But Not Much To Do

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The home and view were absolutely beautiful but would better suit adults. Not kid friendly and the “game room” consists of a pool table and board games, which most kids don’t play anymore. The activities are 3-8 miles away and everything closes early.

The addition of a hot tub and updated master bathroom would give the home a boost, as the shower is very tiny. This would absolutely be a great place to stay for all adults. The owners are super nice and communication was exceptional!

Submitted: Apr 3, 2018 Stayed: March 2018 Source: VRBO, from HomeAway
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Very pretty view

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We really enjoyed the place. However, I feel a few changes should be made. The website is very misleading as far as the amenities available. They are available but they are not included and are available for a fee which is not clear. The upstairs was hot, especially at night as we could not get the air to cool well, so I couldn’t imagine staying in the summer with that problem. The downstairs cooled great. The fans upstairs seemed as though they would fall off the wall and we had to keep them on the low for fear they would fall. They were also loud especially in the master so my husband didn’t sleep well at all. With these minor fixes, I would have given the place 5 stars otherwise. Oh and beware, the master shower is so small as if you were showering in a small cruise ship bathroom. We are not large people at all and it was hard to bend over or turn sideways without hitting your elbows on the walls. Hot water ran out quickly also on second bath upstairs.

Ugh… nitpickers, because they prefaced it with general praise and then dove into the little complaints. Once there is one com0laint about something, such as the shower, they tend to compound.

If you do respond, keep it neutral. Don’t use the word YOU, as you come off sounding defensive. Not sure I would respond to these.

Kids DO play board games. What does he know. Sheesh.


I would not respond to the first one, but I would respond to some items in the second one. You need to state the AC is fixed for future guests. Mention time of year stayed that it is now serviced and working great now.

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Ty so much for the feedback! Crazy, especially since board games an d a pool table are all we list as having. Grateful for your opinion!

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Ty, Brandt. There wasn’t even a problem with the AC :confused: I’m guessing their point may be that it doesn’t work well enough to cool it off bc the sun coming through in the afternoon. Not sure how future guests will read that.

Also, I looked at how my competitors listed the community amenities before I posted my listing and just now. No one has stated that u have to pay for some of the amenities, but I have it stated clearly now in our listing which ones charge a fee. Also, after my initial conversation with her, I had fun creating a more detailed informational about the amenities to help future guests than I was already sending to them. It shows on VRBO that we are 1.6 miles from town center (activities). I hope future prospective guests see that, rather than her 3-8 miles. :frowning: You just can’t think of everything and don’t know what u don’t know.

Who’s place wouldn’t be better with these? That’s a stupid comment to say. Don’t sweat it. It’s hard not to take it personally, I know. I wouldn’t respond except to clarify the a/c situation.


:laughing: LOL. I missed that. Truly, my place would be better with on site Tai chi classes, reiki, Swedish massage, sauna, infinity pool, subzero appliances and theatre room. None of which is happening. :rofl::rofl: Who does that… complain about things that Are NOT, and will never be… part of a listing.


I see, maybe look into ceiling fans to circulate the air in the upstairs. I’m very uncomfortable personally if too warm when sleeping. So this comment was the most alarming if i was a potential guest.

I still don’t quite understand what kind of charge for amenities is involved. What are you charging your guests for and for how much? In any case, this seems to be the key, if you charge people for some things they might start to get nitpicky about them, because hey, they paid! I’m not saying this is the right attitude but people often start feeling entitled very easily.

I am not charging them anything except use of our property. The house is in a lake resort community. They have a bowling alley, mini golf, soccer golf, frisbee golf. There are fees to use these amenities (ppl’s businesses-as there are anywhere in the world.) There is also a health club with indoor pool and jacuzzi and two 18 hole golf courses. There are no fees for the use of outdoor pools, basketball, tennis, volleyball, hiking and atv trails. These ppl were just ticked off bc they wanted use of the indoor pool and spa. I didn’t know they didn’t realize there was a fee for it and we discussed this before they came. At which time I sent her info on specific costs.

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I have ceiling fans. We are going to add standing fans, but did not realize we would need them there quite yet.

:joy:Thanks so much! The encouragement helps!!

:joy::joy::joy: Y’all are good for my spirits!!

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It would be sooooo tempting to write a snarky response. I wish I had the guts to.

”Yes, we agree it would be better with a hot tub. We will keep you posted when it’s installed as well as when our personal heli pad is complete.””


Guests are such douches at times!!

This was on VRBO, not Air, right? So the Air extension won’t work to expose their pettiness.


The kitchen in the rental is the same size as my own - tiny. Postage-stamp-tiny. A few times I’ve had feedback which is ‘a dishwasher would be a great idea’. Yes, it would. It would in my own apartment too. But believe me, and I am an expert in tiny spaces, there is no bloody way that a dishwasher will fit.

The trouble is that Airbnb prompts us (and guests) to tell the world ‘what they could have done better’.

So yes, in our 450 sq.ft apartment I am planning a dishwasher, a hot tub, a heli pad, a sauna, a tennis court…


and a food ball table. You can add pinball machines next year. :wink:


Don’t forget the obligatory Florida swimming pool :slight_smile:


I think you could float it on a canal.

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that comment is arrogant, insulting , cruel, and worthless. Very unhelpful.
If they wanted a hot tub, then they need to rent a property that has a hot tub.
And if you photos were accurate, then so be it. They picked it.
I think they are awful people.