Need your advices for a review

A guest made a reservation of 4 nights for him and his girlfriend (from 2 different countries).

First day

Upon their arrival to drop off their bags (3 hours before the apartment was ready), the way they flirted with each other and the way she dressed herself made me understand that it was a romantic getaway in bed. The guest told me that they would need also the sofa-bed in the living room because he preferred to sleep alone.

His girlfriend hinted with her naughty look that she would be naked and panicked because it was so cold in the apartment, (which was normal as I left all the windows wide open and all the heat turned off, just as usual while I’m preparing the apartment). I showed them how to turn on the bi-split reversible aircon, how to choose the temperature and asked them not to turn the heat off but to lower it to 18°C before going out. She then complained that there wasn’t bed linens… I found her rather fussy. Her boyfriend explained to her that I was still preparing the apartment which wasn’t ready for their check-in yet.

The bi-split (2000W in the room of 12m2 and 4000W in the living-room of 26m2) is powerful enough both for cooling (as low as 16°C) and heating (as warm as 30°C).

Second day

The next morning, the guest sent me a message: “We got everything. I just wanted to ask if you have a portable heater by any chance? The wall heater doesn’t really heat the place so well and as soon as you turn it off, it gets very cold, especially at night…”

I was working and I answered him, " As suggested, please leave the two heaters at 18°C before going out to maintain a minimum temperature of 18°C. You are not supposed to turn them off during your stay. When you are in the apartment, please increase the temperature to your preference. They will put themselves in standby mode when the desired temperature is reached. Once the temperature falls, they will turn themselves on.

I’m sorry that you find the heaters not performant enough for you. If you wish, the Airbnb CS can help you find another accommodation. I can refund you 3 nights of your stay." I also called Airbnb CS to contact the guests to propose them another accommodation nearby. An hour later the guest informed me that he had bought a portable heater in a supermarket and it should be ok.

Last day

I sent them a message reminding them that the check-out time was no later than 11am and that they could leave their bags and come back to pick them up before going to the airport if they had a late flight. I also asked them to read the checklist before departure and not to strip the bed linens. He confessed to me that his girlfriend had got her menstruation and the sheet got stained and asked if I wanted her to put the sheet to wash. I told him not to wash it because when done improperly the stains could become permanent and that I preferred to take care of that myself.

When I arrived, all the bed linens and duvet covers were stripped probably they didn’t want me to visualize the stains. A duvet cover, 2 fitted sheets and 2 cotton mattress protections had got 6-8 blood stains at different places. The waterproof mattress protection wasn’t stained. I spent 2 hours removing them as some stains were very difficult to remove even with hydrogen peroxide. Some of them were probably there from day 1 onwards. I was happy that I succeeded to remove all of them.

The fitted sheet on the sofa-bed got a few big greasy sweat stains. I washed it twice with laundry soap, dish detergent and ammonia. When it was still wet, it looked entirely darker and I couldn’t see if the stains were there. But once it was dry and put on the bed, I could still clearly see the greasy stains and I had to wash it again.

I found them inconsiderate although he was courteous.

Guest was courteous and communicated well.

That’s all I would say. None of the sexy looks or stains matter, they figured out the heat.




Accidents happen and they did volunteer to wash the sheets. I wouldn’t mention it in the review.

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Maybe you’re not conveying the whole story, but what I see is that you had to answer one question about the heater and you had to wash a few sheets more than once, and all of the stains came out. That’s was pretty much normal for my whole-place listing. Be thankful the guest didn’t wash and dry the sheets and permanently set the stains.

I’m not sure why you offered them a refund when they asked about the heater. Again, maybe there was something in the guest’s message that’s not conveyed here.

BTW, those bi-split systems are called “mini-spit heat pumps” in North America in case anybody is wondering.

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I offered them a refund because I couldn’t go to buy them a portable heater. In his request for information, he asked to check-in early because his flight arrived before noon. I answered him that early check-in couldn’t be guaranteed unless he paid a supplement of 20€ (which is 50% of the low season night rate) for me to block the night before. He didn’t say anything and sent me a request for booking.

Thank you for the review. :slight_smile:

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Why? Couldn’t you just arrange for a heater? We have space heaters in our rentals despite being in South Florida. It’s a good idea (and often mentioned here) that hosts should stay for a few days in their own rentals to see if it can be improved.

I don’t think that the guests were inconsiderate. @RiverRock 's review seems about right to me.

I already stayed overnight in summer and winter in the apartment and I found it very comfortable with the heat on at 21°C at night (2-3°C). With a duvet it was warm. A couple of guests had complained about the cold floor tiles and I started to provide Crocs (which I wash in the washing machine with bleach gel) of different sizes to walk in the apartment. But I have never slept naked or stayed naked in the apartment. In winter even indoor i don’t wear tank top and shorts.

I think they were inconsiderate because they continued their romantic activities during her menstruation without protecting the bed linens. Why did they have to strip all of them even though I asked them not to? Were the stains on the bed too embarrassing to be looked at whereas it didn’t bother them to continue to leave stains at different spots on it?

Well, there’s one for your tick list next time you decide to test the guest experience in your listing.


Seriously, shit like this is just part of the job. Give them an objective review and move on.



Stains and guest confusion about how the heating works seem like part and parcel of normal hosting experience to me. I don’t see how their sexual activities or proclivities are relevant.

They let you know about the stains and spared you the hassle of a cancellation by setting up their own supplemental heater, and letting you know about that. Good guests in my opinion.

The only response I would have given during the stay would have been fire hazard prevention: “Please make sure you plug the heater directly into the wall outlet and keep it 3 feet away from any fabric or other flammable material.”


I’m sure that you did. But to me that is very cold. Our apartments have the facility for guests to decide for themselves what temperature they are comfortable with. They can set the AC to whatever they want and have the space heater for the few days that are chilly. (Sub 75.)

As I guest, I want to control the AC myself and not have someone else’s idea of what is comfortable.

As for the sheets, it’s just part of the job. You were going to wash them anyway and blood comes out easily.

And shock horror - lots of people have sex during their periods. Personally I think it’s pretty daft to arrange a trip with a lover when you know you’re going to have your period but some people are very irregular. By the way, stripping the bed is done by about 20% of my guests even though I never ask for it or request it. So that’s normal too. :slight_smile:


How do you suggest that they would “protect the bed linens”? With your towels or your curtains? I’m not sure what you have in mind there. They offered to wash them which is more than most guests would do (though I understand why you wanted to do them yourself).

It’s not really sex if you’re not moving around :wink:


The only part of this experience that stands out to me is that it sounds like they showed up 3 hours before check-in unannounced? That’s the sort of thing I’d probably leave in the private part of the review to give a heads up that other hosts might not be so accommodating


When they arrived three hours early, how did they get in?


My understanding was that it was approved to:

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I didn’t assume it was approved as I’ve actually had guests try that before- “Oh we’re not checking in yet! Just dropping bags off and we’ll come back later” :unamused:

Seems strange to me to let the guests into the rental before it’s ready but that’s just me, maybe. Mind you, I’m a big believer in first impressions. :slight_smile:


That would be cold for me and having to walk into a house I paid to rent that was 18 degrees when I came home from being out would be really cold and I would not be happy about that rule.

It’s not that I expect walk around in a tank top and shorts in the winter, it’s that I’m quite thin and have no fat layer to keep me warm.

I would rather you actually gave me a heads up… The reviews are for fellow hosts if you put important information in the private remarks you are not doing any favors.


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I hear you but when folks have arrived early I just told them it wasn’t ready yet (even just to drop off luggage) if it wasn’t prepped or I didn’t give an early check-in. I don’t think it’s necessary to put that in a review but I’m not sure the exact circumstances the OP encountered when it came to the three hour situation so perhaps you’re right

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