Need to blow off steam. Rude guest

I have a very nice couple staying in my home in westchester for thanksgiving. Knowing that they were coming into Manhattan for the parade, I kindly invited them to watch from our deck which looks directly over Columbus circle.

First, they ask if they can bring additional people. I bit my tongue and said “OK” even though I felt like I gave them an inch and they were trying to take a foot.

Next, I told them “see you tomorrow!” And they said “oh… you’ll be there too?” Well, I kind of live there!!!

Third, my partner and I went outside and they completely ignored us… I had to ask if everything was okay to even get them to look at me… in my own home.

Now, the parade ended hours ago and they left without a thank you and I haven’t received a message as of yet. I am furious.

I want to text them, “you’re welcome”, but my partner said that will do more harm than good and to just leave it in the review. But I think leaving it in the review is petty, but I am livid. I went above and beyond as a host and all I expected in return was a simple “that was wonderful, thank you”

What would you do?

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mention it in the review about how disappointed you were when you offered your guests a money can’t buy experience to have an eagle eagle view of the thanksgiving parade at your apartment deck in Manhattan that they ignored you completely throughout the event and left without saying thank you.


A sort of amended version of your ‘you’re welcome’ message, I think.

'Hi Guest,

I hope you enjoyed watching the parade today. Wasn’t the xxx and the xxx great? [Partner] and I watch it every year from the deck and we’ve always really enjoyed it. It was lovely to share it with you today. Happy Thanksgiving!


You are much more forgiving then me I would be furious.


I would do absolutely nothing. It’s possible they will thank you in their review for one thing. But basically if you can’t let little things go like this you will do harm to your health in the long run if you stay in this business. If this sort of thing drives you nuts, then don’t go above and beyond.


I don’t think you went far enough. You didn’t have space heaters or offer them hot chocolate! :wink: (Sarcasm)

  • Best case: they provide the thanks in a review or better yet, in a note or gift.
  • Worst case: you’ve experienced a guest that will make you appreciate most of the others you host.

Listen to your partner and Enjoy Thanksgiving. You did a very nice thing for your guest. If they don’t have the courtesy to appreciate it, then All the hosts on here do.


Actually I have a seating area in front of a window that they stayed at, and offered to fill their coffee


Entitled guests who have the hotel mind set!


@SmallNSweet - wow, that is very generous of you and that would be an experience I’d never forget. And would definitely say thank you for!

You did a good deed. Kick back and relax :blush:


Thank them in the review for joining in with you and enjoying the parade? No. Say nothing.

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My husband sums it up best: They are your VR Guests, not your Company.

That attitude helps me not take it personal, when Guests aren’t friendly or offering thanks for my extra mile. They paid to be here.

I do state: Host live onsite, tho you’ll rarely see us… So they know.

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don’t write anything for eight days, and then don’t write anything for the next seven days


I would honestly just ignore it. Some people aren’t friendly even when they are in your home. We had a group of people like that this weekend too. We’ve had people who don’t realize we live in the house too. Just be as clear as possible in your listing so people understand and if you notice that it’s a newly made account, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to message them and explain what private rooms are. That has prevented that situation a couple times for us.


I’m of the opinion, let it go. You offered an prime viewing opportunity, they accepted. Some people don’t know how to say thank you. Also they may have thought it was “just part of the rental experience”.

The not speaking to you may have been because they felt awkward. Based upon your description of events, it sounds like they didn’t realize it was a shared space.

From Frozen
Let it go! Let it go!
I am one with the wind and sky!
Let it go! Let it go!


No, they were staying in my house 40 minutes upstate and I invited them to my apartment in Manhattan to see the parade.


Wait, what? What the actual…you know. Hey if you need someone fun and polite to watch the parade with next year, message me.


I totally missed that part. I thought they were renting in your Manhattan apartment because they were in-town for the parade. Next year when you invite K9KarmaCasa, please include me too. How many can crowd around your windows? I think we could get quite the crowd from this forum.

I still think let it go. There is nothing to be gained by mentioning to them that you wished they had said thank you. Is their trip over? they may step up to the plate yet!


Hey - we will ALL come and say thank you with much appreciation!


Oh man! I didn’t know there were going to be other people there!


and that’s why you never help people who never asked for help