Need help editing "negative" review

I have never written a “negative” review but I feel like its the right thing to do for future hosts. I would appreciate your opinion on what I plan on writing. I am nervous about this.

Situation: This was a very young couple coming to look for an apartment in my area. They first told me they would arrive between 8-10 pm. My check-in is 4-11 pm. Around 9:30 pm, I got a text that they wouldn’t be here until midnight. I told her it wasn’t ideal but I would stay up. I don’t mind leaving a key outside, but only if I know I will meet my clients at some point before I go to bed. I’m just not comfortable having them come in while I’m sleeping. She then replied that actually the GPS said 3 hrs still, which was more like 1:30 am! I was upset but wanted to be a flexible host, and I know things happen. Well, I stayed up and they never showed up!! Then came the next day for their final night. No apologies from them when they came in. The next morning they were noisier than average clients, left a bunch of sex trash in the trash, and just left me with a bad impression. I am trying to focus only on the objective portion of the situation in my review.

Here is what I think about leaving:
"X and hey boyfriend stayed only one night of the two nights planned. My in-person interactions with them were pleasant, and they left their space clean and in good order. Unfortunately, they poorly planned their arrival time the first night, by first saying they would show up between 8-10 pm, then midnight, then 1:30 am. My check-in is 4-11 pm. As a host, I try to be present when guests check-in. This situation was really unfortunate.


Personally I think you’re being way too kind. I can’t quite believe that they didn’t even acknowledge the fact that they’d had you waiting up in to the wee small hours and then they didn’t show at all. I would mention in the review that, in my opinion, they would be much better suited to a hotel with a 24 hour check in desk.


This is too nice and makes it sound more like a miscommunication instead of guest rudeness, which it was.

I would say,

Unfortunately I can’t recommend xx. On the night of her check in, after hours of delays, causing me to stay up past midnight on a work night, she texted she would be there about 1:30am. I don’t like leaving my keys out and stayed up to wait for her. She still did not show! The next day, she showed up and didn’t say a word about the no show antics of the previous evening. They were noisy and disruptive. Upon check out, they left a mess including disgusting sex trash. This guest is better suited to a hotel.

Really, don’t sugar coat it. The review can use all the phrases you used to describe it to us. That’s who you are writing this for, after all. Other hosts.


Thanks for the review folks. My friend who’s also a host told me to actually soften it a bit. She had one guest who threaten to sue her for a negative review once, so it might be why she’s saying that.


Threats are not allowed. The guest who threatened should be turned into Airbnb.


Empty threats and you can’t win a libel suit if what was said is true. You should always document any problems. Haven’t arrived? Message them through the system so it’s clear what was expected and what happened. [quote=“mountaingen, post:1, topic:7597”]
The next morning they were noisier than average clients, left a bunch of sex trash in the trash, and just left me with a bad impression

So mention they were noisy. I don’t know what “sex trash” is but it’s pretty common for young people to have sex, even in an airbnb in someone’s home. I don’t think that or “left a bad impression” is something that can be mentioned in a review. I’d just stick with the not checking in on time and not communicating about it.


That’s what I was thinking too. Thanks.

Airbnb recommended she removes the review, which she did. They told her she didn’t have much other choices.

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I don’t know what sex trash is either, unless it’s used condoms. But truly, it’s common for older people to have sex too!


Question: They left a review, and then they were told to remove it by Airbnb? IF so, the whole experience is a moot point, and so will be your review.

No, I think she was talking about her friend, with the threatening guest. Not her own no show guest.

Ah. Not going to ask what ‘sex trash’ is, new one on me also.

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Correct. I was talking about the other review not the one I plan on writing.

Enquiring minds (well, mine) want to know :wink:


Lube wrappers. Not the end of the world, it was just adding to the insult.


Throw me in also in that lot. LoL

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OK, take the bit about the sex trash out of the review.

I am so old fashioned that I don’t know what that means :slight_smile:

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It’s the outer wrapping that is on a bottle of lubricant when you buy it.

C’mon you people. You can’t imagine “sex trash”: condom wrappers, sex toy packaging, whipped cream containers. lubricant bottles, ropes. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Just ribbing you about your imaginations.


I am a fan of less is more in guests reviews. I would say only what @Geddy3 basically suggested: “These guest are more suited to stay in a hotel than in someone’s private home, for many reasons.”

Every host in the world will (or should) pick up on the fact that these guests are a definite no-no.