Need a few plates and a brush... $400 from Airbnb

It seems like Airbnb is ramping up “partnerships” with everyone and anyone. The latest offering, and the associated blurb, comes over as not just patronising, but pretty insulting to hosts.

Plus, it looks like shit value to me.


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I will wait for them to turn up at the charity shop


Well you can get 10% off with a coupon. But overall @JohnF is correct.

I may need more coffee. The Airbnb intro to hosts need this includes reference that cookware is needed but often omitted then cookware isn’t part of the package. Actually they said kitchenware but to me that includes cookware.

The water pitcher looks appealing but every other item is available at DollarTree. I’m sure the quality isn’t the same but it is a get the look for less opportunity. Also I would not be as concerned if someone broke my $1 ceramic toothbrush holder vs $16 one.

Btw total cost at DollarTree $23.


I’m just back from our local Chinese bazaar, around €20 for pretty much everything, and a bit more.

Unless you have an extremely high end rental, I simply don’t see the need, and as @Annet3176 says, if its cheap and gets broken, no big deal.


Does Air get kickbacks from all these “partnerships”? Looks like they’re trying to get hosts to look alike, you know, just like hotels.
Glad they’ve got lots of time to be endorsing products, when will they start backing up hosts?
From what I read here, it’s pretty depressing what they don’t do for their money makers.


We have one of the highest-end rentals in the neighborhood, and I still buy things at the Dollar store! Learned the hard way that some things just get broken all the time so they aren’t worth spending money on.


Great minds think alike : ) I too purchase a lot of stuff at my local dollar store. Even the goodies that I put out in the welcome basket.

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Excellent—I like Dollar Tree keurig pods. Surprisingly their $1 bag of fried pork rinds is good. Perfect salty crunchy snack for a low carb-er.

My local dollar store sometimes carries individuals packs of dried fruit with nuts, wasabi peas, and tins of European biscuits. I haven’t seen the Keurig coffee pods, I wish my local dollar store they carried those.

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Since I have a “south of the border” theme, I find lots of my brightly colored dishes on eBay or recently a few plates at a local antique store.
In my former rental after 3+ years, one glass broken.
In this one, after 3 months, one glass broken.


Aldi reduced their pod price to $2.99 for 12 so that’s my new go to. The small snack packs at DollarTree are usually good .

My favorite cooking turner/spatula came from DollarTree

I will say that MUJI products are very pleasing, but I can’t justify the price and don’t think they’re the kind of ‘luxury’ that most travelers would even notice.

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I expect they are, and I posted a few weeks ago that I’m surprised they aren’t doing a LOT more targeted marketing to hosts given how heavily they are into data mining.


The uniqueness and high price of our listing go together. Authenticity ( which is really noticed and commented on by guests) does not happen when everybody looks the same. Almost everything at Tiny Tiki is specially searched out and purchased as one of a kind. One cup handle broke so far from our mid-century Winfield Bamboo dish set. A few wine glasses also but we break those just as fast. I get the toothbrush packs at Dollar store.

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$400 for that :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Have a high breakage rate at my listing. Cheap is good. I just placed 6 stemless plastic flamingo printed wine cups $0.75 each) They will either stay there forever but because they are so cute, disappear over time

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If I may borrow your phraseology, JF, are they outta their fecking minds?!

White mugs from the Goodwill store for the occasional breakage, Corelle plates on sale that won’t break if you hurl them across the room, and poolside-type glasses made out of polycarbonate or whatever.

I firmly believe all white cotton linens and towels “match” by definition. Replenish via sales. Sierra Trading Post website has gone totally downhill since acquired by Marshalls years ago, but still good deals on bedding and towels if you select carefully.

I do like the idea of adding a (non-disgusting) toothbrush holder. I have one of these (the finger-like pad shown in the back) at my 2nd home. Designed to hold pens but holds toothbrushes well. Throw in dishwasher or washing machine:

I’ve been using nothing but the white since they first started making it. Got all kinds of bowls, dishes, and plates. But it WILL shatter if you drop it on the edge.

I love that white Corelle is all totally interchangeable, and even more useful now that bowls have plastic covers available.

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Nordling you are so on my wavelength :laughing: I got SUCH A DEAL on the Corelle bowl covers on eBay.

Since I got Grandma’s silverware with the house, including service for 16, and a table with enough leaves, I did a special discounted bulk order with a local store to fill out my Corelle to be able to serve a formal dinner for 16, including serving pieces and dessert dishes. I’ve got lots of colorful tablecloths, table runners, and place mats to set off the white.

I try to get it all out and use it at least once a year, but I’m not ready for that big a gathering in the house quite yet.