Mystery cancellation by Airbnb

Just this morning I got a reservation request (for December 2016) which I accepted. Just now I got this message from Airbnb. I checked the guest’s account - it no longer exists.

The person concerned seemed perfectly harmless. I found her Linkedin page, and I think she had some good reviews - though now I wish I had paid more attention.

Has anyone ever received a message like this from Airbnb? Any idea what might have happened?


Hi Faheem,

I hope this message finds you well.

My name is xxxx, and I’m a Trust and Safety specialist at Airbnb. I wanted to notify you that reservation xxxxxx with xxxx has been cancelled in our system.

Unfortunately, we’ve received quality assurance information regarding this guest and we’re no longer able to support them as a member of our Airbnb community. Your calendar should now be open for the affected dates.

I’ve also reached out to xxxx to let them know this is no longer an active reservation. We’ve refunded them in full and they are aware that we’ve let you know about this cancellation.

Please know that Airbnb would never attempt to act in a manner that would compromise you as a host, and situations like these are very rare. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. We’re here to help!

Best regards,

xxxx []


Wow, no - that’s really interesting!


That is odd. I never had that happen either. I’m guessing there was something red-flagged about this guest. Did you ask airbnb what they meant by “receiving quality assurance i formation” about this guest?I’m not sure what that means.

No, I’ve not written to them. Should I? That was a fairly tight-lipped sounding reply.

I’d just be grateful! I sincerely doubt ABB goes about cancelling customer accounts without good reason!


I had it once too. I was surprised as this person has few good reviews

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It’s obvious AirBnB had a reason to cancel this person’s account. I’m not exactly sure what they meant by “receiving quality assurance” information either, but I get the idea that there was something not so good about this guest.

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Maybe some host provided honest feedback!


It was probably a fake or stolen account and Airbnb found out when the charge went through. The platform is well known and scammers, phishers are trying to get into the system. A few months ago I had a spate of inquiries all the same message but different profiles asking me to click on a link because they saw my listing elsewhere. I reported all to Airbnb and they removed the accounts. My mother didn’t raise a dummy!!


You mean it wasn’t the person pictured in the account? <:shudder>

That makes me think that maybe I should engage in a conversation with the guest before accepting. If the person’s account information looks reasonable and I can find a corresponding Linkedin or Facebook page I just accept.

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Pretty sure they can mimic an account and if the real account holder responded to an email like mine their own user name and password could have been stolen. But usually they pose as hosts, not guests but who knows, my criminal mind is not so proficient!

There was a post on another board about someone getting a scam inquiry from a user, and then flagging that user for Airbnb trust team to review.

The scam inquiry was "Hi,

I am interested to book your property for 5 nights. I saw an flat with same pictures and description listed by another host with an lowest price.

Here is the 2nd place, please verify:

And of course it goes to a fake site where they try and get you to login in order to take your credentials and redirect your banking info.

So maybe the user was flagged for something similar and was kicked off…


Airbnb is doing criminal background checks and something in the guests record could have her canceled or it can simply e that her last experience was very bad for the host and therefore she is banned.

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Airbnb is doing criminal background checks? I never heard anything about that, it seems a bit intrusive…

Aren’t you glad and don’t you feel good that AirBnB has got your back.
Best part; you didn’t have to experience a crime or a scambag. .


Yes recently they sent a alert about this.

Hi Carmen,

What kind of alert was that? Do you have a link?

I have had a similar situation:

My name is XXX, and I’m a Trust and Safety specialist at
Airbnb. I’m writing to inform you that your reservation XXXXX with
X. has been cancelled on XXXXXX, and unfortunately we can not
provide a compensation or payout for this reservation. It
has come to our attention that this guest may have violated our Terms
of Service and we wanted to notify you as soon as possible. We’ll be
contacting your guest of the cancellation shortly, and we strongly
recommend ending all communication with them.

I asked what happened and got this response:

In order to respect our Privacy Policy, I’m only able to
share account details with a third party if I first obtain consent from
the account holder who made the reservation. Unfortunately, at this
time, I’ve been unable to obtain this consent.The
actions we took against this guest’s account were in the spirit of
protecting our community from fraudulent behavior. We are sorry it was
on such a short notice. You are a great host to our community, and we
appreciate the excellent services you provide to your guests.

The reservation has been suspicious before:

  • no reviews, new Airbnb profile
  • according to profile, guest from Bulgaria
  • UK mobile number in the Airbnb account
  • guest contacting me from a French mobile number
  • guest telling things like “don’t worry if you will be unable to contact me on Airbnb in the future, their system is broken. If my account is blocked, contact me on whatsapp”

I had the same with a Flipkey reservation of a guest from Africa with a Philippine mobile number who never answered. Cancelled “due to payment fraud” 4 days before arrival.


Hi @tomdxb,

Interesting. Thanks for the information.

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Super interesting. I doubt they will tell you the story because of the privacy policy, but you could ask.