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My security camera bothers the neighbor because it invades his privacy

I need to have a camera at my front door for security and because it’s close to the wireless WiFi router.
My front door is down a shared hallway with my neighbor.
He is upset at the invasion of his privacy, as there’s no way for him to avoid being filmed.
I wouldn’t necessarily like it either if the situation was reversed, but it’s unavoidable.
Any suggestions?

What is the situation with your listing?
Are you in a multi unit building?
Shared space?

You’re halfway towards working out your solution, based on the fact you wouldn’t like it either.

No idea where you’re located, but if in the UK I’d remove the camera sharpish before something like this happens:

If you’re in the US, given the litigious mentality exhibited by many folks, I’d remove it sharpish as well.

So, where are you located?


In my opinion, take it down. It is an invasion of your neighbor’s privacy. He spoke to you expecting that you would remove it.

If not removed, he has every right to seek a lawyer. Don’t ruffle his feathers because he can possibly close down your Airbnb listing.

If it were me, I’d try to engineer a solution before giving up altogether. Like mounting a small L- shaped bracket that would obscure view of the neighbor but still catch what’s happening up close. If you were able to manage that and demonstrate its effectiveness to your neighbor, it might be win-win.


Why is that? You need your neighbour on your side. I’d recommend that you remove the camera.

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Mount the camera pointed towards your door instead of away from your door or mount it just inside your rental but aimed such that it only records people entering and leaving.

Or take it down as others suggest.

Having no idea what kind of rental/building you are in or the setup makes it difficult to suggest solutions.

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Agree w/ @KKC - easy fix to mount to record only your entry (of course w/o seeing your setup maybe it’s not easy).

With a Ring (& maybe other brands) products, for example, you can create blackout spots to protect neighbor privacy. And, you can create motion zones so recording is only triggered by particular parts of the view.

Also - I don’t know how I feel about this - but maybe the neighbor would like access to the view/recordings (ie on Ring I can invite others) for their security also.


I have a neighbor on my street about whom I have posted unfavorably. The oldest of the kids came over to tell me someone threw a brick through the windshield of one of their cars and could I please check my security camera footage? I told him my cameras can’t see the front of their house. I did check though and saw nothing helpful to their cause.

Some people aren’t really interested in the security provided by cameras until something happens to them.


Exactly. I was just thinking about how OPs neighbor would be begging to see footage if their place were broken into.

I’ve had multiple neighbor requests for footage but my cameras are motion activated w/ the periodic still shot, all within my property lines.

I think they believe I’m recording the entire block 24x7. I’m not a bank. :sweat_smile:

I have the motion activated Ring but it generally only records people walking by or coming into my property. I also have 2 24/7 cameras that record to DVR but they also have their limits and I noticed that if there are rain spots and it’s at night, very little outside my yard is visible.

I pointedly told the kid that the only thing I saw that night was his dog coming into my yard at 11:48 pm and his dad chasing it out. :angry:

Mexico. No litigation

Multi unit condo. Not shared space. Shared hallway to the front door with the next door long term renter

I did the same as @aelilya & showed the privacy feature to my neighbor so she knew my camera didn’t catch her front door. Plus I think activity in the blocked area won’t trigger the motion detector thus saving my battery

He didn’t talk to me. He turned the camera(even though it was facing away from his side of the hall as far as possible), and then, after I took it down to charge, when I put it back up I could see/hear him comment to his girlfriend that it’s back up.

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I can’t speak for Mexico but in the USA there is no expectation of privacy in common hallways


Time to talk. It would have been a good first step before mounting the camera but hindsight…

This is fixable. And it’s good to have great relationships w/ the neighbors of your rental.

Turn this lemon into lemonade if you can. And a case of beer or bottle of wine doesn’t hurt!

I like the idea that I’m also providing security for his place. However,

  1. He lives there full time so he’s often around if someone suspicious tried his door.
  2. we live in a gated community with excellent security staff that stops to process paperwork with any/all non-owners.
  3. If it wasn’t for my Airbnb unit next to his, no one with ill-intent would be going near his unit.

So I don’t think it’s applicable here.

Again, a reason why he might want you keeping a eye on these strangers….and why it’s good to play nice :wink:

If I showed him the footage he would see that it catches everything he does clearly…all of his comings and going’s and with whom. I’d

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