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My scariest guest


I’m late to the convo, but I must say: Thank you, sweet angels on her shoulders, for protecting her from harm. Hugs to you!


Glad you are back, Murphy, stick around!!!


Thank you so very much, for that heartfelt reply and I really do appreciate
a sounding board. I am at a loss as to how any supposed human being could
treat another human being with such insensitivity and immoral behavior. To
know from the marrow of your bone you’ve done nothing wrong, and to have
Airbnb refuse to call or write is insufferably cruel and unusual treatment.
ESPECIALLY after what the guest did to me including vandalism… (cut my
entertainment system wiring WITH A KNIFE angrily (was caught), during his
stay while he thought I was sleeping out of the corner of my eye I could
see him snooping, rifling through the items on my desk, file cabinet key,
was on desk… CAN NOT FIND, refused to return… left with stole my keys,
$200 new locks, burned holes in my blankets and furniture, overflowed my
toilet twice (what is it with Europeans and paper products?), trying to
flush wads of paper towels down… lied about this/everything,
fried/destroyed provided MyGica/Kodi android box, by way of…
downloaded/streamed 150 GB/7 nights (WTF) of data, 55 GB of it on the
evening I told him (verbally/E-mail/LARGE posted note on his bedroom door
he COULD NOT (note removed from door) have missed, that he had to leave the
next day at a specific time, (all the while and due to all the little
pieces/his true self exposed/exploded), became too much to bear. He snuck
out the next morning the day he was to have left and became unreachable
text or E-mail until I texted I was to pack up his things and leave them
outside the door… he was here in 20 minutes.

On his return I asked him kindly to pack up his things (unpaid/unwelcomed)
and return my keys as I had personal affairs and things to attend to. At
which point I was physically shoved out of the way and told *“Fuck you
fag… I’m not leaving… find me another fucking room” *verbatim
From there things escalated rapidly to more physical and verbal assault
while I was terrorized for 3 hours. Frantic calls to 911 repeatedly over 2
hours and no Police at my door yet… WTF!!! The police finally arrived 5
hours later. I was livid… In today’s world… I could have been lying
dead in a pool of blood for 4 hours. This also will be part of my exposeè

It wasn’t until about an hour later when he was caught (the deed done),
cutting the wires to the provided home-theatre surround-sound system and
large screen HDTV in his Suite. The jig up he finally packed up quickly and
left, but not before more snarling more abusive language (verboten this day
and age), and verbally assaulting someone here as back-up… my BFF (25
years), with “You want to suck my cock don’t you fag” verbatim, right
hand to God!

I am a Canadian for God’s sake, we are the nicest people on the planet…
too Canadian perhaps! I consider myself textbook… too trusting, too
sharing, too kind, too nice, and up until Mr. Bordais I had successfully
hosted 8 guests, having achieved ‘Elite’ status, and working diligently to
achieve “Super Host” status. It was perfect, the answer to a prayer, Airbnb
has an awesome system, a chance to earn a few extra much needed dollars,
meet some interesting folks from around the globe Then came the lying
Sociopath turning my world upside down!

I really don’t want to do it but it seems that Airbnb will not budge. It is
beyond imagination what it is I could have done that would *Trump, *(yes
it’s a thing now, not just for cards anymore… congrats on that)
Here in
Toronto, the Police have just/finally arrested and have in custody Bruce
McCarthur Serial Killer caught

who could very likely end up becoming Canada’s, perhaps the world’s most
prolific serial killer. Our community, the community I live in in downtown
Toronto, encompassing Cabbagetown and the Gay Village has been living in
fear and trepidation for the last 12 years. Members of our community, a
neighborhood chap I knew who lived just a city block down the street was
one of this monsters victims. When the Police busted into Mr. McCarthur’s
apartment to arrested him, he had a man bound, gagged, hands and feet tied
to his bed. The Police who at this time had him under surveillance became
concerned after watching a man enter with Monster but hours later, still
not exiting building. At this point I surmise they got the go ahead and
busted in his door, most assuredly saving this mans life!

…and so much more

Should go on TV? I don’t want to!

3 pronged issue here:
911 call and no police till 5 hrs later
Airbnb’s unconscionable treatment of me
The dangers out there and the superlative support you can expect to receive
from Airbnb should you experience a traumatic experience with an Airbnb

Topical and informative
Perhaps Airbnb…

What says you… still stewing here over this issue!




Well unfortunately you have left it quite a while now after the incident, so this will make the story less interesting to the media.

You don’t need to go on TV you can talk to radio stations or newspapers. But do think about the implications for you. People can be nasty on social media and in responding to news stories, so you need to be quite strong to handle it.

I am sure you have a complaints procedure with your police so hopefully you have already started in the process of making a formal complaint.

Are Airbnb still blocking your listing? Did you try them via social media.

It needs to be your call as to whether you go to the media, but the longer you leave it the less interested they will be.


I don’t have the stomach, where with all or energy to keeping on fighting
Maybe at sometime my account will be unblocked, otherwise I will continue
to lose thousands of dollars and be persecuted for what… who knows!!!
In any case… did nothing wrong… grotesquely mistreated… not amused…
I give up!




There is no time limit on warning the public of dangers they may experience and the treatment they may be met with … especially with monsters like xxx in the world. I’ve already contacted Pat Foran at CTV news “Consumer Alert”

The treatment I have received is unimaginably unconscionable and inhuman. Airbnb avoided me for 2 weeks… after the incident… talk about leaving things too long! Imagine watching from a distance a friend walking down the street being accosted… assaulted… robbed… knocked to the ground and trying to reach out for help. You then notice another party (they know who they are) running over to your friend writhing in pain on the ground expecting help but being met with kicks to the face… being spit on… further stolen from the those who were supposed to be there for help… running off leaving your friend now… words escape me.

I have never been treated with such disrespect in my life and this story is FAR FROM OVER!

Thank you xxx,

I appreciate your understanding, speaking to someone has helped. Not your regular same old every day chain of events.
Ok here it is the general gist of the event summarizing damages and theft. Between chasing around Police Stations, my building management Office (locks/keys), changing of locks, documenting EVERYTHING I have as below a snapshot. In my next E-mail I will provide all the evidence to same

Airbnb guest became belligerent, physical and his threatening behaviour prompted calls to 911 and Building Security, as well as 7 neighbours summoned to my Suite for help as I was being terrorized by Axxxxx (if that’s even his real name). Guest refused to leave or surrender keys after 24 hours verbal, E-mail and note pasted to the door of his room notices. When confronted upon entering my apartment illegally and asked to surrender keys and leave I was told “Fuck off fag I’m not going anywhere”. After further pleadings and reminders of all the kindnesses bestowed during stay, including home-cooked gourmet meals every day, I was met with “Shut your mouth… find me another room” I am sure everyone gets the news, knows what is going on in this world all around us everywhere! We live in a very dangerous world with all kinds of very dangerous people (terrorists/serial killers/anyone off their meds on a little holiday to Toronto…) in it. I was feeling the stress of this and in a severe panic for my life, or at the outset more serious injuries or physical assault, than just being shoved (in my own home) twice. Disturbing language being used against me and those at my side. I am quite sure he Likely a Sociopath, has certainly proven himself to be a habitual liar.

Theft / Vandalism / Assault / Fraud

911 call #xxxxx

Metropolitan Toronto Police Report: xxxx

Wellesley Residences Security - Intelligarde Security report pending

Ontario Criminal Court charges pending

Damages and claims being sought from Airbnb and Alexandre Bordais (if that is even his name):

Power Bar $25
RCA to 3.5 mm cable $15

Burned blankets $100

Kodi Android box $200

(erased hard-drive of provided Kodi android box which cannot be repaired and must be replaced)

Replace snipped/cut power cord brand new provided LG 42” LCD HDTV guesstimate $30

(also cut speaker wires to provided surround sound system… a real disappointment and annoyance but I can fix myself)

Apartment door lock #1 special ‘do not duplicate’ key $50

Apartment door lock #2 upper 2nd back-up lock dead-bolt key $15

Lobby/Building Full access special ‘do not duplicate’ key $30 Still has access to all doors in building

2 replacement apartment deadbolt locks @ $40 ea. $80

Locksmith fee install same $100

(has yet to surrender/return stolen property, we do not look too kindly upon this in Canada)

2 nights unpaid rent at $100/night $200

This person’s true identity progressively revealed itself to be something quite unpleasant and as it turns out misrepresented himself about having a work visa or a job! Laughed at me (e-mail) when confronted with lie. Seems every word out of his mouth is a lie. He terrorized me for 5 hours refusing to leave my home or surrender my keys when he had no legal rights to be in my home. I also have reason to believe he is working as a male escort prostitute and/or involved with a criminal element based on the strange hours he kept…

First night staggered out of apt leaving a trail of pills and cigarette papers - LIED about this

Clogged and overflowed my toilet twice by trying to flush wads of paper towels down - LIED about this

On second day here brought someone to my private apartment - LIED about this - on security video

As I lay in my room on sofa-bed pretending to be asleep, one eye opened watching him rifle through my personal property on my personal desk in my personal space. Suspicions are taking root in actions and getting worse by the hour as I pay closer attention it would appear!

Seen in and around my building on several occasions with shady characters - security video can be pulled

While here he rudely invaded my private space duration of stay barging in and out of my personal area at any time with no regard for my privacy! Just within a short 24-48 hours a full Dr. Jeckyll Mr. Hyde.

The whole incident morphed into a VERY BAD experience, and according to the Police I got off easy as this is happening all the time, with much worse outcome

My back-up proof and evidence will follow:

Photos/E-mails/Video/7 Witness/2 Security Guards (2 different companies) whatever is required




Mike I’ve removed all your personal information and names and case numbers from your post. We don’t allow people to go “real life” on the forum. And even if we did it’s a bad idea to put all that information on the forum. It’s a public forum. 100s of people lurk here daily and it turns up in google searches.


Mike, I’m SO SO sorry to hear about this HORRIBLE guest. UNBELIEVABLE! I’m also in Toronto and have never had an issue (touch wood) with Airbnb Super Host Customer Service. What I would suggest you do, is contact the Toronto Airbnb office (located in the MaRs building) and make an appointment to speak with someone there. I would really suggest that so that they can be made aware of this situation (f they’re not already, as the Toronto Airbnb Host phone number gets routed to the U.S. or Europe, depending on the time of day.

Please let us know what they say.


I also removed on name that you forgot.

Mike, I don’t understand the part about unpaid rent. Do you mean he overstayed? Please don’t tell me you went off platform with this guest. Then you will have no recourse at all.


This had neither been suggested by anyone nor was I aware, Definitely
lloming in this one,
Just to be sure, where is the MaRs building?

Their behavior toward me as a Elie Host working to Super Host status with
only 1 or 2 more guest statys to achieve this,

I am deeply offended and equally disappointed and disgusted with Airbnb’s
lack of humanity




Thank you for that… You are so right… my mistake… I will be much more
careful with what I share, there is a lot… still reeling months later
from this indignity, not always in my normal frame of mind. This experience
and how I have been treated makes me delve places I would much rather not
but sheer inhumanity and insult is mind-bending!

I just wanted to learn from experience and move on, not have a knife stuck
in my back and twisted daily… it’s mean and insufferable to the nth

With monsters like Bruce McCarthur running around… I was terrified of
what the outcome of this traumatic experience might be?

Neither the dignity or humanity to respond… seriously!

That contact/number info was inadvertently copied over from one of many
E-mails trying to communicate with Airbnb

After being chased from my apartment running in panic and fear of my
life… smashing my phone in the process…

Stephen King couldn’t write this stuff!



The MaRs building is at College and University but you need to make an appointment first, as the staff have a lot of area to cover and the person who could possibly help you out may be out of the office.

I’ve been a Super Host for a few years now, that status doesn’t necessarily mean we get treated like royalty, fyi.

Good Luck!


Blimey! Shoved twice, and you’re referencing Bruce Macarthur the serial killer!


Is there a phone number or means to contact this office at the MaRs
building? I can’t seem to find anything? Sorry to be a pest but totally
disgusted with Airbnb treatment of me. How would you feel, having done
NOTHING wrong and being treated as such physically assaulted, vandalized,
robbed, lied to… ad nauseam!

Human being DO NOT treating fellow human beings such as the treatment I’ve
received! I’m losing thousands of dollars and don’t know why as Airbnb has
neither the humanity or decency to respond.

Sincerely… signed confused and bewildered!



Sorry, I do not.

Maybe calling the general Airbnb Customer Service line and asking them?

Good luck!


Hi @MikeinTO

Did you manage to get in touch with any media yet in your area about this?

If so, what was there response?

Perhaps some counselling would help too as you are still so understandably traumatised.


Media is a last resort… More perplexed, confused and disappointed than
traumatized at this juncture!



Do you have any update?

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