My scariest guest

I was at work when a young male guest checked into my spare room, and as he was out when I got home, our very first encounter was when…:

I was woken up at 2am by my guest coming into my bedroom.

I screamed!! Instant thoughts: Rape? Assault? Danger? Eeek!

He went back into the hallway and I jumped out of bed and grabbed my dressing gown while shouting Oi you!
I found him stark NAKED by the bathroom, and he just stood there nonchalantly while I asked him what the #@&%$£ he was playing at. Oh, he was just looking for his room… I screamed at him to go back to bed, but he just glared at me and mumbled something about nah… I’ll do as I please. I threatened to kick him out, I said I’d call Air immediately, this was unacceptable, while he slowly walked back but stopped in the doorway to his room and once again told me that he’d go to bed when it suited him. Oh the cheek! I realised he was very drunk.

It took me some time to calm down and process the incident. It’s hard to shake off the initial fear, but I had to remind myself he was drunk and obnoxious rather than a threat to my safety. Air were great and took the situation very seriously and got him moved the next morning. He apologised and left with his tail between his legs. Gah… The joys of being a single female host.

Ideas for the review more than welcome!


Hi Eye,

Awful. I cannot imagine why Air moved him to some other poor soul’s listing. A guy like that should be removed from the platform. Drunken creep. You must really be alcoholic to be that out of control with your behavior.

Review could be:

I absolutely cannot recommend xx. This is the kind of guest your mother warns you about. He crept around my house naked and confronted me thus in my bedroom at 2 a.m… When I asked him to please go back to his room, he became belligerent and answered that he would do as he pleased and go to bed when it suited him. Needless to say I was completely shaken by this frightening incident and by his threatening behavior. Thumbs down, the worst of Airbnb.

Be sure to leave the review at the last minute.


Thank you Kona! i had something like that in mind and I will wait before I post it.


I hope they didn’t refund him!

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I don’t know, but they said they’d keep an eye on his account for a while. I doubt he’ll get to stay anywhere after i review him though!

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Put a lock on your bedroom door!!

If you’re really concerned about being a single female host then I would have thought you’d have done this already.


I do have a lock and I did use it once I managed to convince my naked guest that his own bedroom was the best place for him. I don’t use the lock that much as I prefer being able to get out quick in case of a fire or any other emergency.


A lock is the obvious thing… but honestly, we do expect and trust that our Air guests not act like animals when given access to our homes! So a lock should not be necessary! (Even though sadly, it seems to be the case here.) If it happened to me, I’d seriously consider not hosting in my home!


MIND BOGGLING TO ME…that you would allow a stranger in your house, without having a locked bedroom door.
Now…I am NOT excusing his repulsive behavior…not at all…it is revolting…
Get a good solid double lock bolt and USE IT !


Sorry to hear about this nasty experience. What an arrogant prick. Being drunk is no excuse whatsover. We can all say stupid things when we’ve had one drink too many but the attitude he displayed goes a lot deeper than than, I’m thinking. I think you should follow up with Airbnb and demand to know what they’re doing about his account. You sound like you can handle yourself but another host may not fare so well. This person should be permanently banned from the site. So a review should be a moot point.


How did this person know that you were a single woman sleeping alone in your room? It sounds as though you had not actually met this person before your 2AM encounter [which sounds rather horrific.]

No excuse for this behavior, but I wonder how much of this was intentional and how much was shit-faced drunk?Really bizarre incident!

Will PM you in a moment…

From her profile…

Yes definitely lock the door. I always do from
day one. I think you can believe him that he was looking for his bedroom . If he was drunk in someone’s house he could get lost.
It’s no excuse of course. I don’t know why some people who get drunk like to take their clothes off in front of others. I remembered I had a friend who was flashing her breasts every time she got drunk. :joy:


If that is the case, that her profile actually mentions that she is single and never has a partner over, I would change that right away. Nothing in our profiles should include our vulnerabilities, whatever they might be.


I didn’t say her profile says "I am single and never have a partner over’. That would be silly.

However you can normally tell by reading someone’s profile whether they have a live in partner.

Seriously, I made sure that mine doesn’t include any of that information. None of their business.

I thought you had read their actual profile.

Neither do I. However, unless you are going to lie and say you have a live in partner when you don’t, then people will know.

Ooh yes, I understand why you found that scary, Eyeborg.

Here’s an idea for a single woman, hosting alone, to give the impression that there is a male onsite. This can be done without actually telling a lie:

– Have a photo of a male friend at the end of your post, after your profile picture. You can refer to him in the text, just by his name, rather than calling him a partner. eg: Tom is a writer and enjoys growing orchids. There’s no need to mention he is a Kung Fu instructor :slight_smile:

– In your text, and in messages to your guests, use the plural of pronouns: eg. We will be glad to have you stay at our home; our check-in time is 3pm - 9pm.


One of the most disturbing points of this story is the casual way Air handled it. Re accommodating him? Really? Can you imagine them telling the new host this guest needs a new room because he was caught creeping naked around a host’s home, making menacing remarks? Why wasn’t he immediately banned from the platform?

Of course he was contrite afterwards. Just like every drunk who’s caught with a DUI or other consequence of their drinking. Drunks have no shortage of excuses for their inexcusable behavior. They always hope to play on your sympathies. This guy has serious alcohol problems and is a seasoned drunk. And no question, this isn’t his first rodeo.

Eyeborg, please, please leave this loser an honest review. If Air is not going to ban him then other hosts will have to do it by reading your review!

And please, those of you who are questioning this story as too outlandish…Eyeborg’s story is real. She is a known member here. Let’s not doubt her story and make snarky remarks. They will be removed.