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My scariest guest


That’s what I was going to suggest, but I assume few people have that layout. That’s the best for shared hosting, though, for sure - a way to lock them out of your living area entirely after a certain time.

Terrifying. I would have been on the phone to Airbnb within minutes, although since he was drunk it probably would not have been that efficient and I doubt there would be anywhere to send him in the middle of the night. A stark reminder of how vulnerable many hosts are.


One of the most disturbing points of this story is the casual way Air handled it. Re accommodating him? Really? Can you imagine them telling the new host this guest needs a new room because he was caught creeping naked around a host’s home, making menacing remarks? Why wasn’t he immediately banned from the platform?

Of course he was contrite afterwards. Just like every drunk who’s caught with a DUI or other consequence of their drinking. Drunks have no shortage of excuses for their inexcusable behavior. They always hope to play on your sympathies. This guy has serious alcohol problems and is a seasoned drunk. And no question, this isn’t his first rodeo.

Eyeborg, please, please leave this loser an honest review. If Air is not going to ban him then other hosts will have to do it by reading your review!

And please, those of you who are questioning this story as too outlandish…Eyeborg’s story is real. She is a known member here. Let’s not doubt her story and make snarky remarks. They will be removed.


Like I said, sleeping it off in jail seems like an option to me.


Thanks for your support everyone! Air let me keep the payment for his two nights even though he only stayed for one, so that’s something. I will be honest in the review.


A had a similar experience - the guest came into my br in the middle of the night - stood w legs shoulder width spread, made movements as if undoing belt then pants and pulling it out to pee - I sat up and asked him to please use the bathroom to pee and told him he was in my BR - the incident was never mentioned - not sure if he remembered or what.
Also, during his stay - I’m pretty sure that he developed an affinity for “huffing” as I would often hear the distinct sound of a spray can rattling…
Not that it matters, but he was from Texas. I’m just saying. I have never had a Texan guest who was anywhere in the normal range.


Oh wow, good thing you were awake and stopped him! I would have said something to the guest the next morning though.


I shared a flat in London with a med student who was notorious for sleep walking. I woke up one night as he was just about to pee in my wardrobe. Another night, early morning really, the door bell went. I was greeted by the stark-bollock naked flat mate on the doorstep, who simply went back to his bedroom without a word. He later recalled climbing out of his window to pee over garden wall.


I do lock my room sometimes, if I have a feeling that something like what you vividly described might be remotely likely to happen. I’d say I lock my room, which is next door to the guest’s room, with about 10 per cent of guests I get.


He could have slept the rest of the night in the County jail.


Yep, that’s what I do too normally. I know people suggest I always lock my door but i hate feeling locked in and most guests are lovely. I hadn’t met this guest before the incident so hadn’t had a chance to employ my finely tuned idiot-meter [as in squinting my eyes and saying hmmm] during the welcome. :sunglasses:


You ain’t ain’t heard nothing yet… get a load of this…

Can and does happen… my last Airbnb guest after lying everything and then refused to leave. Things had blown up in a New York milli-second, when I asked him to pack his things and leave. To which he replied “Fuck you fag… I’m not leaving till you find me another room” -verbatim-

The nerve! after extending nothing but a Canadian welcome to my home… cooked meals along the way…

Again in asking to leave politely and suggesting he may have a problem using Airbnb again if he didn’t just pack up and go as the jig was up, to which he replied “Fuck Airbnb… I don’t care!” - verbatim

In the end physically assaulted several times
Abuse enrage inappropriate language and storming about
Cut the wires to the supplied Home Theatre Surround Sound System and TV.
it was at this point and after 3 hours of terrorizing me left after he was caught cutting the wires with a knife.
Refused to return my keys… more foul and abusive language
Destroyed supplied Kodi MyGica android box
Several stolen items, more noticed since report filed.
Burned holes in my blankets while percolating in his suite…
$500 damages in total including the annoyance of having to replace both deadbolts.
He’s been criminally charged with:

Airbnb avoids me for 2 weeks after several weeks and many telephone messages left. Finally livid and disgusted, disappointed I reached someone, was given 10 days to provide an impossible list of items that were damaged/vandalized/stolen
Paid me for the damages and blocked my account… without providing reason… case closed… decision final… don’t call… don’t E-mail as we won’t respond…

It’s grotesque… spit on and kick a man lying on the ground who’s just been beaten up and mugged…

Not on my watch!



That’s horrifying.

If Airbnb continues to ignore you you might tweet about it and/or see if you can get a story in the local media. In many places that would take connections but you never know when some local outlet has decided to do a story on Airbnb.


You should have lock on your door and I usually lock when I am resting and sleeping.


2 years on Airb and I would never not be at my home as a guest arrives.


OMG that is so appalling.

Firstly I am so sorry that you were assaulted and abused by this ‘guest’. I am glad he is being prosecuted.

I would definitely go to your local media - TV, radio and print and tell them that after being physically assaulted three times and abused by a guest who also stole from you and damaged your property Airbnb took ages to deal with your case and then blocked your account without reason and refuse to tell you why so you can no longer host.

You can contact journalists and news desks directly via twitter.

One hint (from a former journalist). Take the emotion out of your story and summarise what happened highlighting what the guest did and how Airbnb repaid a host with (presumably five star reviews) by kicking him off Airbnb after he had been assaulted, abused and stolen from .


Their treatment of me has been grotesque!

Inhuman… immoral… no words… for them to cancel my account telling me
basically to fuck off (pardon), and without telling me or refusing to tello
me what I did is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced!

They are not going to get away with it!



As advised above @MikeinTO have you spoken to any journalists yet?


Wow. I’ve been surpassingly lucky. Financial circumstances compel me to rent both bedrooms in my condo. I sleep in what was intended to be the dining room and is now my bedroom/office/sitting room. I not only have no lock, I have no door and no wall to put it in. In five years of renting (by the month and only to people who have a specific reason to be here like school or work) no one has come into my room.


One time I had a scary situation with a guest, and Airbnb Support helped him to find a new place. I really want to know how much, if anything, Airbnb told the new host.
It makes me feel really vulnerable as a host to think that Airbnb might re-house someone else’s problem guest with me, without telling me why. I think they need a lot more transparency around this process.


And then no one would take him…Air would have a homeless guest…so why would they share the issue and then there are all those privacy issues.