My Neighbors are Making Hosting Stressful!

I’m on my second month of hosting and I’ve gotten all 5 star reviews, but have discovered an issue. I’m near the French Quarter in a mixed race, gentrified neighborhood. It’s safe, but the neighbors next door (all the other neighbors are extremly cool) could potentially make my guests feel unsafe. I don’t want this to show up in the reviews so I need some advice.
My next door neighbors are really loud and sit out on their porch all day and night. The house is inherited and owned by a large extended family so most of the people on the porch don’t even live there. Domestic disputes, loud expletive filled conversations, loud music, weed smoking and loitering on my property are daily issues. One of them even knocked on my guest’s door at 1:30am asking for money despite knowing I have security cameras and can see everything! There has been a big issue in the city regarding gentrification in our neighborhoods so I know talking to them is futile. I’ve spoken to other neighbors and they don’t like that white people are buying up all the properties and pushing blacks out. I’m black and my neighbors are black, but my guests have all been white. As you can imagine, this means they have no interest in being considerate of my guests because they are seen as a threat to the neighborhood. The neighbors are harmless and the older family members are very nice, but to a person who doesn’t know them they can seem really scary. I don’t know what to do!

Anyone who visits NOLA should be aware of the black population there. They should also be aware of noise and parties at all hours. That doesn’t mean that they will, but they should. I’m a 60 year old white woman and went to NOLA for the first time two years ago and didn’t feel in danger anywhere at any hour, even driving over to the 9th ward for a look. So I don’t think you have to overstate it.

Maybe a bit of disclosure in the listing and then talk to them again when they arrive. As for the neighbors ringing the bell at night… can you put a fence or gate around the property or near the door. You’ve probably got some limitations if you are in a historic area.

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So… the neighbors who smoke weed and are loud are black or white? Not sure I understood correctly.

And the rest of neighborhood are not going to be considerate of your white guests ? And who looks scary? Bad neighbors or the rest of neighbors?

That’s not cool tht your neighbors ask for money from
Your guests. Were they drunk or high to do something like that?

You have gotten 5 star reviews so It doesn’t seem like guests have had an issue.

As time allows:

  1. any sound proofing you could do.
  2. make sure security measures are high / locks / camera ect.
  3. any privacy screening / not sure what your set up is, but privacy in outdoor areas for guests.

I think most people going to NOLA expect a big city eclectic experience. Also when i had down there the rental is just a place to crash after a night of drinking.

Thank you for your insight. I didn’t mean to make my post sound racial, but I thought it was relevant to my issue. I really hope all of my guests think like you do.
I’m still trying to figure out the gate thing. The steps to the house pour right out onto the sidewalk. Here is the listing:
I’m very open to hearing about ways to discourage loitering.

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What a pretty home! I’m bookmarking in case I go back to NOLA. It seems you could put a gate that matches the railing that could be locked. At least they’d have to climb over to ring the bell or beat on the door. But yes, it’s close quarters.

It’s relevant. People are still stereotyping and discriminating but hopefully those people won’t rent your place.

The next door neighbors are black. The only neighbors I have issues with are them. The other neighbors are of all races and are fairly new to the area. And yes, the guy who asked for money looked high. The guests were nice to him that day and he took it too far by coming to the house at night asking for money. He totally took advantage of their kindness. I’m just grateful they didn’t mention it in their review!

Thanks. We actually spoke to a sound engineer and are going to soundproof the place in the coming weeks. We have security cameras with audio, auto locking smart locks and an alarm system. We are trying to do everything possible to make sure our guests have a safe and comfortable experience at our place. I just wish there was something I could do to shield my guests from the craziness that goes on next door on a day to day basis.

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I live in a town that is 80% hispanic. It’s a very modest but safe neighborhood. I have wrought iron security doors and bars on some of the windows. I had a BMW driving guest who expressed concern about the safety. I have a trashy neighbor two doors down and across the street. Sometimes they put their squawking parrot out front. Their junk cars in their junk yard are always there. Sometimes their kids come and talk to my guests.

I’ve had close to 400 guests, I have 330+ reviews 99% 5 Star. Do your best, don’t stress!

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THIS!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! :kissing_heart: You really do understand! I’ve been freaking out about this for weeks thinking it was going to really hurt my reviews, but you’re making me feel so much better. My next door neighbors may be really loud and brash, but I know they’re harmless and wouldn’t try to rob my guests do anything crazy. If anything, them being on the porch all day and night makes the neighborhood safer because they see everything! Here’s to hoping my guests see it the same way.


Ver-ry nice place ~ happy for you that you’re off to a good start with your 5-stars!


My reading of the post is that the host is black, the neighbours are black, but the guests are white.

The host is concerned that her white guests will be scared off by her noisy neighbours (a large extended family) who sit outside chatting, arguing and smoking weed.


It’s great you are getting five stars.

I agree why not put a fence around your property and a gate, so your neighbours can’t wonder onto your property.

I would definitely talk to the older folk about one of their relatives knocking on your guests door at 1.30 a.m. (how were they able to do this (is it a separate property that you don’t live on).

I would definitely be up front about your area and neighbours. I live in an inner city multi cultural area and make sure I emphasise this.

The house actually has 8 rental units. Two are airbnbs (we aren’t finished with the second one) and 6 are for long term renters. I live 10 minutes away, but we are there everyday and I sometimes sleep there. Here is the listing so you can get a better visual.
I think talking to the older folks is exactly what I’m going to do. Maybe they don’t know what he’s doing and can talk to him.

Sorry I am not clear. Do you own the whole building. Or just the two Airbnb units?

If you don’t own the whole place, can you get together with the other owners and build a nice fence around it.

We own (My parents and I) the whole house. We’ve been renting to long term renters for years. We just started Airbnb on one unit last month and decided to Airbnb the second unit next to it (we don’t plant to airbnb any other units). The long term tenants are used to the neighbors and don’t have any issues. We’ve talked about a gate for the two sides of the house that starts at the porch, but it wouldn’t cover the front of the house because of the proximity to the sidewalk.

Please let me know if you or any of the other regular forum members come to New Orleans. I’ll give you the hugest discount!!! I’ve logged so many hours reading this forum since I started and have gotten so much useful information that I feel deeply indebted to you all.


Thank you so much.

Ah that’s nice. It’s definitely on my wish list. I will go in and favourite your place.

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That is very kind of you, thanks. And though my humble little room can’t compare to your beautiful house if you are ever driving through El Paso on the 10 I’m the perfect pit stop.

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I have a “somewhat” similar situation. I did put up a fence and planted tall hedges.
Do you have a Civic Association in the area? If yes, then join the neighborhood Assoc. and the Leader will be able to guide solutions on conflicts. Also, if there is an Assoc, then pay the dues and over and above as a community donation. It is my way of thanking the Assoc for “allowing” me to make money on my property in the neighborhood.
Other than that you are dealing with it correctly. Yours and Dad’s continued presence is a good thing. If you can also make “donations” directly to the family, and they recognize your car, you can ask them to stay away unless they know you are there. Tell them you will only give them donations if they leave the guests / renters alone. I also am always incredibly kind to the neighbor, although we have had incidents and situations.
Yes I know it is ridiculous, but I do “bribe” my problem neighbor a little bit to stay away. I view it as a cost of business.
Your place is lovely. I hope it continues to work out. You are legal; they are out of line.