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My Listings up for your feedback!



Are you sure? I imagine that many people will think it looks very unprofessional.


@Rolf @K9KarmaCasa and anyone else interested in “The story of the 4 feet Bathroom Entrance”
Here it is- Cause I am a dwarf! Nah Just Kidding!
Actually I like people to bend before me, what better way than to restrict their entrance?
Still totally kidding!

The actual story- (Kinda boring!, skip to “In short” if you don’t like reading just like me )

  1. This is a commercial building. The architecture of the building is stupid. Height of each floor is 13.5 feet and height in bathroom is 12.5 feet.

  2. So what everyone in the building decided, is just to create extra space by just adding a partition in between to divide the height and create two floors. Some divided it as 8+5(for storage). Some as 6.5+6.5. (for additional space to sit and work on computers) 0.5 feet for the concrete/wood partition in between.

  3. Now not everyone divided the bathroom and let it as be, infact only me and one more guy from 2 floors above me did it. so the bathrooms are 12.5 divided as 6+6 and 0.5 for partition.

  4. But now since we are touching the ceiling there are support structures crossing in between and guess where did one of the “beams” (support structure) was. At the entrance of the bathroom.

  5. The architect/interior designer I entrusted the job to could have easily avoided this by just changing the entrance to the bathroom or by changing the position of the bathroom altogether.
    But guess what this genius did!

In short, I was screwed up by an architect/interior designer.

K9 I wish there was a mythical creature behind this, it would have been much easier to explain it to the guests. After all Hindus have millions of mythical gods. Also why did u assume I was Hindu? SMH


Great story! But, did you not see the plans before the work started?


@Rolf The plans were never made. I hired hmm…(clears throat) a below the budget guy.
But he is the one who has done a lot of work in the building.
Also Airbnb was never the plan. I was just going to let it out to Youtube Content Creators, or something of sorts. There were a lot of changes in the plans before the place was ready. To give a gist of all the ideas I was considering once.

Renting out as an office
Opening my own office for a new business
Opening a backpacker hostel (place is too small for that)
Finally Airbnb.


Did I? Trolls and leprachauns are Hindu? Sorry I was just imagining some short creature, I won’t refer to Hindu again, no worries.


OMG! K9 I am fucking with you! Even if you mention Hindu it wont matter to me, free speech remember?
Airbnb has probably softened you! Couldn’t even take a joke!
You are not hosting right now, you can relax!


Ok, thanks. …


I agree you should check listings in your area as a comparison, but as a budget traveler I think your space is fabulous, all BnB’s globally have a different flavor & style. For myself I see a clean space & somewhere I can prepare a bite to eat & wash some clothes. You will fine tune as you gain experience, overall I would definitely add it to my list of choices, spectacular view! Great price!


So why couldn’t there be a story? Make one up. It will add to the charm. Keep it short, print it out, frame it, hang it by the doorway. :wink:


Thank you for your comment!

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