My Listings up for your feedback!

Hi new host here!
After spending a lot of time googling and youtubing on how to create a perfect optimised listing.
I came up with the following
All the photos are taken by me from my Samsung Note 8. Please let me know your thoughts on
my listings and if you have any suggestions on improving them. Any input is appreciated, even if it is a negative one, I dont mind.

I’ve looked at the first listing. It’s listed for two guests but the arrangements for siting at the table look uncomfortable; the table is small and the second guest would be up against the shelf under the TV. The computer desk chair also looks out of place. I’m not a fan of two single beds and seperate duvets for couples but I appreciate the flexibility for non-couples it provides. The bathroom troubles me. The restricted access (pretty much everyone would have to bend) and the internal height wouldn’t be comfortable for me (I am 6’0" in old money). You have clearly highlighted these issues though by annotating the photos. Lastly the shower, the proximity of the electrical socket to the water source scares me. Is this acceptable for building codes in India? This alone would be enough to put me off.

There’s a thread already for “show off your listing” that this could have been posted to.

Its confusing. It says complete privacy but there’s another room in the apartment. Do they share a kitchen?

The photos of the 2nd listing are better than the those in the first because they show more of the space.

Photo captions are good for the most part, but I’d leave out things like “so you can freshen up”. People know what the sink is for. :slight_smile:

where’s the effin’ coffee!

Sorry, I meant to say: where is the F, in ‘coffee’, you’ve missed one out.


agree with @Chloe - I prefer the pictures of the 2nd listing, there also seem to be less light or natural light in the first listing pictures. I like that you’re being upfront about the size of the bathroom entrance. Do I understand correctly that one room is on the ground floor and the other room is on the first floor? Where is the kitchen located?

Thank you for your reply @Jamjsco
Thank you for taking your time to review the listing.
The point you have mentioned are certainly helpful.
The table though is meant for a single person only, for use while working on laptop. But a better table would definitely a plus for the guests. Maybe I will upgrade in the future.
The bathroom troubles me a lot too (sometimes I have nightmares, NK) But this is an architectural flaw and our mistake in hiring a wrong person for the job. I want to get it renocated but the cost is not something I could afford right now.
The shower and electricity aren’t much of a problem in my opinion.
India has a lot of different priorities right now, proper building codes currently not one of them unless of course, it creates and opportunity for another government official to make some bribe money.

Yes indeed it is a bit confusing but the intention here is to convey that rooms are completely private and no-one except them will have access to it. Could have worded it properly though.
Thanks for your feedback @Jess1.

I see what you did there!
Oh @Barns character limit just destroyed the caffeine power!


@Chloe and @MarieZuri Even I felt the same and the worst part is Airbnb wont let me hire a photographer for the 2nd listing just saying “Unavailable in your area”. Not saying I want to hire one right now as currently getting the money rolling is the priority. Maybe I will hire a 3rd party photographer.

@MarieZuri Though Airbnb hosting for me is motivated by money but I don’t want guests to have a bad experience and then keep regretting having ever booked with me. I have always prioritized customer satisfaction for every business I have worked with or built. I think that the first rule of customer satisfaction is HONESTY.

Yes you have understood perfectly. One room on ground, one room above, not on first floor, more of like a loft. The kitchen is just outside the room on ground.

I was fascinated by this and so looked on the internet and apparently installing these water heaters and their plugs in the shower area is standard procedure. I’ve never traveled to a nation where this was the installation. I can see it being off putting to westerners but for those familiar with it, not a problem?

There are several things that the ideal place would have differently. For example, the stairs are narrow with no railing. Yet people put ladders into loft areas so not that odd. The 4 ft door to go into the bathroom is odd and isn’t bend over a little, it’s bend over a lot. But it wouldn’t keep me from booking as having a private bathroom is more important than the size of the door.

@truecomforthomes I can see that you have put a lot of effort into the most important things like nice beds, fans and AC, and internet. Good luck.


Um, some rewording of the following house rule seems in order:

“ 2. We strongly condone any activities considered illegal by law and will co-operate with authorities if there is any suspicion.”

I think what you meant to say is:

“ 2. We strongly condemn any activities considered illegal by law and will co-operate with authorities if there is any suspicion.”


Read this after changing it LOL, thanks for the suggestion. I removed it altogether to prevent guests from feeling strange and afraid.

Thank you for your kind words! And yeah electrical sockets next to shower are pretty much the standard here and I had hosted one other property in the past where I had guests from US,Korea and Dubai and none of them ever complained about it.

I imagine it is standard and perhaps not many issues with it. I know it wouldn’t be acceptable here. We almost had to move our fan in our Airbnb bathroom given its proximity to the shower.

@chloe I agree photos of second listing are better. This is probably because there is no source of natural light in the room. I know the captions are too descriptive but I always filling up space wherever on airbnb listing. It might make me look stupid and might not be helpful to 99/100 people but I believe filling more words make listing better with SEO.
Thank you for your input!

Nice little info to know. I will keep this in mind when I plan for another listing.
Thank you @Jamjsco

@truecomforthomes You already have some excellent suggestions. I won’t duplicate. However. in your “kitchen” it says electric induction stove. By definition you do not have any such thing, You have an electric coil induction hotplate. An electric induction hotplate would look like this. As you can see, there is a big difference. And I would call that a “kitchenette” just to say on the good side of a true description.


This is my opinion only…obviously a lot has to do with what market segment you’re attracting…

  1. House looks way too cluttered. If you cannot declutter, try to soften it with artificial plants. I can see you have very obtrusive pillars in the house, consider hanging some plants, or knick knacks to make these pillars less of an eyesore.

  2. There is no consistency in the Color schemes or design. If you wish to attract higher quality guests, your house must also look the part! If you have a lot of clutter, buy a cool looking container and check them in. Jute or rattan baskets is a great way to keep things tidy.

  3. Some photos are way too dark.

  4. House looks really dull. You may have to consider changing the bedsheets or the Color scheme of the walls and pillars. Again, consistency is important.

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OMG! Thank you so much! All valid points! Made the changes.
I never knew induction hotplate and induction stove are two different things.
With help from forum’s members, I will probably become the best host in city in no time.
Again Thank you @AvaH

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