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My Listings up for your feedback!



First of all thank you for your input! @PETRELLI
Currently i am trying to appeal to budget business travellers and students.
But my long term goal is to make the place friendly to all types of visitors and definitely clock in more revenue by increasing the nightly rates.

Cluttered? I honestly don’t understand what makes it cluttered. Can you please be a bit more descriptive. I would really like to improve on this.
And yes the pillars are not good to look at. Hanging plants on them is a great idea, it would definitely improve the look. Any suggestions? Just send me links to google images and I will try to find something similar around here.

There is no consistency in the Color schemes or design. If you wish to attract higher quality guests, your house must also look the part! If you have a lot of clutter, buy a cool looking container and check them in. Jute or rattan baskets is a great way to keep things tidy.

I know the interior designer we hired wasn’t much good. Rattan baskets are a great idea. Buying right now! It will be good for keeping coffee/tea and some snacks for the guests.

Some photos are way too dark.

Agreed.(Even Airbnb suggested it) But the photos are all taken by me on a phone after reading some articles and watching some videos, just to get started. I am looking into a professional photographer but currently on a tight budget.

Walls are white and pillars are green/yellow. Bedsheets are grey. I choose grey because when I had hosted previously, white was troublesome had a lot of stains,sex puddles and lot of money got wasted in buying linen. Maybe I should buy a lighter color but not white? What do you suggest?

Again @PETRELLI thank you for all your suggestions! Looking forward to being a better host!


No one commented on my pricing? My area is Jogeshwari West in Mumbai. I am sorry but I am tagging everyone in this post. I really need a feedback on my pricing.

@Jamjsco @Jess1 @Chloe @Barns @MarieZuri @K9KarmaCasa @Keugenia @AvaH


I cannot comment, not being a traveler or resident in Mumbai. You probably should compare to similar listings in your area.


For example, the kitchenette has the dishwashing liquids, soap etc in different places. I would consider getting a color matching box to store all the items in. Get rid of all unnecessary jars and containers . If you must have them , store them in the cupboard.

Replace the living room table cloth with something classier, or no table cloth at all. Recommend to put a potted plant . I think with a green layout, brown floors, I’ll really suggest introducing lots of artificial plants to help harmonize all the different colours together, and “cheer up” the place.

But again, if you’re only appealing to budget travellers, i think the existing setup looks alright. There’s not a lot of point in investing so much for budget pricing.

The last comment is probably to have a host photo that is “all smiles”.


hi @truecomforthomes - it’s difficult to comment on prices, I am not familiar with the location. It does appear to be good value, but I don’t know what your competition offers. As @AvaH suggests, try to compare with similar offerings in your neighborhood, as well as hotel or hostels if you are targeting budget travelers, and that will give you an idea on where to put your price range. You may need to be slightly underpriced for a while, to attract guests and get reviews. When I put my listing up, I had the possibility to add a one time discount for the first three bookings, I think. You may want to do that. Don’t necessarily follow smart pricing advice from Air, they can be completely distorted (my usual night price in 60 Euros, they sometimes recommend anywhere from 20 to 130 Euros for a given night - you probably know your market better than the algorithm). Hope that helps!


I think you should be more motivated to compare local prices, as that’s all we would do ourselves.


All noted Thank you! WIll make these changes after some guests start showing up!


Thank You @MarieZuri and @Barns I have compared the local prices of other Airbnb listings
as well as hotels and I am definitely well below the average right now considering the 20% off.
The problem is I dont always want to be this cheap. I want to increase my nightly rates by atleast 20-30% more than they are right now (or else the profit will be paltry). My question is will the tsunami of new Airbnb hosts joining every month and a rise of budget hotel startups in my country, ever let me raise my prices beyond what I am offering right now?


Twenty percent off?



@Barns I can sense the sarcasm all the way from India, Is that too much?
Airbnb suggests offering 20% off to the first 3 guests to get the reviews.
Did I just give away free money?


There’s that sarcasm word again rolls eyes


even with 20% added back on, it seems very cheap. Beware that your first flurry of bookings don’t book too far ahead, as you may not get those important reviews till next year! Only open up availability for the very short term, get a couple of people through he the door, get a couple of reviews.
Then whip your calendar right open, and be brave with the price


and then lose that big unfriendly office chair.


how did u get the stars on ur listing title )…I want the same )


I’m sorry. I’ve never been to Mumbai or researched traveling there and so have no idea of the area your units are in, how close they are to major attractions, what your competition is, and so on.

I disagree with @Stpetersburg, I hated the starts in the title. I thought it looked too cluttered and a bit “teenagerish”


copypastecharacter.com. Just copy and paste

I did that on recommendation from Sean from Airbnb Automated(Youtube channel) He seems to be pretty good with it and also https://optimizemyairbnb.com/best-airbnb-title/
Whatever you may think definitely makes the listing stand out.


Too late! @Barns Already a month long booking on one of the listings.
Reducing the maximum number of booking nights right now.
I want to be “brave” with pricing but the current pricing evens me out with a paltry profit,(10$ in entire month LOL. Dont judge me I am thinking lonterm) so dont want to risk it before getting some reviews.

You say cheap huh! Cheap is my middle name. I am gonna make it even cheaper. JK I don’t want to die of hunger.

About the chair noted!

2 bookings so far. 3 days since listing published. Lower prices are working.


I think I can speak for all of us when I ask what the story is about a bathroom with a 4 foot door and a 6 foot ceiling…


I stayed in an airbnb in Phoenix where the ensuite bathroom had been added on by taking a bit of the room out and putting the shower on the exterior of the house. There was a good 8-12 inch drop down into the shower. There was a toilet in that part but the sink was installed in a table in the bedroom. Unconventional but it all worked fine for me and the price and location was perfect.

I too would like to hear the story. Probably not as interesting as a troll, leprachaun or some mythical Hindu creature.


Yes, it stands out. It’s just too visually cluttered to appeal to me.

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