My listings keep disappearing

I’m looking for a strategy to penetrate past the service reps at the call center. When I ask to speak to a supervisor, I’m told, “My supervisor is busy right now. I’ll leave a message for him to call you.” So far, no one has called me, and at least five messages have presumably been left. I need to speak to someone who is actually capable of getting some information about my account. Service reps have no access to information about problem cases. They claim that the supervisors don’t have access to “Community Defense” either, except thru email. The one other time that I had a problem related to the website code (last January), it took ONE CALL to the service reps to get it taken care of. I don’t understand why nothing is happening after I’ve called and written for help once a day for a week.

Dia I can not only see your cute little house I could book it if I want! I wonder what is wrong, since I can see it. Is it on your end and now wonder if it is your own computer?

Hi @Dia,

That link redirects to my case. So I’m not seeing it either. Can you give us some keywords we could do a search for? Like your username on the site, and the title of the listing?

Have you tried contacting Airbnb via Twitter? Just a thought.

Wow… well, that’s terrific, konacocnutz! May I ask where is your search originating from? I’ve had at least four friends check on different computers, and my property was invisible on the map for all of them.

Faheem, the title is listed as “Sanctuary in the City | Hera House” and my user name is Dia Souza. Thank you for checking! I haven’t tried contacting Airbnb via Twitter, but certainly will try if you recommend it.

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I forget where I got this from. Possibly someone on the site mentioned it. No harm in giving it a try.

I’m not seeing any hits for this.

I’m in Kona Hawaii on an iPad using Safari. It took me all the way through booking where I stopped just short of submitting a booking request.

Hi @konacoconutz,

You could send him an inquiry and see if it goes through.

Ok, just tried that and it’s asking me for a photo before I can do that? How weird. Then when I tried to wish list it, it wouldn’t let me.

What a cute place, the history is very interesting. Great reviews. I’d stay there if I ever went to Dallas!

Thanks for the Twitter Help link, @faheem. I’ll certainly try it. In fact, it says something about a problem with maps that started right around the time my property disappeared off the map. Bummer that you’re not even finding my property thru its title : ( May I ask where your search is originating from and what platform & browser you’re on?

If you have the energy, you could report it to Airbnb. Just a thought. I would, if I could see anything.

It sucks that a platform we all depend on is so flaky. And for a multi-billion corporation, Airbnb isn’t terribly professional, imo.


I’m in India. I’m using Google, like everyone else, on Chromium. By default it uses I tried No difference.

My OS is Debian Linux. But I doubt if either my browser or my OS are relevant.

Oh, and if you want to ping me, use @faheem. Otherwise I may not be notified.

I’m in upstate NY, just tried on my Mac with firefox and safari and I got “this listing is no longer available”.

Same here, here’s a screen shot of what I got:

That’s what I got too. Weird.

Yes, I should have said that I also get “This listing is no longer available” when it redirects. I didn’t initially notice. Sorry.

Thank you for checking, @brook2adks, @jaquo, @Maggieroni & @faheem. This situation is a total mystery and Airbnb is leaving me in the dark. I’ve received no info whatsoever from them via email or calls about the problem, despite repeatedly contacting them.

What’s happening with the Twitter thing?

contact them via twitter

I have reported it to Airbnb every single day via email and phone for the last week. The service reps know nothing and cannot communicate directly with tech support (“Community Defense”) other than sending them an email. No email replies have shown up about my case. And no supervisor has ever called me back as requested. Four days ago, my case was elevated to “Urgent” – and I’ve still never had one word from them… no indication that anyone is doing anything to help me.

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I’m sorry, that must be very frustrating and disappointing. Do you have outstanding reservations?