My listings keep disappearing

I’ve been hosting a year and now AirBnB lately seems to just hide my listing whenever I decline a guest asking to book…even though I am declining them when it’s 2 people trying to book a room I clearly state is for solo travelers! Or they don’t have a profile. Or they just sound like people I wouldn’t want to host. Can anyone confirm that is what AirBnB is doing?

My listing hasn’t disappeared but its dropped down the listings. Which is annoying as the last three guests I declined wanted more people to come along then I could host.

Yes cs2015, I agree with Kirsty Jane. They just dump them way back behind towns that are miles away from your town and the search area guests would be looking. It’s disgraceful. I get so many inappropriate requests from guests that didn’t bother to read my listings also (2 wanting to book in room for 1’ wanting to bring pets, babies…and on). Stupid system. Trying to force you into accepting everything that comes until you burn out on hellish experiences. Great idea Airbnb!

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I don’t care if my listing is on the last page. It’s just not VISIBLE. I’ve contacted AirBnB numerous times and I’ll see my listings flash up for an hour…then completely be unsearchable (confirmed by the AirBnB reps and friends). I’m totally familiar with how to search now, dates, amenities, calendar settings etc. It’s infuriating as other people’s listings are always up. Try finding my listings by not going to the URL directly.

Search in Seattle, WA
Under $50/night
North Beacon Hill

See if you can find any listings titled:
N Beacon Hill Guestroom
N Beacon Hill Basement Rec Room
N Beacon Hill Zen Room

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Hi Carol,

All three showed up perfectly for me. Well done! All your reviews are fantastic. Your guests genuinely loved meeting and hanging out with you which is great. The thing that cracked me up was the picture of your bathroom with the note ‘if you can’t fit between the basin and shower, don’t book!’ Lol. But very practical advice!

I’m not sure why they sometimes don’t turn up for the host when searching. It may be because the platform is trying to offer rooms for a genuine holiday and obviously won’t want to show you your own home? I don’t know, but I’ve had the same issue with the disappearing listings act. They always seem to reappear, or others can see them Etc.

Hope this made you feel better!

Hi Sandy,
Thank you. It does, to some degree, but no one will look up my listing by using a direct title search. If you do a general calendar search for Seattle there’s just a blank space where my listings should be showing up. It actually shows “No listings available” when mine are! It’s very strange and infuriating. I have it set to 1 night to 7 night stay, booking any time okay, guests within 3 months.

Hi Carol,

Again, I didn’t look up using any kind of title search. I simply went to the area you said ‘north beacon hill, Seattle, WA’ then set the filter to $50 to filter out more expensive places. Your rooms were all right there.

Why did you assume I did a direct title search? i didn’t even think to do this, as you are correct, people do not find our listings that way (not knowing the names of our rooms in advance!).

I must be going insane. I still can’t see my own listings on a search. Any kind of search. Any kind of browser. It’s like they just DISAPPEARED. I can’t believe you can see them. Can you still find them?! If you can still see them (private room, under $50, north beacon hill in Seattle, please let me know what you see the price is at. Thanks much!

Was this issue solved? I just listed my apartment yesterday, declined one person as he wanted parking and now my listing has disappeared

Yes after 3 months it reappeared. After numerous contacts with Airbnb they just said, “It was undergoing a verification check.” …?? Why? From who? Who knows. What is amazing is that all the illegal apartment rentals I see never seem to under go them at all.

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@cs2015 i was looking for your listings. I didn’t find them but I did find this (and reported it).



Thank you for reporting it. Why do people do this sort of thing?

It’s like the fake hoarder listing in NYC. Trying to go viral? A “challenge” we don’t know about?

Whatever it is, it’s spoiling our credibility. Daft.

What??? Nobody has Wishlisted it? lol

After only 6 months on Airbnb, I’m a 5-star host with a 1-hour response rate. I’ve never turned down a request for a guest but recently, after replying to a question about my property, I did not accept or decline a prospective guest – just answered their question (they were wanting more beds than can accommodate). Right after this, my property stopped showing up on the map. After I reported this via email, days passed. I phoned the service center at least once a day. My case was escalated to Urgent. Yet I have never received any info from Airbnb about my problem and the service center says they only have email access to tech support, no direct line by phone. Now it’s gotten even worse: even if I use a direct link <> I receive the message “This link is no longer available.” I can still sign in to my account and edit it… but it is otherwise useless. I am heartbroken. Does anyone have any idea what I could do about this?!

Where are you? If the listing is located in a problem area, or if you are in some other way in violation, Air has been known to just remove you with no explanation. Once you are gone, they don’t want to spend money servicing a non customer.

I’m in Dallas, in a very popular area where there are other Airbnb properties. I am the only one who has disappeared. If I have committed a violation, I’m unaware of it and have received no indication in any form that a violation was committed. All of my reviews are great, all guests have been happy. Service center reps have looked over my listing and say that they see nothing out of place or potentially problematic. I’m a graphic designer & photographer, so my space & my listing look top-notch. Does this site allow links to be shared? If so, here it is <>

Hmmm. Very odd. I can’t see the link, try posting it again.

My account can still be signed into and is editable. But the message that appears when I try to access my listing from ANY browser is “This listing is no longer available”…and no one can see it, even with a direct link: