My listing was changed without being notified by AirBnB

I had an inquiry this evening asking how many people could actually sleep in my space. So… I went looking at my listing and the loft area was missing along with sleeping arrangements for 10 people! I had to completely revamp my listing. Has anyone else noticed their listing changed without being notified, or did I really miss something? I try to stay on top of things so my listing is current, but this really threw me for a loop.

I have noticed that many times changes I have made are not saved and I have to do it over and over sometimes. I’m wondering if the system didn’t save your changes.

It looks like air added a new section a few weeks ago and then added even more sections that define these sections even more. For example, I can finally say I have a kitchenette but when I also say I have a dinning area, Air is not saying I have two separate spaces.

You now also have to define your bedrooms even more as to how many beds, what is shared.

I think Air’s biggest mistake is not notifying hosts when they make updates. I don’t know of any other website that doesn’t notify it’s users of changes such as these.


Yesterday, under Amenities in my listing I noticed several items that are normally listed under accessibility. Here’s what I see:

Wide hallways
Wide entrance for guests
Flat path to guest entrance
No stairs or steps to enter
Extra space around bed
Wide entrance
No stairs or steps to enter
Fixed grab bars for toilet
Handheld shower head
No stairs or steps to enter
Wide entryway

They don’t even make sense without context because some apply to specific areas of the home, but they don’t even say it here. A looked at the accessibility stuff and it’s all changed since last weekend. Looks like I need to spend some time on filling it all in properly and maybe then the other stuff under Amenities will correct itself.