My first semi night mare tenant

So I have been hosting for 4 years now. About 100 reviews, 4.8 average stars across the board. Super host. Not one negative review.

A women from FL books my place, 7 days at $780 a day. Peak season. Two weeks prior she cancels the reservation then send me a message when she does not get a full refund. I explain to her she cancelled too late, that she only gets half back.

She tells me she now has 5 people and they wont fit in the unit. I tell her that i am not going to reinstate the reservation, because my place does not hold 5. After some back and forth, she says there will only be 4.

A week before the arrival she contacts me again. He son is very allergic to smoke, and we have a wildfire that is raging 20 miles from town. She does not want to put her son at risk. I tell her there is no smoke in the area, the fire is getting pushed north and east. where the prevailing winds blow.

So she shows up, the place is not clean enough for her. I have my cleaning people come in again to touch up.

Fast forward to today, i get an email claiming that she has two bites on her, and they they are bed bugs. I dont even know where to begin. The pixs look nothing like bed bugs. Plus there are only two bites. Bed bugs usually will decimate your body, and leave blood on the sheets.

I am getting an exterminator in there tomorrow, to appease her.

Just thinking about the review i will get, as well as the one i am going to give her.

Any input on if i should pro actively call Airbnb?

It’s a bit unclear, so after she cancelled you reinstated the reservation? How did you do it? Did she make a new request?

Sorry to hear you got one of the ‘entitled’ Floridians. @jaquo and I can guarantee that not all Floridians are that weird!

I hop all your communications with her have been through Air messages so that you have a trail of what has been said and done.

I’d hold off contacting Air until the bitter end.

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I am sorry about your visitor. Sounds like a real nightmare, not just a “semi”…

Bug bites, allergic to smoke, and apartment not clean enough! Sounds like you are
trying hard to make things right with a potential nut-case. That is good of you.

After all your good reviews, I wouldn’t worry about the possibility of a single negative one.

I have had almost 90 very positive visits, and the one negative review was from a person who seemed impossible to please. And somewhat nuts.

I think it is good to avoid detail in response to a negative review. Something like:
“We have had 100 very satisfied visitors. We regret that we could not meet the needs of this guest.”


she called airbnb and they reinstated the reservations, after confirming with me that it would be ok.

sorry if i was not clear.

thats great info, thanks for the suggestion. Take the high road.

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I see. What a terrible guest. She only wanted to stay so she wouldn’t lose her deposit. She clearly didn’t read the terms very well when she booked. I hope she’s not angling for a refund which I’m scared is the case. I might touch base with Airbnb to head her off at the pass as they say. Do keep us posted. I also agree that one bad review won’t be a big deal. Does she have any reviews?
You must review her accurately and give a :-1:

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It’s certainly possible she will complain to Airbnb about bugs and cleanliness and may even say you misled her about the smoke, and try to get a full refund. Definitely keep the record clear on Airbnb, and don’t make any admissions or appear to agree with any of her statements.
“Ms. So-and-so, I was very surprised to hear your concerns about cleanliness in the rental space. Our unit is cleaned to high standards and personally inspected by [me, my head cleaner]. In order to ensure a comfortable stay for you, I have sent the cleaning crew in to clean the unit again.”
“Ms. So-and-so, I received your picture of what you say are bedbug bites. We have regularly scheduled exterminator visits and we have never had bedbugs. However, as we try our utmost to take care of our guests, as a courtesy I am sending an exterminator tomorrow to treat the property, scheduled for [time]. We do have biting insects outdoors here, and I suggest you pick up some insect repellent.”


that will suck, but have all the correspondence documented on airbnb. I will wait till she checks out and see what she tries to pull.

I am thinking she is just high maintenance.

One thing I probably wouldn’t have done is to have an exterminator treat the place while she and her group are in residence. Surely you know there will be a follow-up complaint about the smell or residue or resulting allergic reaction or…who knows what! I’ll bet she’s salivating thinking what more she can complain about to get a refund.

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I would not worry about the review…you will live through that with no repercussion.
I would worry about ABB giving her a full refund due to her complaints.
They are very pro guests and anti hosts.
Document document document.
Make sure to document the recleaning.
Document the bed bug professional inspection.
Good luck and let us know the outcome

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As suspected, the pest guy came in, no sign of any bed bugs or any other bugs. No larva, casings, bugs blood etc.
Got a copy of the report. I am just wondering what she is going to come up with next.

Its was just an inspection, not a fumigation. Because i did not need a fumigation.

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Oh, that’s great! (My response was to your original post where you said you were “getting an exterminator in there tomorrow”.) So glad the guy inspected first. Good news that there are no bugs - but not surprising.

I would be ready for the dreaded Bed bug reference to appear on her review. It should qualify as retaliation so hopefully you can get it removed with the certificate to back you up.

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so you think i should contact airbnb proactivly before the reservation is even completed?
I sent her a message yesterday saying the unit was clean, and got no response from her.


Yes, open a case now to be ahead of the game with any difficult guest. Don’t wait until they smack you first. That way their behavior is on record and there is a paper trail.


get you side of the situation on record asap

When do they check out?

Where in gods name is this mega mansion???