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My first guest who did not like my place

I am just glad that it did not happened a year ago when I just started my Airbnb. After many guests, who liked my place, I just somehow felt confident and I think that my guest lady was over the top.
In the morning, I was taking a tray with breakfast down to my guest to have it on her private patio and was met with very unfriendly attitude: “I am leaving today, your futon is hard, your Internet is slow”. She booked my place for 2 nights. I said to her: " No problem, I will give to you money for your night you do not stay here". She answered:" I will stay, if I have the Internet here". We are in a forest, we have no cable here, we have only 1 TV canal. A dish does not work here. We have a very good description of what we have in our house. Also she wanted an American mug, not Russian cup for her coffee.
My husband went to the resolution center and made an offer to that lady to take all money that she paid for 2 nights to stay with us.
We did resolution last night. Since then this lady did not accept our offer. She is writing to me and asking my recipe for Russian blinchiki and my fruit smoothie she had for breakfast. I gave to her my recipes.
By the way she forgot her meds here, it was: "Menstrual pain relief"
How does Resolution center work? Did she get a letter from Airbnb with our offer?
It is the second night and she is still did not answer it.
Thank you!
Here is my place: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6886388?preview It is just a small romantic place to get away.

HI Marina,

Are you saying you offered to refund the guest the entire amount for her stay even though she stayed after all? I think you can go in and take the offer back. I would.

I think your guest was rude and entitled. Who does that, ask for an American style mug? But in the end it sounded like she liked the place after all?

You offered your lovely hospitality and she acted rude. She stayed both nights?.

I don’t think you should refund a single thing.

PS.nCan you share the Russian blinciki recipe here as well? :smile:


Konacoconutz, hi!
Yes, I offered her the entire amount. It is 100$ for 2 nights, even she stayed one night.
I have a very reasonable price and it comes with an organic breakfast - an egg + Russian blinchiki + fruit.

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If after her morning complaining she would had stayed one more night, I would be very stressed. That was for the best that she left after the first night.
I am glad to share my Russian blinchiki recipe:

  • milk 500 ml
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tbs sugar
  • a little bit salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tbs olive oil
    Put everything in a processor for 20 sec, get a frying pan hot and fry one by one. It takes almost one hour to make 12-14 of them.

My dear you are much too kind and sweet. You are exactly the kind of host I worry about guests abusing and taking advantage of.

I know you mean well, but I would try to cancel the resolution center offer. The lady doesn’t deserve your lovely Russian hospitality.

A question above your recipe… can you also put caviar in those? I think that is what we ordered at the Russia House in DC! It was outstanding!


Marina, your place is sooo cool! You offer internet…she said it’s slow…oh well, that might be a deal-breaker for some. Perhaps, you might want to clarify it in your listing with the specs, if it’s notable that is.

Your listing says some (or one?) found the futon bed to be hard, so it is noted for those who read, right? Actually, you can solve that problem with a memory foam topper from any department store or large warehouse place (Costco or Sam’s Club). Toppers will just about make sleeping on a rock immediately comfortable, so you might look into that as a solution. Comfortable beds are a basic requirement.

I can’t believe you offered to refund her everything if she stays ~ please say it isn’t so! Withdraw that silly offer immediately. Do not kow tow to guests if you have provided everything you advertised. They need to be accountable for their own choices.

Oh no…you caved in and gave her your prized recipes!! (aacck!) Don’t fall for that again, least of all to a guest who slams you with criticism. They should not benefit in any way. Somehow, the VR industry has already done enough to create entitled and “monster” guests.

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Oh Marina, I just checked in and saw your wonderful recipe. You are a sweetheart! I will check to see how much 500 ml of milk is (me and math do not match). Just a quick question…(ahem)…do you let the batter rest before frying it in the pan? I do crepes basically the same way and they are so easy with the right little pan…it takes seconds! It sounds similar but I’ve never had a blinchiki.

I find it so interesting that there are such similar food items in almost every ethnic culture.

Oh, and don’t get me started on piroshky(i) sp?. (swoon) I can do the filling but not the bread.

Great recipe Marina! What do you put in your Olivje recipe?

Blinchiki are Russian crepes. Very tasty. 500ml is 2 cups. I learned this from my partner’s daughter who learned it when she spent several summers working is Russia and some of the former Republics. I sometimes make them for our guests.

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Much grass, er, mucho gracias, Ken!

Sandy, hi!

My guest booked 2 nights but stayed only one night and left. I gave to her all the money she paid.
Just right now came a letter - Write a review for *****. I am not writing :slight_smile:
About blinchiki - 500 ml is 1/2 liter.
You can eat it with caviar :), you can eat it with fruit or syrup. Or you can roll in it ground meat and mushrooms(already cooked). Blinchiki are good with smoked salmon also. Sometimes I bake a couple of blinchiki just to eat with a salad.

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Smoked salmon!!! ohhhh ~

In my Oliv’e I put chicken meat, potato, carrots, green pees, salty cucumbers, mayo. Last summer I had a Bulgarian guest and he brought Oliv’e salad for me from a Baltimore Russian store. Oh, that was a very grate present! I ate it alone :slight_smile:

Marina - your place is stunning. I’m sorry you had this experience!!

Your place is absolutely beautiful! Please do not refund ANY of her funds. She is as others have stated an entitled mean spirited person who does not deserve you recipes after treating you so harshly.

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Marina! You are a genuine sweetheart and have an absolutely awesome place, and this ‘creature’ even got your great recipe? You need some major toughening up, which surely kona and Sandy will help you with. :grinning:

Seriously, please never forget to be fair - to yourself.


Would you reconsider writing a review for her if we helped you? I know you don’t relish the idea of writing unpleasant things, but this lady should be reviewed accurately.

If you wish, I will add you to our private bad guest lounge where you can post her profile safely. Then the rest of us can avoid accepting this ingrate into our homes.

Were you able to withdraw the offer?

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Hi @Marina,

Just a quick note. On Airbnb I’m seeing this listed as ₹6927 per night (that funky symbols is Indian Rupees). For some reason I am still seeing this in Rupees even when I switch to airbnb.com. The point is that ₹6927 is approximately USD 100. This doesn’t seem to match what you write above. And right now airbnb.com is only showing me frigging Rupees, so I can’t check the dollar price. Anyway, if you go to airbnb.co.in you may see the Rupee price. It’s probably nothing, but I thought I would mention it. We have weird gremlins in the Airbnb site from time to time. Maybe it’s one of them. Maybe not.

Can anyone else confirm any of this?

Oh, and your place looks very nice. Very individual, very artistic, and possibly very Russian. Though I don’t know what Russian places look like.

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What size are they? I make little ones, very thin. Yum! Will try your recipe.

She is a moaning chancer. She doesnt deserve any refund!


OK, saved to my wish list. Your place is beautiful and I think the blinchiki is calling my name… Oh, and don’t refund this idiot.

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