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My Airbnb property does not appear online (we are superhosts)

Hello everybody. We got superhost status two days ago and we were really happy, Today I was searching for my property on the website and - oh shock - I can not find it - at all! Since we have superhost and instant book and I know the free nights it is really a miracle to me. It is listed, everything seems ok- please help!

Listing number?? …

Hello! Is it may be 12557281

This may sound obvious, but make sure you don’t have dates set that are booked or blocked off when searching. Also remove any filters that your space doesn’t offer…

Zaimov Park Green Apartment
Sofia, Sofia-city, Bulgaria?

Darling flat by the way.

You might want to clear your browser when something like that happens.

Hello, yes I put dates that the apartment is available and I put as filters only entire apartment, superhost and instant book… I am wondering of this is an emergency call worth? best regards and 10x to everybody again!

Hello, yes, this is the property… I am cleaning my cache now :slight_smile:

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The green is so cute and soothing, I love it.

What dates do you want searched? I will search but will not clear my cookies, cache, browser - whatever it is called. The majority of people do not clear out everything every day. I’ll let you know if I can find it.

Thanks a lot for the kinds words! We really love the apartment but its too little for me, my girlfriend and our 2 lil boys. We are happy to share ot with people from the air bnb community. Free dates are - 1st to the 3rd of December, for example. We have minimum stay 1 night, if you could choose only instant book and superhost as search filters! Thanks again!

There were 3 different “Sofias” to select when you begin typing into the search bar. I only chose Sofia, Bulgaria? Was that the right one?

I did not see your place when choosing instant book and superhost filter.

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Hello, yes, it is Sofia, Bulgaria. Thanks for checking!!! I have to call them tomorrow - it is an urgent situation when… people cannot find your property?! May be something got worng with the new status or I dont know honestly … I kinda feel empty since I know how hard it was to get the superhost status! Thanks for checking and I will keep you updated guys! :sweat:

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I see the superhost badge when searching directly.
The property is still there. Not hidden at all??

Have you checked playing around with the filters? Unchecking the superhost filter, etc.?

Homeaway plays that game and says you need to clear your cookies - but it’s kind of pointless considering potential travelers are not clearing their cookies. They do manipulate the search results, and I expect that Air will soon follow suit with the same manipulations.

Hello! Sorry, for what dates were you searching - I can not find it… I was playing with them too and, nothing! Honestly know I feel lost , even more when we have the badge now… definitely going to call them tomorrow. Thanks to everybody again!

I see what you mean… I don’t see it this way…

Thanks a lot for checking again! I am a bit worried too… but what can I say - hopefully its a misunderstanding…

Can’t find it either, even when I zoom in on the map. I used both my airbnb browser and my “other” one.

This has happened to me from time to time. In my case, it has just been temporary glitches. Let’s hope that’s all it is for you.

I ran a listing report on your listing, which you can find here: https://smartbnb.io/report/Jcoazhn11p?currency=EUR
You are indeed nowhere to be found at this time.

“351” is not your actual position (obviously!), it is more a code that your listing was not found at all, without any type of filter in the search. In my experience, this has been caused because Airbnb had an imperfect understanding of Greek characters (for a listing in Athens), and I would suspect something like this with Cyrillic (maybe?!). Otherwise, it hopefully will just be temporary glitch.

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