Must cancel guest- no extenuating circumstances

My sister’s Memorial has been changed to a weekend when I have a guest in my Home Share. No one can be here, so I will have to cancel the single guest.

I feel that, given a month’s notice and that this won’t occur at a busy time, it will not present too great a hardship for a two-day stay, and I will offer to help him find a suitable accommodation.

I understand and accept the financial penalty and the blocking of my calendar. What I’m trying to clarify is the affect in terms of my Superhost status. I currently have 0% cancellation rate. The minimum for SH is < .02

Question: is the the calculation quarterly, annually or based on total number of stays? In other words 1/210 total stays or 1/75 quarterly or…?

Thanks, as always, for the help, advice and support we all give and get on this forum.

Why wouldn’t a memorial service be considered an extenuating reason?

I would not just assume that airbnb won’t accept it. My mother’s memorial service was held 1 1/2 years after her passing due to covid.

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It all depends on who you talk to at customer service. On rare occasions I have heard of Airbnb cancelling for hosts without penalty but I can give you no rhyme nor reason why some and not others. I have a homeshare and I’ve actually explained circumstances to two guests when family or health took precedent and they graciously cancelled themselves.

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It’s harder to get guests to cancel their reservations voluntarily.

The prior cancellation policy allowed guests to receive a refund of Airbnb fees for up to 3 cancellations in a year.

The new policy refunds booking fees if:

  1. Cancellation within 48 hours of booking
  2. Host cancels stay
  3. Guest requests exception to cancelation policy & host approves it AND host requests booking fees refunded to guest.

In other words guests who voluntarily cancel due to a host’s situation will forfeit their Airbnb & must pay booking fees for a replacement rental unless the host gets involved.

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I remember reading that it was annually, so you’d have to have more than 50 reservations within a year to stay below 0.02 with just one cancellation.

BTW, where did you see the 0.02 number? The criteria is 1%, so that would be less than or equal to 0.01, which means if you have 99 or less reservations within a year, a single cancellation will cause you to lose Superhost status.

Yes you would lose your SH for a year if you cancel. Can you not have someone else do the turnover for you @rubychix

It aligns with the superhost dates, i.e. the previous 4 quarters, and the criteria is to be less than 1%. That means that you need 101 stays for the previous 4 quarters for the cancelation to be below the threshold. Since you’re doing 2 night stays it is possible for you to overcome the cancelation by having enough stays. If you don’t then the cancelation will fall off after 4 quarters.

Not if she gets to 101 stays. You can cancel less than 1% of your stays and still keep superhost.

it could be a town regulation that the host must be on site

All Superhost stats are based on the preceding 365 days activity. And of course cancellation rate is a percentage of the total number of bookings for that time span.

I’m very sorry for your loss. But please, please remember that honouring your sister’s life and her memory are things that are far more important than being a superhost.



Thank you. I’m assuming they will hassle me for paperwork and “proof” - which would be, what? I wouldn’t know what to “produce”…


Thank you, Brian. I will try a new calculation

@helsi, I’m looking into that as well

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I’m sorry for your loss. You could show the certificate and then show the invite to the memorial. Explain what the delay was. It’s not uncommon that memorials don’t concur with the passing.

It’s a home share so I would understand why you wouldn’t want someone in the home. I see no downside to asking - I do most of my correspondence in writing to CS and don’t pick up the phone when they call.



Very helpful, thank you

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I too, am very sorry for your loss.
Can’t you write the guest and ask them to cancel?