Multiple properties, multiple problems! How do you keep track of what needs to be done for guests or properties?

I have multiple properties listed and it is becoming increasingly hard (unfortunately) to keep track of issues or special requests from guests. From maintenance to allergies, how do you keep track of tasks?


You write it down somewhere. This is not rocket science. You can write it down on a piece of paper, on your phone, or on your computer.

What precise problems are you having @Eduardo_Casado?

I guess I just need a system for reminding me. For instance, if I create a reminder on a calendar it is not anchored to a contact so I can follow up once the task has been done. I keep all my guests information on my phone, so I need something that can help track stuff. I don’t know if that makes sense to you.

I don’t manage multiple properties, but I imagine you may need software for property managers and if you want better advice, you need to provide more details. How many properties to you manage? How many booking platforms do you use? What methods do you use to communicate with guests? Why do you use your phone and not a different device?

I manage 4 properties. I’m on AirBnb and Booking. Most of my guests are national tourists, but also international that sometime prefer WhatsApp as method of communications because it can work without data plan. I also use the phone because it is more convenient to reach out to service providers like maintenance and the guests themselves.

He’s trying to expand his customer base for the “proprietary technology… app that allows users to maintain an always organized and up-to-date enhanced private contact list, but also offers users…” blah, blah, blah. Same with his other post about his address book being a mess.

So either he is a disorganized mess that I wouldn’t buy anything from or he is misrepresenting himself here on the forum. Either way, I wouldn’t buy anything from him.


I really dislike it when posters are disingenuous.

Plus there are many excellent free project management boards out there that can help with calendaring, contacts, project board updates, etc.

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I didn’t see a product pitch. Was it deleted/hidden?

In fairness when they are honest we just delete the post straightaway most the time. LOL.

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An explict one, no. But Jaquo and I both could tell that he was posting questions in an attempt to open a discussion on how a solution is needed for these problems of managing multiple properties, guest contact info, handyman, cleaners etc. A quick google search turns up someone of the same name in Madrid who is working on software to do just what he is asking about. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, circumstantial evidence, if you will. No need to shoot him at dawn. But before anyone spends their time answering his posts I thought I’d help him with the disclosure issues.


Wasting our time in a setup for a sales pitch isn’t a good way to attract customers.

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It just shows one of the many unseen activities that the moderators here have to do. :wink:


I don’t know if I “have” to do it but I always enjoy my amateur detective work. I think it’s my degree in Criminal (in)Justice that never got properly used that itching in the back of my brain.

Bad choice of words, sorry. :slight_smile:

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I am not here to sell anything as you are suggesting, nor i was planning to do so. I am asking these questions because they are issues that I am having as a host.

Thank you for your input, and I apologize if I offended anybody.

No one is offended. We just don’t like spam and we don’t like people who pose as hosts and then try to do market research or promotion of their services. There is a Eduardo Casado in Madrid Spain who is working on a contact management app and I’m pretty sure that’s you.

Eduardo (again I am assuming that you’re legit, which I think is nice of me) if you only have four properties and can’t manage them then I’m going to suggest that you need to look at your own organising abilities rather than look for (or develop) some program, app or whatever.

Keeping track of four rentals isn’t difficult.

There are many of us who did that perfectly successfully before iPhones existed, even before the internet existed.

You’ll have noticed that I am trying very hard to give you the benefit of the doubt here, and I’ve no idea why, but when you post things like that it makes me think that you’ve no idea what hosting is really like. You should be able to do things like that using your brain. You only have four properties and as @georgiahost says, it’s not rocket science.

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