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Money Request After Visit (and review)

I’m posting on behave of a stay I just had. As my friend an I were leaving the town we were visiting, we got a call from our host asking if we knew where we put the wash clothes she left for us with some towels. My friend responded saying neither one of us used the wash clothes and never saw them while we were there. We hung up the phone, laughed a bit about someone calling about wash clothes and went on with our day. Later that week, my friend that booked the spot, received a message from our host requesting money for the wash clothes. Here is what she wrote: “This is an attempt at resolving an issue related to two gray washcloths, approximately 12 inches x 12 inches each, that went missing during your stay at my house on Saturday, September 24, 2016 (check out on Sunday, September 25, 2016). Since May 2016, after I caught a guest walking out with one of my hand towels, I began taking pictures of the towels that I leave out for guests. All relevant pictures have been attached. You have 3 days (72 hours) to accept this resolution, after which AirBnB will get involved. When items are damaged and/or go missing during a guest’s stay, the guest is responsible for those items. Since I have only 2 washcloths left, I was forced to buy 2 more, and had to make an unscheduled visit to the store in order to be prepared for other guests. So on Wednesday September 28, I drove 26.6 miles round trip for an unscheduled visit to the store to purchase two wash cloths. The cost of two gray wash cloths is $9.99 each, plus tax; total = 21.83 (picture of receipt attached). Unscheduled trip charge = $10.00. Total = $31.83. Since AirBnB does not deal with change, the grand total is $32.00.”

Has anyone seen this before on Airbnb? Or something like this? It just seems like such a scam considering a few things: 1) it was $50ish/night for her spot and 2) she submitted the money request AFTER my friend had posted her review. I know it’s not that much money to pay but it’s the principle behind it. Who pays $10/wash cloth plus drives 26 miles to get them? It just seems absurd to me and I feel like we are not the only guest that may have encountered her nuttiness. Any feedback would be helpful!


This person will undoubtedly die of ulcers, or worse a heart attack. My first initial thought of the whole absurd affair.

Addendum: After reading Super’s post, we should call this woman from here onward the ‘Q-Tip Lady’.


@Maddie This is not a normal reaction to two washcloths going missing. My reaction (if I even noticed, I have like 20 washcloths in the bathroom) would be “damn those fool guess must have thrown away a washcloth. Oh well”. THE END.

I get that overlooking small things means you lose money in drips and drabs…but there is a certain cost of doing business, and the loss of small low-value items is not worth my time to make a fuss about. This is a host who has gotten a bee in her bonnet over a previous incident and is now going to be darned sure that she’s documenting everything down to the q-tips.


Just let it ride. Let Air sort it out. I assume ALL of your communication (except the initial phone call) were through AirBnB messaging. Do a screen shot of your call record to show when she first called.


This is not normal. Sorry for this mess -

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If you didn’t really abscond with the washcloths, deny the claim. If you did, offer to pay half.

I just lost ALL my little spoons. Who the hell takes spoons? But it was many guests ago, so I just have to let it go.


I lose spoons, too!!


Little spoons are those kind of things guest take with them during a daytrip, and forget to return.


Did the host write a review of your friend? The host cannot see your friend’s review until she leaves a review for your friend, or until 14 days passes. Then she will be able to see it.

I would like to see a picture of the $10 washcloths…that’s crazy. The behavior is nutty.

Are you saying the host is submitting false pictures of wash cloths she claims to have left?


You’re lucky she isn’t charging you for having to write extra emails too!


Host is a jerk. Sorry that she has done this to you. I’m assuming you didn’t take them, but actually I don’t care if you did - washcloths don’t have to match the decor, plain white is perfectly fine, they take a beating, they can be bleached, they can become cleaning rags, and thrown away when they’ve served their time. If this idiot has a “disappearing washcloth” issue then the silly froot loop should have a stack of 50c washcloths in her cupboard, not be stupid enough to try and charge a guest for freaking PETROL MONEY to go buy matching ones.

Hand towels are what go missing from my place - pretty sure that guests wrap their cold drinks when they check out. (And of course the teaspoons which they take in order to eat their yoghurt with.) I have never, and will never, charge a guest for nicking off with a 1e teaspoon or a 2e hand towel - the resolution centre is such a P.I.T.A. that you have to learn to pick your battles and washcloths / hand towels / teaspoons are sure not it.


Those must be some wash cloths for $9.99 each. Mine are exactly $0.87 with tax from Costco and they’re rather nice…

Yes it sucks when a washcloth goes missing, gets trashed or so soiled it must be trashed. But this is the cost of doing business.

Don’t buy items that easily go missing or are easily ruined which are so expensive that you can’t just swallow the cost and move on.

Why on earth would a host only have a total of 4 on hand anyway?

The whole request seems rather petty. I’d tell her to piss-off and get a life.


Thanks everyone for the input- I will keep y’all in the loop as this progresses! It’s good to know that y’all are the good (and sensible) kind of hosts that guests like us appreciate- thank you!

My friend has denied the request so we shall see what happens. Glad to know we’re not the crazy ones for reacting to this situation. For the record, on our trip up there, my friend and I were talking about how much of rule followers we are so we’re 100% not the type to steal, especially a measly washcloth.

Lastly, I mostly posted this to start a conversation for people to be aware. I really do think on some levels she is scamming us. Although it’s a small amount, if she continues down a path like this, these small fees start to add up. I just want to expose that Airbnb scams can happen, large or small, and that these people do not deserve to host. It puts a bad taste in peoples mouths, especially for the good hosts out there. It’s crummy that it takes just one to ruin it for the rest of us.

Thanks everyone!

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So what about the pictures?? Is she staging photos right before guest arrives? And then she removes the “wash cloths”? Did you recognize what was in the photo at all?

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I got 8 washcloths on Target clearance for $3.50 and full price they are $5. Basic “room essentials” but you know what? I am not spending $10 for something that people use to scrub their butt crack. The host is scamming you and I can’t wait to read what Airbnb decides. I’d think she could get away with this exactly once. If she’s done this already then I could see Air denying her altogether.


LOL! - And if it is a scam you would think the host would take photos of nice plush, fluffly bath towels, or stage a plush robe. But wash cloths?? - lol. I didn’t know anyone could purchase just 2!


If she were a savvy host she’d be reading this forum and get free towels and washcloths from the everplush guy. :wink:


In essence, this host is either very uptight and/or cunning. She brought up the issue after the review. Sooner or later this nickel and dime nonsense will influence her bookings.

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I don’t know why those two particular words make me chuckle but they do. Somehow I imagine her being forced at gunpoint or something :slight_smile:

And she only has a few washcloths for her guests so had to make an unscheduled trip to the store?

If I was an Airbnb employee dealing with this claim, I’d be laughing out loud.


Host incompetence personified.

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