Missing Towels and glass

I have a problem. On checking out my most recent guest, I realised that two towels and two wash rags are missing. These were new towels. Also a glass is missing. How do I handle this situation?

Contact the guests and say when you/the cleaner checked the places after their stay two towels are missing. You think they must have packed them ‘by mistake’. Ask if they can return them or re-imburse you.

It really depends on the value of the item.

hopefully they will review you before you contact them :slight_smile:


What is your price point? I would probably consider this a cost of doing business, but others may disagree. If you are a more budget option that have low profit, maybe ask for reimbursement.


Theft is theft, regardless of “price point”. Tell them the items have gone missing and you think they may have packed them by mistake. Ask them to return the items or reimburse full new value. If that doesn’t work, put in a claim through Air.


But they can edit their review if it hasn’t posted yet.

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Thanks for the replies. I already told the guess that they are missing on checking out and she said she didn’t sign off on any inventory so how am I sure they are missing. Well I am new to air bnb and she was my second guest, I personally got the place ready for her.
Will air bnb settle the matter? My listing is not considered budget listing but my operational cost is very high(utilities in Jamaica on a hold) plus she got a 20% discount on her booking.

Ugh. I swear there must be websites telling “guests” what to do and say so that they can scam new hosts. I’d ask for the money anyway. That happens via the Resolution Center and you have to wait for her to accept. She won’t and then you escalate to airbnb and maybe they will pay you. Then you say in your review that two new towels were missing after they stayed and give a thumbs down.

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Thanks so much for the replies.

Does anyone require guests to check and sign an inventory list before checking in?

No, but I do take pictures of just about everything pre and post Guest stays.

If you wait until after the review do not wait until the next Guest or past 24-72 hours really if possible. The sooner you request the more likely a positive outcome and if you wait until the next Guest it is 99% certain you will get nothing.

Yes, you have 14 days but it must be before the next guest checks in. With no inventory or documentation, it’s “she said, she said” and they might not approve it.

Should I mention it in her review? What if she in turn gives me a bad review. How would this affect my status on airbnb?

Glasses can be broken and towels can be ruined.

You SHOULD mention it in your review, particularly i would include her response when you inquired. If she gives you a bad review it would be independent of your review. You can respond to it if she does but I don’t think you want to continue having thieves book with and steal from you. Look at the positive side of it if she does leave the bad review and respond professionally (come back here for advice if the time comes) that may discourage future theft. It will affect your numbers as a new Host but worth it in the end.

They can be but the guests RESPONSE does not indicate that is the case here.

Hmmm…gotta love people who take things that don’t belong to them. The glass probably got broke…it happens and if people just admit it on my end no issue. Heck I break my own all the time. The missing towels are an irritation because towels can be expensive and based on her response she knows she took them but doesn’t want to own up to it. You can try submitting a request for funds thru the resolution center. You didn’t say how long they stayed but I have made it a rule to put out only one towel per person per stay, unless it is a long stay and then two per person and if they want to change them out to let me know and I will exchange them. It saves on missing items

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They were there on Sunday…Monday they disappeared…nothing in the trash. These are brand new items.

Thanks. They stayed 5 nights. The glass was there on Sunday… I provide breakfast and it was in the cupboard…and the towels were all there as well. It’s a brand new clean folded towel that’s missing.

Pro tip yes …it seems “busted” gets a bad review