Mis typed price to $10 a night and guest jumped now she decline alteration

and this is for a new list i don,t want to cancel how people trying to take advantage of this
instant book is sucks
i thought how much add to price for weekend and here we go it is goes to $10 per night
6 days and guest do not answer unfortunately
unbelievable how she gona came in look my face sorry it is your mistake and trying to stay $10 a night
what to do now cancel ?
thanks for advises

You had it at $10 a night and instant book. She instant booked, which is not on her, it’s on you. Change your prices for the rest of the calendar, and eat this one.


Call Airbnb and explain. You should be entitled to a penalty free cancellation.


Does anyone know if you can snooze your listing while changing prices?

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already tried call so taking this list total down and the room is 1.2k here in nyc anyway
this is insane
LizinMN it is my mistake but did u pay attetion some jump on it and not answering back right ?
and this guys will come my home and stay and smile come on list gone OFF totally.
this is insane
airbnb remove even price alteration for host girrr

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Yes, once the guest has booked, that’s that. You could contact Airbnb but I don’t know how successful that would be.

Make the guest happy and get a brilliant review!

I’m surprised that this happened though. Once I was changing prices on the calendar and missed off the last digit (of a three figure sum). I got an immediate pop up that said that it was too cheap. Maybe that’s because the system knows our pricing history?

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how come no price alteration request money option in host side LOL

Your mistake, not hers. Heck yes I’d jump on $10 a night place in NYC; and decline a price alteration – your mistake learn from it. I would not “throw it up in your face” though. I would be my usual polite self, and not mention the issue at all.


You are older and wiser!


that was second list for a friend and turned off that’s it.
and thanks to airbnb to push you even without notice to instant reservation
and SPECIAL thanks to those who says your mistake instead of a kind of solution
well now advantage taker need to search for next host i guess.
im at side of some take guest to their house not the scammers side
and those really friendly guest are easiest ppl ever to stay with and friendly

really unbelievable comments you are seeing a $10 list and neighborhood shared room is over $100
and you still taking advantage of cancellation rules and will be his/her guest when you ripp her/him off
how rude is that and how dare how trust her/him ??
what is goin on is here full off airbnb troll or what ?? how much you guys paid for trolling ??

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If it was IB…cancel and be done with it, there really should be no issue since you get 3 penalty free cancellations. So this entire convo is a moot point.

Also, you do need to own that you screwed up. I had our condo listed for $200/night during a MAJOR event where another unit in our building rented for $2000/. I did exactly what @jaquo suggested, wowed them, took the fabulous review, and learned a very valuable lesson.

No one is trolling you, you just don’t seem to want to accept your mistake. Had you posed the question to the forum in a more humble approach, I’m sure someone would have mentioned the free cancellations before now. Blaming the guest for taking advantage of a good deal is not the answer.


There are no free cancellations.


Yes, seems you are coming on here, asking for suggestions and since you don’t like the answers, you are getting upset with people who are trying to be helpful.

I also made a big mistake. The FULL SOLAR eclipse passes right through my city. I had just started hosting and before I could work out my pricing and increase special event prices and holidays, someone booked those dates for a normal rate. Every other place in town is tripling their prices. Had I paid attention, I would have made an extra $800 or more. My fault as a new airbnb host and I am sucking it up to a learning experience.

Sorry this happened but you have two choices; cancel or host the guest and be kind to him. It happens on occasion with airlines, too. A crazy low price is advertised because someone forgot to add another digit and instead of advertising a fair of $500, they sell 100 seats at $50. Well, they eat the cost of their mistake.

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You get 3 ‘free’ cancellations if the guest booked via Instant Book and you click the reason ‘I feel uncomfortable with this guest’

Not the reason in this case and there is no limit on the uncomfortable reason.

For Instant Book hosts only

You can cancel instant bookings penalty-free an unlimited number of times if you’re uncomfortable with a reservation or if a guest breaks one of your House Rules. “Penalty-free” means you won’t pay a fee, lose Superhost status (or eligibility for it), or receive any of the other penalties mentioned above.

You may not cancel reservations penalty-free for any other reason, including reasons that violate our nondiscrimination policy.


Wow. Thats a new policy, as even in March it was only 3 per 365 days. Great news for us people on IB

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Though note: if you really cancel unlimited times it will be seen as abuse of the policy and may result in account suspension.



Thanks! I forgot some people lack the common sense gene.


Thanks for the link, Zandra. Now this isn’t really clear to me: if you cancel a booking for whatever reason, Airbnb state that your calendar will remain blocked for those dates - presumably to prevent what OP wants to do: cancel a booking in order to then raise the price, and wait for another booking at a higher rate.

I wonder if this calendar blocking penalty will also occur in the case of IB cancellations.

The reason I am asking is this: I got a booking for one night only, but found out that we have the Ice Hockey World Cup in town just now, and this stupid one night booking might prevent a one week booking, at a higher price, during the tournament, since this booking is right in the middle of a week with no other bookings either side of it.

I am not going to cancel that one night booking, but it would be very tempting to do this, just to earn a hell of a lot of money.

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You could cancel but yes your calendar would be blocked. When I cancelled the kitchen use guest it was IB and I selected ‘not comfortable with this guest’. I had a clear message thread to back up the reasons why I cancelled and my calendar was left clear.