Minimum 2 Night Stay On Weekends.. but?

I set up my listing to require a minimum of 2 nights stay on weekends. We kept getting booking requests for people looking for just 1 night and that doesn’t really work for us so we changed it to 2 nights minimum.

Now we are experiencing a problem with it. Somebody booked next weekend, Saturday and Sunday nights, but now nobody can book Friday night because its saying “dates not available” even though Friday is open.

Is there any way to fix this? I may just have to turn off the setting but its been such a pain denying people who try to stay for 1 evening.

I just did this yesterday, and it can be done.

It is possible that some of my labels will not match yours… Go to Calendar --> Availability settings --> at the bottom of this screen, just above Sync Calendars you will have the weekend options --> Click this popup menu and select “Specific Dates” --> Enter the random one night that you wish to be booked --> Okay or Save or some such thing. Then don’t forget to adjust the price!!! Each time i have done this, AirBNB has changed the price of that night to a very low number.

Good luck!

Edited to add: Your listing will then say “Minimum Nights vary. See calendar”

Thank you! I just tried this exactly as you said to do, for this upcoming Friday and its still saying “2 nights required”.

If you want me to take a look, PM your listing. Sometimes AirBNB doesn’t update the cache and you see something different than a new user. Or, launch an alternate browser to check yourself.

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Give it half an hour or so. I’ve noticed sometimes when I make changes, they don’t show up right away.

My listing is here:

I just edited it so that this friday evening, and next friday evening are available for 1 night. But upon checking in both firefox and chrome, its still not showing.

Usually the changes are instant so I am not sure if there is some weird delay.

I see the 5th and 12th as available.

When I clicked on the link, and it asked me to input my reservation dates, your calendar came up and when I clicked on this Friday, it automatically put the end date as the 7th (sunday).
Let’s hope it’s some weird delay!

Yeah the same thing was happening to me. Its forcing the end date to Sunday which is not available.

Oops, did the same to me.

Ah, so you have it set up just a bit differently than I do. Here is what I see under Availability:

On Fridays and Saturdays the View Calendar
minimum stay is 2 nights.

So your override is a bit different than mine. I have a two-night minimum all the time, and then open selected one nights based on my own bizarre criteria. So mine says:

The minimum night stay for this listing Add your travel dates to see more
varies. details.

I think you can choose how to use these settings to get the listing to look as you wish.

Here is what my availability “exceptions” look like:

If that helps.

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Here is what I have mine set to… and its still not overriding to allow the nights I am selecting?

During Aug 5, 2016 – Aug 6, 2016, guests stay for minimum 1 night.

During Aug 12, 2016 – Aug 13, 2016, guests stay for minimum 1 night.

For reservations that include Fridays or Saturdays, guests must stay minimum 2 nights.

Add another requirement

Looks like the site is evaluating the weekend requirement first and then the exceptions. All the workarounds I can think of won’t work and/or will be a ton of work for you. But your best bet might be to make your minimum 1 night, and then manually select Friday, Saturday, Sunday and make them a 2 night requirement. Ugly… we should add this to my AirBNB Platform rant!


Crazy!! This is a major bug in my opinion. I really hope they are able to fix this.


Aren’t these only available on IB properties?

What does IB properties mean?

Working just fine for me!! 1 night is possible to book for the dates you specified.

I disabled the condition completely, that’s the reason its working now. I waited hours and it wouldn’t work so I had to just disable. I hope airbnb fixes this and fast!

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What do you consider weekend days? Friday and Saturday? You can limit a weekend to 2 night minimum and require check in to be the day you want, say Friday.