Message to emphasize guests to READ

Hi Taylor,
You’ll be visiting us soon.
PLEASE read our CHECK IN INSTRUCTION to familiar yourself to where to park and how to get into the apartment.
It will make things easier if you did.

Is it emphasizing enough?

Instructions should be plural. The tense needs to match in the last sentence. Maybe that sentence could be reworded - It will make your check in go smoothly.

Are your check in details really so complicated that you have to send them to the guest? Or have I misunderstood - it sounds as though you are emailing them?

I have a saved message which I personalise but that contains all the info they need - where to park and how to access the rental.

Because it’s on the Airbnb message system, they can’t claim that they didn’t know where to park or how to get into the apartment.

Our appointed airbnb apartment has its own entrance.
BUT guest will share parking with us then have to walk to their apartment which is around the corner.
Guests who DON’T read the check in instruction leave 4 stars reviews on check in
Guests who read the check in instruction say it is so easy and very clear to follow.

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Oh please, 4 stars for being human and not reading the instructions. Have YOU read the PLEASE READ information for this site? Be honest… I have not. Just go with it, try different approaches and find what works 80% of the time thats the best you can hope for.


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May I suggest rewording to:

Looking forward to meeting you, Taylor. Your check-in instructions are at this link:

Please send me the hidden phrase, so I can send you the door code and WiFi information.


I don’t like the It will make things easier part.
You sound annoyed with the guest. It sounds parental.

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Great idea
Funny thing is I can find check in instructions on my phone app BUT without any link to copy.
Where can I find the link?

Been looking from computer, there is no check in instruction at all

hahaha…a mom in me came out and I don’t even notice that.
What would you write instead?

You have to create your own website and put your house manual and checkin, instructions there, given the profound limitations of the Airbnb platform


@Ana2 OR …

you could conceivably just get a simple document up on Google Drive or Dropbox, make it “public” and link to it. (vs. a whole website)

or a single YouTube or Vimeo video that goes thru whatever house manual things you’d like to cover.

Whatever scenario you use, put something at the end with a hidden phrase that needs to be coughed up for you to give out the key codes and WiFi password.

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Totally perfect!


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I read on this forum and others that guests don’t read all the time. So What Am I Doing Wrong? My guests all seems to have read the listing completely. My week-out message only includes questions about their arrival, traveling companion names and breakfast preferences, and for the most part [Looking at you last guest] send the information willingly.

Now, I don’t have check in instructions since I am here to greet. I don’t send them wifi information since they can simply get that once they are in their rooms. I don’t send them any information on where to find and retrieve the key. If they are driving, they do get parking instructions and only two have misunderstood that they can use the drive even though another car is usually at the end.

I like to believe that everything that I send the guests before they arrive is presented in a way that is simple to understand, even if English isn’t the first [or any] language, and is for their benefit. Any complexities can wait until they are in the space.

So, some guests read. And in my case, I would say at least 98% have done so.

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I send them a message just before arriving. After some chitchat to get them reading it says: “Here is some important information for your arrival, please take the time to read it thoroughly”. Then I reiterate the top 10 rules as well as letting them know there are no shops and cafes here so need to shop before arriving. I finish with “In June Sunset is at 5pm. Enjoy!” because I read somewhere that after giving people necessary but boring things like rules or instructions you should finish on a upbeat note.

Still get some that go through to the keeper occasionally.


You kind of answered your own question. You are there to meet them. And as a friend of mine who uses ABB a lot for business travel said: “the wifi details should be printed on a large card where people see it straight away as that is the first thing they want to know”. Which it seems you do.

That’s not an upbeat note to finish on!

Do you mean the time (it is midwinter here) or the sunset (we face west over the sea) and the sunsets are a selling point hence the name JamJerrupSunset. Here is my favourite winter sunset photo taken in June 2013 from the AirBnB. If you want to see more (so many more) I have an Insta: jamjerrupsunset

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That is beautiful, without doubt.

It’s the time. I hate winter here, with a vengeance, and 5 pm would sound downbeat to me… But that sunset would probably tip the balance!

It’s been a long winter here…

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Call me crazy but I actually love winter watching the sunsets and the storms come in across the bay sitting in front of the fire listening to David Sylvian and drinking red wine from the Gurdies Winery 15 mins away (it’s quite specific) . But I look forward to Sprinter which is only a month away!

Thank you, this is great. I will save it.