Message threads now truncated to most recent

I have mostly return guests - some have stayed 10-12 times - and just noticed that rather than seeing the message thread going all the way back, they NOW (as of yesterday anyway) only show the most recent stay’s thread - anyone else notice this change?

I believe returning guests’ message history used to be just one thread.

Now, I can select the chat of the same guest for each of the previous bookings in my Inbox if I want to see the message exchange.

So previous chats don’t seem to be ‘lost’ - they just don’t show up in a single guest chat exchange anymore.


In my cases, these are single people with single threads, and they are now winding up only seeing the most recent one. I don’t have too much of a problem with it, but I’m just wondering how this is at all helpful

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I don’t know why Airbnb would change that, probably one of their pointless changes for changes sake.

But can’t you see the previous message threads by scrolling down the message history on the left side of the screen? (on desktop- I don’t use the app, so don’t know how it appears there)

Of course, this isn’t convenient, as you might have to scroll quite far to find the previous convos.

I’m talking about the same guest with a message thread. In the past if they had received five check-in texts from me, for example for five different entries, I would see them all. Recently somebody just booked and although they had stayed numerous times before all I saw was the latest message and not the old ones.

I know you are talking about a repeat guest and that the previous messages with the guest for previous bookings aren’t in the current thread. I was asking if they are still findable by scrolling down the general message history.

I’m embarrassed to say I do not know where you are pointing to. M on a browser, where do I look for this?

If you are asking me to look at the message thread (simple scroll up in the airbnb message thread) then no, they are no longer there.

On my desktop in Chrome browser, there is the current message thread with a guest that I may be answering, and to the left of that, there is a long list of message threads with other guests.

I get it that you aren’t seeing any previous message exchanges with your repeat guest for previous bookings in the current message thread. Just wondering if they booked before in, say, January, if you can scroll down that list on the left to find the thread from January.

Yes, they are still there, one at a time. Thanks… I wonder if the guest’s past messages are in the one long message thread still?

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I was wondering that, too. You’d have to find a guest who has booked at least twice before and click on one of those message streams to see if they have now separated all past message threads by booking dates.

I’ve only had one repeat guest and she only booked the first stay through Airbnb, and the following stays directly, so I can’t check that on my account.

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It always has been like this - that long list of messages etc you reference has always been there.

I am wondering if guests have the issue - that all past messages have disappeared from the message list…

Yes, I am well aware that list has always been there, did I say otherwise?

Now you are saying that past messages have disappeared from that list? I thought you were talking about past messages with a repeat guest not appearing in the current thread.

I am talking about past messages with a repeat guest not appearing in the current thread.

I rebooked a place for May that we stayed at last year. My messages with the host from last year are in the same thread as the ones for this year.

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this happened in the last 48 hours, did your rebook happen today or yesterday? Before that it was not changed.

rebooked at least a month ago but the thread is still there

We have a couple that regularly stays with us and for them I can confirm that since March the message threads got separated. They had two stays since March and I have two individual message threads.

Before March, all their previous reservations and messages are in one big thread.

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I booked in January. Maybe that’s why mine is still in the same thread as last year.

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I had a guest Request to Book.
Somehow the request was accidentally declined. So I sent him a Special Offer.
And a new message thread was created.

The first thread had a note at the end “You sent the guest a special offer in another thread… Click here to go to that thread”

The guest accepted the offer. But kept chatting in the original thread!

So it can be very confusing. I kind of like the concept of keeping certain messages with certain stays. But it kind of doesn’t work since the guest can message you about a current stay in a past thread.

On the other hand, I often had repeat guests request again and I would accidentally scroll up and see their questions from a year ago and answer them again. And it would be totally irrelevant to the current stay. So that sucked as well.

Staying tuned to see how this change plays out.

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I just had a repeat guest book at the last minute. I wish I could have seen in the thread her previous message as she had left behind a blanket which she was going to get the next time she booked.

Had I known she had returned, I could have her blanket waiting for her.

Please at least give us the option to see previous inbox communtication, again.