Message threads now truncated to most recent

You can see previous Inbox communication. You just have to scroll down the Inbox messages to find it.

Probably everyone with repeat guests has gotten used to this change by now.
I actually like it because when a repeat guest requested to stay again, I would scroll up and read their request questions. But I would often go back and read questions from the prior booking. Instead of new questions. Yes, my user error, but when going fast and scrolling up past tons of automatic messages it was easy for me to not notice message dates.

Anyway, what I don’t like is if “Harry” has stayed with me a few times, then I get a new request from a “Harry”. I have no idea if it is the same person or not because there is no list of stays between host and same guest.

I can search message inbox on airbnb for Harry, or look at reviews on new request and see if we reviewed them. But is there an easier way or something I’m missing? Airbnb should alert you to repeat guests somehow IMO.