Medium Term Rentals?

So my town is banning/severing curtailing short term rentals (<30 days) so I’m out of the business. I don’t want to go into long term rental for the apartment in question for various reasons, one of which is I’d have to get rid of my furnishings. How about medium term rentals? Like 1-6 months? Are there any websites that have a critical mass of potential renters? furnishedfinder?

I mentioned this on somebody else’s thread yesterday, but I have found great tenants in traveling nurses. They do 13 week rotations and all my guests have been awesome and professional people. If you are anywhere near a hospital, they seem to search on Airbnb, furnishedfinders and Facebook the most. There is a FB group Gyspy Nurse that has been a good resource.


I agree with @Jojocircus, we are currently hosting our 3rd travel nurse in our home. As well, if you are near any universities, check with them to see if students from away need housing. We also have hosted two medical students who were attending a university that routinely sends their students to our area for 4 month clinicals.

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What? Where do you live? Towns just outright banning short term rentals?

Lots of places are doing that, specifically in non–owner occupied properties. The city of South Portland just passed an ordinance prohibiting STRs.

It’s a small world @CeeBee. I’m just down the coast from you in OOB.

I have contracted with a local hospital when they bring staff over from other cities. Not a bad gig. Only lasts for 2 months at a time but it’s not steady.

Are rents for medium term higher or lower than for long term?

We were considering hosting nurses a few months ago, but ultimately decided to try Airbnb. Here is a site with some info


For me, they are somewhat higher than long term would be.