Mediocre guests that you don’t want to host again

I had recent guests who stayed for 7 days

Woman mid50’s / Man mid60’s who left the place messier than I had expected.

  • They didn’t seem know how to load the dishwasher.

  • Despite my COVID19 request that no dishes be hand washed (but to load them in the DW) there was a pile of almost all the dishes on the kitchen counter possibly that they had been hand washed and were left out to dry, but not indicative if they actually were.

  • Picante sauce stains on exterior furniture and drips on living room sofa. It looked like instead of using a napkin, someone just wiped their hands on the outdoor furniture (white) cushion.

  • Pistachio nut shells on the floor throughout the place.

  • Luggage marks on the walls

  • Things just not put back in places where they came from

It wasn’t terrible, but more so than a little extra cleaning, it left the impression of being disrespectful of someone else’s home.

They were friendly, VERY chatty, somewhat demanding (not obtrusive, just more than most), followed house rules, good communication, and left a very nice review.

I left them a review of 4 stars. And when questioned by Airbnb review system - I said I would not want to host them again.

This couple has already told me that they’d Iike to come back in January. Does that comment I gave privately to AirBNB do anything or will I just have to reject their 2021 inquiry.

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You are safe, your place won’t appear when they search


Yeah, they sound like guests I wouldn’t want back, either.
But about the dishwasher- I know most Americans would find it odd that someone doesn’t know how to use a dishwasher, but I’ve never had one in my life. Every year or two when I go visit my daughter in Canada, I have to have her show me once again how to use it. I’m okay about stacking it and fitting everything in well, but I can never remember where to put those dishwasher pods or what to set the controls on. Given a choice, I would wash the dishes by hand.

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First - sorry about the lousy guests. Some of that stuff I would just shrug off like some extra cleaning but stains … not cool. In these circumstances, 4 stars was generous.

My understanding is that final question “would you host them again” is really the key to preventing them from booking you, without any other action on your part. For some IB hosts, it will also prevent them from IB with them, if they selected the applicable checkbox in their settings. They can still send an inquiry or booking request to those hosts.

But … if the other guest of the two creates an account, they can still send you an inquiry, booking request, etc. Not likely but it could happen.

Question for you - with picante stains, were you able to get them out and what product(s) worked for you?

Definitely understand the confusion about using a DW; there are unique aspects to different brands / models. I actually prefer them to not wash the dishes but ideally load the DW or just start the DW before they leave. That allows me to KNOW they have been washed and sanitized, when I do it.

Good to know that answering that question actually does something. I think the hole in the system will be the guest messaging me if they can’t find the listing. I’ve had many prior guests message me to inquire about dates and more recently to check in on how I am during the Pandemic.

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I think, though I am not sure, that the original booking guest who has been "would not host again"d can not message you. Someone here will surely know if you also have to block them, to prevent msg’ing. If in doubt, just block them now - it can’t hurt. But I can’t be sure if you need to. And who knows what little changes Air makes and doesn’t tell us about.

[quote=“[Updated April 2020] Tried and Recommended Products for Airbnb Hosts Tools, post:203, topic:14087”]


Cool. Good to know - thanks! Many here recommended Biokleen for certain tough stains. We bought some but have not needed it (yet).

I would do the math, 7 days is a profitable booking for me and an extra hour or two of cleaning would not bother me enough not to have them back.

After my usual walk through and yelling WTF were they thinking I then try and move on. It is not personal, heads in beds.

Maybe next time I would insist on a mid week clean and charge them for it.



We’ll see how I feel if/when she reaches out later this year.

It’s bad enough cleaning after people leave, I’m not sure I’m up for cleaning around people’s stuff. And knowing there’s interim cleaning may make things worse / sloppier.

But if I were to do so I’d need to sort out how to phrase such a request:

  1. You were slobs the last time so you’re going to pay double the cleaning fee.
  2. I feel it necessary to require an interim cleaning for this 7 day booking at an additional $35 (my normal cleaning fee); If that is acceptable I’ll send you a special offer that you’ll need to accept.

I’m under the impression that since you clicked NO on “would host again” they’re automatically blocked so they will not be able to request another booking.

I’d do neither. If they booked again I’d say…

“Look, you’ve got to do me a favour here, I’d be really grateful. You were probably new to Airbnb when you stayed here before and so didn’t realise that the Airbnb way is to leave a place in good shape. In the condition you found it is what they say. You know it was a mess last time so please be sure to leave it clean and tidy this stay. Thanks SO much.”


@jaquo you are far too kind. I don’t need the aggravation those kinds of guest cause, nor the extra work. Nope, not coming back here.


I can’t see that telling guests they left a mess the last time would go over very well. Not even if you couched it in “I know you were new to Airbnb”.
If it was a young guest who simply didn’t know any better and who I could talk to like they were one of my teenage grandkids, I might. “Hey dude, you’re a nice person, but you left quite a mess behind you last time- Airbnb hosts aren’t your mommy or maid and I already raised three kids- think you could clean up after yourself this time?”


I have had that conversation with a guest. They came and stayed again and again - actually 3 more times since :slight_smile: Happily everafter…


It’s interesting the different definitions that hosts have for “a mess”. Seems like most hosts on this forum are pretty realistic in terms of what to expect in a str rental. But I’ve read posts from hosts who posted photos of what they considered to be a huge mess- half a dozen dirty dishes left in the sink, a few stray pieces of garbage, a pile of blankets on the couch, some toothpaste smeared on the bathroom counter. I can’t imagine what they expected when they went into hosting. One old biddy was ever so upset because her guest had used the “decorative towel” she had in the bathroom and wondered if she should mention it in the review.

What if they have the URL for your listing bookmarked?

They still can’t book

I don’t know that it does go down particularly well but it certainly works. I use IB and if I see that forthcoming guests have received less than perfect reviews I mention it to them during the house tour. It’s never been a problem and I’m pretty sure it’s worked every time.

When hosts use IB there could possibly be a chance that guests who have been problems in the past will book because there’s no vetting process. So it could be that I and some other IB users get more than their fair share. If I didn’t tell them then they wouldn’t know how to behave at my place.

I’ve done the same thing with repeat guests. Again, it works.

I’ve seen them too and been baffled. And it’s often those same hosts who say that guests’ expectations are too high!


Oh, I totally agree about making cleanliness expectations known, and if I saw guest’s reviews that said they were otherwise good guests, but left quite a mess, I’d respond to their booking request (or if I used IB, in a first message to the guest) saying the only thing that would make me reticent about accepting their booking were the mentions of a mess left behind in their past reviews, and ask if they now understood that it’s expected that guests clean up their personal messes.
I was more responding to telling a repeat guest, only after they arrive, that “you know you left it a mess last time” and that you expect better. That’s what I think wouldn’t go over well.