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Mediocre guests that you don’t want to host again

Oh, I totally agree about making cleanliness expectations known, and if I saw guest’s reviews that said they were otherwise good guests, but left quite a mess, I’d respond to their booking request (or if I used IB, in a first message to the guest) saying the only thing that would make me reticent about accepting their booking were the mentions of a mess left behind in their past reviews, and ask if they now understood that it’s expected that guests clean up their personal messes.
I was more responding to telling a repeat guest, only after they arrive, that “you know you left it a mess last time” and that you expect better. That’s what I think wouldn’t go over well.

It truly does. For me anyway. :slight_smile:

We expect “some mess” for every guest. It is part of the game and it is not reasonable to expect otherwise.

Only one guest in 4-5 actually leaves more mess than one would expect. They still get 5 stars if there is nothing serious (smoking, stains, house rules, disturbance, etc).

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