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So, a month or so ago I asked about mattresses and received great advice here - as always. I’ve done more research while I’ve been “closed” for the Holidays, and involved friends & family members who’ve tested the bed. The consensus seems to be that the mattress and (newly purchased) frame are fine - it’s just very firm. It was suggested I get a mattress topper.

I am now overwhelmed by the choices. Does anyone currently use a topper- memory foam or other- that they love? Or that their guests love? I’d love to narrow the selection.

We used a 3” foam topper on our bed for a cpl of years, & loved it. Then I got the great idea I needed a feather bed- shoulda rethunk that one… :roll_eyes: Not so much in love with the feather bed experience, so Hubs decides we just need a new bed. Wish I would’ve just stuck w/ the foam topper, sure would’ve saved some $!

I added this one to my sofa sleeper. The original mattress was a little skimpy. I could sleep on it but definitely felt like a sleeper sofa.

After adding this topper, it is very comfy & it sleeps as nicely as my pillow top beds. Plus the thickness created nice additional support to the seating cushions when the bed is closed.

Btw 12/31-1/2 is Big Lots “entire store 20% off” weekend

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Our Poolside Cabana queen bed is a “firm” Serta mattress with 2" foam topper over a standard box spring. Ner had a complaint. Most guests rave about how good of a night’s sleep they get.

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I kept a 3-inch memory foam topper in the locked storage room in my listing and put in my house manual that guests could request it. I originally bought it specifically to use with the somewhat thin mattress on the sleeper sofa when guests used it, but the sleeper sofa’s frame was destroyed by our 5th group of guests and after that we reduced the max guest count and just made the topper available upon request. No guests ever requested it. I have no idea what brand it was. It was from Costco and was around $100.

Just remember that you need a super deep-pocketed fitted sheets if you use a topper on your mattress.


This…in my one bedroom condo my sleeper sofa didn’t make 2 seasons until broken. Replacement frame was expensive. I figured out how to fix. Made it to end of season 3. Professional quotes frame replacement installation. Expensive.

I purchased a new sleeper sofa with a 6-inch mattress for less $$.

Reduced max guests to two. Mention sleeper sofa in rental description. I stopped listing it as a bed.

Yes! The positive is a new set of sheets is probably cheaper than a new mattress.

I got this one for my personal bed when I felt the mattress was too firm.

I bought it at a store. I also wanted one with cooling ability.

Qty: 1
Total $71.99

4 inch cool memory foam topper on an ancient, but high quality, inner-spring mattress.

The topper has some chunks out of it where one of the dogs, in their younger days, thought it was super fun to dig in it and deconstruct it, and made remarkable progress when I briefly left to grab bedding out of the dryer. That side is flipped to the bottom.

I’ve had guests rave about the bed and ask for the mattress brand, I never know what to say.


I agree that the memory foam described as “cool” or “cooling” is best. That’s what all our toppers are. We love the one on our bed, and guests love the ones on our guest beds.

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Thanks, all. I’m going to give Annet’s Serta topper a try, and see how it goes. Appreciate the good suggestions :blush:

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If you shop on Ebay they all seem to be one of two brands. I’ve used both and they are fine - one of those things you wonder why no one invented it before.

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Say its a family antique passed down from generation to generation.


Say you made it yourself


We have a 3 inch topper on an old box spring and mattress set up in one of our rooms that everyone loves. I believe that we bought it at Target for under $100. Our own bed is a split king with very old twin mattresses so my hubby has a 3 inch topper and I have a relatively thin one just under my hip on my side. (Yes, the bed does look a little lumpy and weird). We occasionally rent out our room. For those occasions I have two 2" toppers rolled up and tucked away. I ask people if they prefer firm or soft and make the bed up with those if they like soft.

I could have my own artisanal mattress company – Coil & Fluff, or somesuch. Have you noticed how the brands on the internet seem to have a requirement to be two words with an ampersand?


At least they are not called Mattressy, iMattress or Mtrryss.


We have a my pillow topper on all of our beds, we get a lot of compliments on the comfort of the beds

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thank you for this recommendation! I made the mistake of getting a mattress not so great and I’m getting ready to open for first time and this looks like it might help!