Marko or Booker membership

I’m just wondering if anyone running an Airbnb has been able to get a membership to Makro or Booker cash and carry stores? We used to have one, from another company now closed, and it was very good for items in the bab. Thanks.

That almost made sense… I need more coffee! What’s a Marko/Makro or Booker store? What are items “in the bab”? Why did you have one from another company that closed?

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I have figured it out, @KenH.
Makro and Booker, per the internet, are cash and carry places for UK businesses. You likely need a business license of some sort to get an account. We have (or had?) something called National Grocers in my part of Canada that is similar, I think.
And “in the bab” is “in the bnb”.
Absolutely no help to you at all, @Kwalsh, but maybe this translation of your question will get you a real answer.

I assume these are stores like Costco, but only open to other businesses which have licenses to pay tax on the goods that they re-sell.