Map doesn't work

I am still trying to list my place and the map isn’t right. I spoke to someone on chat 3 days ago and she said they would fix it and get back to me. Then I heard from someone named Jean who told me to list it, take it down, and relist it.

The map still doesn’t work. The location on the map is not where I live… Should I just list it and when (if) anyone wants to rent my place, I’ll just give them directions. Part of me feels this is an omen and maybe I shouldn’t even do this…?

Is the map off by a few hundred yards? Or a few miles?

Well, it’s not that far, but it shows taking a wrong turn.

Publish your listing and you can alter the address & map pin upto the point you get your 1st booking. If you get a booking before you alter it, contact customer service with the GPS coordinates and they will put it right.

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not many people will use the airbnb map to navigate, as long as they know they’re booking in the right area

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you can work around it by stating in the listing that the location as shown is not exact (due to airbnb error), and then provide detailed instructions in your check-in manual? Unless the error creates a very misleading advantage or disadvantage, i wouldn’t be too bothered. For example, my listing is right to a train station and it can both be a major selling point / major turn off depending on what are your priorities. So its material to the guest and I make sure to make that clear in my listing.

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