Many red flags urgent


I have a client that arrived tonight for a 3 night booking. I am quite unsure about the client as no money in the card and she ask to pay in cash. The client is said swedish but don’t speak swedish only english and romanian. They are 2 girls in the 25-30 years that said to come in our city for tourism.
The fact that we are living in the appartment downstairs seems a problem for them plus they asked if boyfriends can come to visit them. I said that I will need to see ID for all guests that come and it’s limit to time for people to visit (no overstay of other persons during night)

What more should I do?


Are you saying they haven’t paid yet and want to pay cash on arrival?
I would not allow any additional guests in the apartment whatsoever. IDS or no IDS.


They will arrived in few minutes and want to pay cash in arrival.
Can you enforce no additional guests in the appartment whatsoever?

Yes of course!

Do not let them in the door until that cash is in hand. Make sure before they come in that you are sorry but no additional guests are allowed on the property or in the apartment. Do you also take a deposit? Get that too!


So I guess it doesn’t sound like you have any rule in place for guests not to have “day” visitors. How did they express their concern of you being there?

Are you saying these are a couple of hookers and you don’t want them and their clients in your home? Or if they are, will you be okay taking the cash and setting a deadline of when they need to finish up their business?


I would second the deposit suggestion, even if you hadn’t mentioned it previously. This case seems to warrant one.
And no visitors, period!

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Our rule is no day guests after 22pm and we want to see guests ID for any visitors.
They seems not so happy that we are leaving downstairs. They will maybe not come…
hookers are illegal in sweden, so if I ask a client of them ID he will run as it’s illegal and they will get problems If I report to police (clients and hookers)

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Where did @sylvainbg make any mention of them being hookers ?

There might be something to be said for turning them away at the door too. Just the fact that they want to go around the booking procedure that protects, YOU the host, tells me that these guests could be trouble. You don’t need trouble, I might turn them away if they don’t have every penny and a deposit.

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I suspect that they are hookers…


She didn’t. I was asking for clarification and wondering if that is why she is in a panic and suspects they are hookers.

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I said on the phone that they can cancel free of charge (normally they would had been charged in they canceled…)

I agree for every penny and deposit but I don’t think they will be back

Hi @sylvainbg

Sorry I don’t know how works so can’t offer much advice.

If they are meant to pay in advance though and haven’t would that be grounds for you turning away the booking?

with client has to pay in arrival. They will not be back and will call to say no show so it will be canceled (not taking any risks…)

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Ah… they are there for three nights - so would be a bit a of a mammoth session if so :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear about this! I would agree they seem like hookers, or possible Romani? I forget exactly where you are but there is a huge Romani problem (especially) in the Summer months in Stockholm. We when we’re there in July I was shocked at how many were Ian handleing, everywhere.

What happens if you just say sorry, flat isn’t available? May be better to loose the SEK than deal with this

I will call and say no show if they don’t come in next 10 min

Yes, I’m getting suspicious of these two. Tell them if they arrive you changed your mind and your place is not available. In the future, add it to your rules ONLY REGISTERED GUESTS ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY OR IN THE APARTMENT.

You should have ditched them when they asked to pay cash on arrival. Yes it’s a booking but you don’t want hooking. :grimacing::dizzy_face: You do not need that kind of trouble!


One of the girl didn’t speak any english or swedish. The other was only speaking english

But why? They are not booking customers if they are paying cash and have no money on their card. Don’t take them in at all.

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