Male vs female hosts

I’m staying in a beautiful AirBnB in Mexico city this week, but as the apartment host is a dude, it’s lacking a couple of the things female guests tend to need (a trash can in the bathroom and a hairdryer)… I usually hate stereotyping about gender, but this got me thinking - are there things that - as a female host - i forget that male guests might expect/value?

My tall male guests have loved my shower. It’s a tall shower anyway but I also replaced the shower head with a hand held hose attachment. That adds another few inches of height so even if you can’t change the height of your shower head you can make it easier for a tall person to be comfortable.


Hey! I am a single male host, but absolutely provide trash can, hairdryer, cotton pads, some basic make-up removal and even “feminine care” products (you know, just in case, and yes, they were used).

But then I also give beer, so, you know :sunglasses:


Lucy! I’m in Mexico City too at the moment ! (Also in an Airbnb. Small world :slight_smile:

I’m in a girly appt but it’s not perfect; the shower pressure rarely gets higher than a few droplets :slight_smile:

is he a live in host ? You could maybe ask for the things you need…

A recent stay was with a guy in Warsaw and he provided all the items you’re missing … I don’t think it’s a guy issue it’s a failing to imagine what your guest might need issue.


@Zandra Hi! Did you book a tour of the Luis Barragan house? I didn’t plan this trip sufficiently far ahead and am now kicking myself!

This place is a whole apartment - a lovely place in Roma Norte that I’d come back to (with my own hairdryer) - but I’ll definitely make a couple of friendly suggestions to the host. Thank goodness the water pressure is fine. Low water pressure is my persona worst nightmare - I almost wish air would add a category for that on the site! commiserations!

And while I’m sure plenty of male hosts, particularly those, like, that are doing it full time, do include these things, this isn’t the first time I’ve found this to be the case with “male” apartments… alas here there isn’t even beer, just empty beer bottles on a shelf as “decoration”.

As a tall woman (6ft) may I simplify your post to : Your tall guests appreciate the shower. :wink: :wink:

In shoe shop in Mexico I asked for a size 41 (8 UK, 10 US) and was told I had big feet. I was somewhat stupefied as I don’t think a 41 is particularly big in relation to my height. Put another way a guy at 6ft with size 41 feet would be applauded for his tiny feet. So possibly this is a sore spot at the moment but yes, both men and women can be tall.

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I’m in Roma Norte too!! Isn’t the area divine !!!

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Its perfect! I don’t want to leave (tomorrow :frowning: )!
How long do you have here?

Lucy, Could you give me a list of “lady things” so I can have them on hand for my female guests? I’d appreciate it. Thanks. p.s. I do have a hair dryer :slight_smile:

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I’m here until 16 Dec :slight_smile: a week wouldn’t have been enough. I have a ticket to Luis Barragan House in early December :blush:

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Male decoration: when just staring a blank wall would have been better.
(WTF though).


Hey I am a female host who does the same thing! I think the only thing extra needed to accommodate female guests is a mattress protector in case they get their period and some feminine hygiene products or make-up removal products… Some men just need a beer and a hair-dryer and a shaver.

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What a great question @Lucy_R - it’s something I would never have considered. I’m female and host mainly couples in a separate apartment. (Quite often same sex couples).

I have everything for the girls but could certainly do with guidance about what men require in addition to the things everyone wants (as far as I know) like hairdryer, toiletries. As far as the blokes are concerned all they get - in the ‘did you forget anything’ section - are a couple of disposable razors and a couple of mini male-specific deodorants.

Please chaps, let me know how I can do better :slight_smile:

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tbh, beyond the trash can (with liner) in the bathroom, i’m not sure! i’m not the most ladylike lady, though, so i’m sure other women have more ideas.

My guests almost always take out the kitchen trash but almost always forget to take out the bathroom trash.

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Hairdryer, trash can in bathroom, well lit mirror with power outlets nearby , full length mirror, enough space to store toiletries… I provide these items in my Airbnb, but as a male I need them for my grooming too !

As an interior designer I always specify three power outlets near each sink… One for the toothbrush, one for the hairdryer and one for the iron/curler/straightener to heat up while you’re drying your hair :slight_smile:


As a girl I need the following:

well lit mirror
bin in the bathroom and also bedroom if there is space
somewhere to put toiletires
a space to hang a few items of clothing
Tongs (hair straighteners) a nice xtra but I would start worrying about germs

I provide all those things, but no hairdryer (solar power). Would 20 minute in the sea breeze do? :grin:


Lol! I love the sound of sea breeze…

To be honest after 4.5 months on the road most hosts don’t provide hair driers so I’ve embraced the bed head look.

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Gotta have the liner, huh? I don’t use them, but I’m sure there is a reason to. I’m anti-plastic bag though.