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I’m new to the forum, so may not have the format down yet…
I just unchecked my Luggage drop-off & hold amenity for the following reasons:
Super-busy summer season & increase in requests. Some guests want to leave luggage before check-outs AND pick up as late as 9 p.m (“red eye” flights from SAN Francisco)"
My home , in which guest room is located, is so “cozy” as to not have an out-of-the-way space to leave luggage.
New guests are greeted with an often untidy pile of previous guests’ luggage, which, at times, can be challenging to maneuver around :slight_smile: !

I would be very happy for any comments, suggestions. I really like to accommodate busy travelers!

Recommend a left luggage service - surely there are some in SFO? @rubychix

By the way you have been a member since 2016 :slight_smile:


I noticed that.

So how weird.

Anyway @rubychix, as you no doubt know, there’s a search function here at the forum and over the years, there have been so many threads about looking after luggage for guests.

You might find it easier to look at those.

  1. Charge a bag drop fee. This will automatically reduce the number of guests wanting to leave luggage.
  2. Allow storage of luggage only. No shopping bags, no loose coats/hats/etc. This will keep it more tidy/manageable.
  3. Store the luggage in your private area of the home so that incoming guests won’t see it.

Thanks, Brian:

A contingency I forgot to mention is that we have to be here, (old Victorian lock & key) and storing in our private areas creates the same space problem! It just all seems a giant pain, and we resist adding an extra day turn-around to make things less hectic EmojiAnyway, thanks for the suggestions you’re obviously a pro!

Hello @rubychix, to avoid that problem I found and recommend this place to my guests, I put it in my listings, is very cheap and convenient, since a lot of locations are available around the world now. I can see that 13 locations are available in your city for 6 dollar per bag per day. People need to book the space online in advance, so really handy.

For 6 dollars per bag per day, I would deal with the inconvenience and store the guests bags in the private area of my home.

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Fierce! My last guests, then, would have paid more for luggage storage than for the room Emoji! As I am a recovering people pleaser, I probably would lack the courage to follow thru, but thanks for the understanding :slight_smile:


    July 26

alt Mirta_Gubetta:
for 6 dollar per bag per day

For 6 dollars per bag per day, I would deal with the inconvenience and store the guests bags in the private area of my home.