Looking to add our beds to your rental

New here so please excuse me if I’m doing anything against the rules. I have a plan to put 1000 of my beds in air BnB rentals for free. Then I’ll list your listing on our website and send you renters looking to try our beds. If they buy from their stay we send you $50 and we out the bed and pillows in the room free. My company is Nest Bedding http://www.nestbedding.com

Only us?
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Anything free is worth what you pay for it…

Not much of an introduction. No website. I don’t have a good feeling about this…

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Sure Ken if you want to buy the bed I’d prefer that. Funny how you can’t convince some people to take free stuff :slight_smile:

Here is how it works: I put my bed in your rental then I tell my potential customers who want to try the bed so they book your room to sleep on it.

Web site is updated in the post.

When you say bed, do you mean the whole thing? Or just the mattress? I’m in Hawaii and would love a new queen with all the fixings for my Air rental.

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How will you let the hosts know? How will you track this, i.e.: know if the guest buys? I know you are sincere but u r light on details. Help us understand my friend, we r super hosts and would be interested but we need more tha a link to your very nice website. Eh alors?

check out our latest blog post on details

Here is the link to the blog post outlining our program. Each host will receive a unique code you give to your renter. We can make a standee to place by the bed as well with the code. When they buy using that code, they get a discount and you get credit, we pay from that code. We would put a one of our best selling mattresses and pillows in the room and advertise on our website with a pin on the map, link to your listing and info on what bed is at your place.

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Thank you that is very clear, we are interested and Kona?
We like a really firm mattress but not a rock, recommended?

Hey community I think this is legit,

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Link? :slightly_frowning_face: "…:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Hawaii or no Hawaii? Btw I am not interested in a foam type mattress. Does this include box springs?

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Are you including Canada?

yes it is legit, please see our blog.


not yet
but we are working on it

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yes for Hawaii. please email link to your listing to joe@nestbedding.com

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it won’t let me answer with a link
its on our blog

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I am not sure why it was flagged but maybe it was automatic. This appears to be a genuine offer.

Sorry I have heard of nest I’m interested!

Yes I am emailing with James in Chicago right now, looks like a good match. Nest Bedding my company is one of the leading online mattress companies. It’s a new emerging segment of the market but quickly growing.

OK, killers. Hold off on flagging everything.